Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt?

Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt?

Does eyebrow threading hurt? As a first-timer in threading your eyebrows, it is okay to ask if the eyebrow threading hurts.

Eyebrow threading would usually involve some sort of discomfort or pain which is normal with any body hair removal process tried for the very first time. Eyebrow threading involves the process of removing unwanted hairs from your brow by making use of a twisted thread over your brow hairs.

This process is usually done without the use of chemicals or any other strenuous mechanism. The artist or technician just has to hold a twisted cotton thread over your brows and swiftly remove the hairs around it.

So as a newbie in eyebrow threading, you should expect to feel some form of pain on the first try but you would gradually get used to this over time and with constant threading. Again depending on each person’s level of pain, the eyebrow threading may hurt differently.

How Bad Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt?

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The pain can be extreme or bearable as eyebrow threading hurts differently for each individual.

Depending on the area being threaded, the person’s pain tolerance level and also the technician who would carry out the process would determine whether you will feel more hurt or not.

Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair removal method that has been used over the decades by the Asians particularly the Indians over a long time.

For some people, the eyebrow threading may feel ticklish or like sharp strings being plucked out of your brow just as it is with plucking hair off your body. Eyebrow threading does not have to hurt badly as it is a pain that is supposed to be bearable.

Like the above reasons mentioned, you should expect some level of discomfort and pain for the very first time and this would go away with future eyebrow threading.

Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt the First Time?

Yes, eyebrow threading would hurt for the first time. However, this is usually not the way you have imagined the pain would occur or for it to be extremely painful.

Depending on your pain tolerance, eyebrow threading may hurt some less than others. Some people even say eyebrow threading is much more painful than waxing for the first time.

This cannot be disputed as eyebrow threading takes time to get used to the whole process. You may need to thread your eyebrows more than once to get familiar with the process and the pain just vanishes with time.

Why Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt?

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Some factors may cause eyebrow threading to hurt for the first time and even repeatedly for some persons. Eyebrow threading is an old method of getting rid of unwanted brow hairs.

Many people make use of this method because it is cheaper and does not involve the use of chemicals.

Some of the reasons why eyebrow threading would hurt may include:

1. Your Level of Pain Tolerance

Most people have a low level of pain tolerance and this would generally allow such persons to feel lots of pain the very first time they have their eyebrows threaded. The case would be reversed for those who can handle lots of pain.

2. The Technician

These are the experts who know how to thread eyebrows and are expected to be vast in this trade. However, some technicians are often more skilled than others and so you might choose to make use of referrals for your first time.

3. Skin Tenderness

If you have very tender skin around your brows, this will surely get in the way of your eyebrow threading. At the end of the threading session, your skin may feel irritated and cause redness. You should however speak with your technician on what to do before and after the procedure.

4. Area to be Threaded

The upper or lower parts of the eyebrow are equally threaded and you may feel a slight change of discomfort for each part. Some individuals have argued that the threading of the lower part of the brow is more painful than the upper part, while it is the reverse for others. Generally, it would be dependent on your skin sensitivity on either side of the brows.

Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt More Than Waxing?

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Not really. The processes involved in eyebrow threading and waxing are very much different, while waxing deals with the use of wax for hair removal, eyebrow threading deals with the use of cotton threads.

The wax is placed on the skin where hair needs to be removed until it solidifies. After which it is ripped off with trapped hairs in the wax.

Waxing can also be used to remove hair from other parts of the body, not just the brows.

Threading on the other hand as was earlier stated involves the use of cotton threads to remove unwanted hairs on the brow. The thread strings are