10 Safe Skin Lightening Creams that Work Very Fast

skin lightening cream

Most people who are not comfortable with their skin tone or hyperpigmentation try to look for the best skin whitening creams or available skin lightening creams to improve their skin tone. 

However, most people looking for these products are oblivious to which lightening cream or skin whitening product may be most suitable for their skin. Many skin whitening products may end up doing more harm than good to your skin in the long run, and knowing what product or active ingredient in a product to avoid can be very beneficial. 

This article is focused on skin lightening creams because skin whitening or bleaching can be dangerous for your health and it is often accompanied by high risks, especially when products containing unsafe skin whitening ingredients are used. 

Some of the recommended creams and soaps below are considered to be safe skin-lightening products that you can use with very minimal risks. 

Top Safe Active Ingredients in Skin Lightening Creams

It is important to know the active ingredients of any skin lightening cream or soap you are using so that you can at least watch out for any skin sensitivity issues. Also, some ingredients used in these products can lead to adverse skin effects so it’s important to know the safe active ingredients to look out for when shopping for skin lightening creams or soap.

A list of some of the safe active ingredients in skin lightening creams and soaps include:

  • Kojic Acid
  • Mulberry plant roots extract
  • Alpha Arbutin
  • Beta Arbutin
  • Glutathione
  • Licorice Root
  • Papaya
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin C
  • Niacinamide
  • Azelaic Acid
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Linoleic Acid

The Best Skin Lightening Cream Reviews

1. Dermalogica Pure Powerbright TRX C-12 Serum

Dermalogica C-12 Pure Bright Serum (1.7 Fl Oz) Hyperpigmentation Treatment Face Serum - Brightens Skin To Improve Clarity and Minimize
Source: Amazon

Dermatologica Powerbright Serum is a lightweight topical cream that is very active in reversing hyperpigmentation to create bright even-toned luminous skin. It is made from a combination of different oligopeptides, phytic acid that is derived from rice substrate, and zinc glycinate that serves as an antioxidant. It also contains a blend of red and brown algae to help with regulating the synthesis of melanin. 

Apply the serum to skin areas with hyperpigmentation after cleansing, the serum gets absorbed easily into the skin within one minute. It is better to apply it twice a day for best results and always remember to use sunscreen in addition to minimal exposure to the sun. 

2. Eve Lom Brightening Cream

EVE LOM White Brightening Cream, 1.6 oz
Source: Amazon

Eve Lom Brightening Cream is formulated to correct hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and dull skin. It can also be used in preventing early signs of aging and oxidative stress on the skin. The active ingredient in the cream is dermapep, which is a powerful brightening ingredient that blocks melanin production. 

The cream also contains root extracts of Chinese medicinal plants that produce powerful antioxidants that combat free radicals and work to restore damaged skin. Other important ingredients in the cream include sodium hyaluronate and allantoin both of which promote moisture retention and restoration of skin structure.   

3. Mela-D Pigment Control Dark Spot Serum

Glycolic B5 10% Pure Glycolic Acid Serum with Kojic Acid and Vitamin B5, Reduces Dark Spots and Discoloration, Skin Tone Corrector to Brighten & Even Skin Tone, 1.01 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
Source: Amazon

Mela-D Pigment Control Serum is a concentrated serum that works effectively to reduce the appearance of dark spots and evens skin tones. It is formulated with exfoliating agents like glycolic acid that are effective in improving skin radiance and eliminating dark hyperpigmented spots on the skin. 

It is very important to follow the product instructions when using the serum and remember to use sunscreen for preventing exposure to sun U.V light. 

4. Eucerin Anti-Pigment Dual Serum with Thiamidol and Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid

Eucerin anti-pigment dual serum with Thiamidol and concentrated Hyaluronic Acid 30 ml
Source: Amazon

Eucerin Anti-Pigment Dual Serum is formulated with Thiamidol as the active agent that works to reduce pigmented spots by inhibiting the production of melanin from skin cells. The serum also contains hyaluronic acid which enhances the repair of damaged cutaneous skin cells. Both ingredients work effectively to produce even-toned and radiant skin.  The serum has a light composition which makes it get absorbed into the skin quickly with visible results as early as within two weeks of use.  

5. Procelain Skin Whitening Serum 

Procelain Skin Whitening Serum Hydroquinone Kojic Acid Glycolic Acid Vitamin C Licorice Mulberry Extract for Melasma, Hyperpigmentation 2oz
Source: Amazon

Porcelain Skin Whitening Serum is made from various ingredients that act together to reduce or eliminate dark spots, uneven skin tones, age spots, dark spots, etc. It also contains botanical extracts that provide desired antioxidants that prevent damage to skin cells. The serum does not contain irritants like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, etc. The active ingredients include hydroquinone, kojic acid, glycolic acid, and licorice root extracts. 

It is important to follow the directions for use in order to get the desired results from this product. 

6. Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum

Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum Bleaching Cream - Skin Lightener Whitening for Sensitive Spots, Private Areas Parts, Underarm Armpit, Dark Spots - Gentle Kojic Acid Formula for All Skin Types
Source: Amazon

Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum is a hydroquinone-free skin lightening serum with kojic acid and glycolic acid as active ingredients. The active ingredients are derived from natural ingredients materials. kojic acid is derived from Japanese mushrooms and glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane. Other plant-based ingredients derived from mulberry, licorice, bearberry, and orchid extracts help in protecting the skin and providing an even skin tone.

The cream can be used for skin lightening for scars, and whitening of underarms and genital areas.  

7. Paula’s Choice Skin Brightening Serum

Paula's Choice BOOST 10% Azelaic Acid Booster Cream Gel, Licorice Extract & Salicylic Acid, Oil-Free Skin Brightening Serum, 1 Ounce
Source: Amazon

Paula’s Choice Skin brightening Serum is a good skin brightening cream without hydroquinone as an active ingredient. The cream is formulated with a combination of azelaic acid, licorice extract and salicylic acid as active ingredients. Azelaic acid is very effective in fading dark skin spots, acne scars, and smoothes the skin texture for a more even texture. Licorice extract is a natural skin brightener and it also works to reduce redness as well. Salicylic acid works to clear skin pores and reduce any skin inflammation. It is important to use it as directed in the product information for best results.  

8. AsaVea Advanced Whitening Cream

Dark Spot Corrector Cream Underarm Cream From AsaVea, for All-Body, With Collagen for Discolored Color - for Underarm, Legs, Knees, Bikini Line 60g
Source: Amazon

AsaVea Advanced Whitening Cream is a very effective skin whitening cream without hydroquinone that can be used on any part of the body including private areas. It contains ingredients like glycerol, hydrolyzed collagen, and bamboo charcoal. 

The cream is gentle to the skin and very easy to use. All you need to do to use it after bathing is to dry your body and apply it to the body area you want to treat and rub it in to get it absorbed. It is better to use it twice a day for optimal results, and many people have indicated seeing results within one week of use.  

9. Divine Derriere Intimate Skin Lightening Gel

Divine Derriere Intimate Skin Lightening Gel for Body, Face, Bikini and Sensitive Areas - Skin Bleaching Cream Contains Mulberry Extract, Arbutin, Skin Lightening Peptide 30ml / 1 oz.
Source: Amazon

Divine Derriere Intimate Skin Lightening Gel is also another hydroquinone-free lightening cream made from natural and plant-based ingredients. The active ingredients contained in the cream include kojic acid made from Japanese mushrooms and lactic acid derived from fermented milk. It also contains plant-based extracts from mulberry and licorice plants. It is very effective in whitening private areas and it makes it effective in providing soothing and calming relief for your skin. 

10. Evagloss Skin Lightening Serum

Skin Lightening Serum Dark Spot Corrector with Kojic Acid -Natural Skin Lightener Whitening Serum For Body, Face, Neck, Bikini, Sensitive Areas & All Skin Types - 20ml by Evagloss
Source: Amazon

Evagloss Skin Lightening Serum is hydroquinone-free natural skin lightening cream that works deep in the skin to reduce hyperpigmentation and lighten skin tone. It is a safe skin whitening formula that contains kojic acid, arbutin, and fullerene as active ingredients. Most of these active agents work by inhibiting the production of melanin and some of the ingredients are also antioxidants that absorb free radicals that are harmful to skin cells. 

The cream is very effective for skin whitening in all areas of the body including sensitive and private areas. 

The Difference Between Skin Whitening and Skin Lightening

Most people often confuse skin lightening cream with skin whitening cream and products or use them interchangeably but these are two different kinds of creams. 

Skin whitening creams are designed to make your skin lighter than your natural skin complexion or bleach your skin to make it lighter. Whereas, skin lightening creams, on the other hand, is not designed to bleach your skin but to reduce hyperpigmentation by fading unwanted blemishes by inhibiting melanin. 

Also, skin whitening creams and products often contain ingredients that are unsafe and dangerous for human use which often lead to very dangerous outcomes and side-effects when used. 

Why People Use Skin Lightening and Whitening Cream 

Many people use skin lightening products for various reasons. Some of these reasons include improving self-confidence, beauty enhancements, and preventing or control of hyperpigmentation

In some cultures, people use skin lightening creams to lighten their complexion because they want to prevent perceived bias against people with dark skin. 

Other people may decide to use skin lightening products because that may be the best way for them to fight and clear from their skin visible signs of aging. 

Different Conditions for Using Skin Lightening Creams

Most skin lightening creams can be used for improving skin tone and lightening dark skin areas caused by hyperpigmentation. Many people are usually very uncomfortable with having darkly pigmented skin in intimate areas of their skin and it can be a cause of concern if they want to flaunt these areas. 

Some of the common areas where skin lightening creams can be used to even out skin tone include:

Face: Skin lightening creams can be used for fading dark spots on the face caused by acne scars. This helps in clearing out any blemishes on the facial skin and making the face to have a uniform skin tone.

Upper Lip: Some people use skin lightening creams for improving the skin complexion around the upper lip area of the face. Dark upper lips are usually more common in ladies and it can be very uncomfortable especially when the hyperpigmentation is very pronounced and difficult to cover up with makeup.   

Neck: Dark necks can be an issue of concern for most ladies and it can be caused by various factors including hormonal imbalance. In most cases, the permanent solution is usually to treat the underlying causes. 

Underarms: This is one of the most common areas of hyperpigmentation in the body it can be caused by the friction between your inner (medial part of the) arm and the armpit. This area is very important because it is frequently exposed especially when you wear certain types of dresses (tank tops, sleeveless tops, etc.) and dark underarms can be embarrassing for many people. That is why many people use skin whitening creams to lighten the skin complexion in this area. 

Private and Intimate Areas: The esthetic appeal of private and intimate areas can be very important for romance and intimate feelings. That is why people normally want their intimate areas to look nice with the same skin tone as the rest of their body. It is common for most private areas to be hyperpigmented especially around body areas where the skin may have some friction. Skin lightening creams can be used in these areas to improve the skin tone. 

Knees and Elbows: These are body areas are frequently exposed to friction which makes the skin around these areas to be thickened and darkened from overuse and hyperpigmentation. It is the same thing that happens for fingers (knuckles) and toes. This can make it very uncomfortable for people who are conscious of their skin tone to wear clothes like shorts (short skirts), short sleeve shirts or sleeveless shirts and blouses.

Scars: Scars can be on any part of the body and they are often conspicuous, thick, and dark-toned. Most people tend to use skin lightening cream to improve the tone of scar tissue and blend it with the tone of the skin around it. Stretch marks can also be a source of concern like scars and the tone of stretch marks can also be improved with skin lightening creams.    

How Do Skin Lightening Creams Work?

Most skin lightening creams work by inhibiting the ability of skin cells to produce melanin. Melanin is the hormone responsible for pigmentation in the skin, and inhibition or reduction in melanin production results in light-toned skin. 

Hydroquinone is the active ingredient that is used in most skin lightening creams and other active ingredients include kojic acid, retinoic acid, ascorbic acid or Vitamin C. Some skin lightening cream formulations may combine two different active ingredients in varying proportions for more effective skin toning results. 

Safe Use of Skin Lightening Creams 

Some of the skin lightening products available on the market contain active ingredients and other compounds that may pose a significant risk to your health when used over a long time. 

That is why it is often recommended that skin lightening creams should not be used for more than three months because of the potential side effects that can occur from prolonged use. 

One common side effect of skin lightening creams is mercury poison which can have very detrimental effects on your body.  Some of the active ingredients of these products may also contain synthetic compounds that may affect normal body function. Prolonged use of these substances may also result in some unwanted results that could have serious effects on your health. Some of the effects of these substances include increased risk of infections, increased risk of body fluid retention (edema), etc. 

Another undesired effect of prolonged use of these products includes increased risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging. 

You should consult your healthcare provider when in doubt about how any skin lightening product may affect you. 

Korean Skin Whitening Secrets – Things to Do for Best Skin Lightening Results 

There are several things that you need to do to maintain a uniform light skin tone in addition to using skin lightening products. Using these products will enhance your skin tone but the best way to maintain that uniform light-toned skin that you really want may be to utilize other techniques. 

These techniques are what most people often refer to as Korean skin whitening secrets because these are the things you can do in addition to using whitening or lightening skin to maintain a light skin tone. Some of these secrets include:

Sunscreen: The use of sunscreen is one of the most important aspects of skincare. Protecting your skin from sun damage will make it respond very well to skin lightening products and produced long term desired results. 

Hydration: Another essential skin lightening secret is to ensure that your skin has adequate hydration at all times. You can achieve this by the use of skin moisturizers especially if you have dry skin. Most skin lightening products can be mixed with moisturizing creams and used at the same time or in any manner that is most suitable for your skin. Hydration helps to keep your skin soft and supple which makes it easy to attain the desired uniform skin light tone.  

Diet: It is essential to have a routine diet that is rich in antioxidants and other skin nutrients that are important or necessary for healthy skin growth. This makes it easy to achieve faster results with skin lightening creams and products in addition to making it easy to sustainable light skin tone over time.  

Consistent Routine: The only way to achieve and sustain the desired results of beautiful and uniform light skin tone is to keep doing your skincare routines consistently over time. This is very important in maintaining uniform light skin over time. 

FAQs for Skin Lightening Creams

Is Skin Lightening Cream Permanent?

It can be permanent in some cases it all depends on different factors. However, in most situations, it is not permanent and you may have to use skin lightening cream or other products to maintain the tone.  

Will Skin Lightening Cream Fade Tattoos?

Skin lightening cream cannot fade tattoos because tattoo ink is usually embedded under the skin. However, there are unconfirmed claims that some skin lightening creams can fade the brightness of skin tattoos. 

How Often to Use Skin Lightening Cream?

The recommended use frequency is usually indicated in most product information slips for most skin lightening creams. Most products indicate a twice-daily use (morning and evening) best and fast results. However, the frequency of maintenance use may differ from that of initial use. 

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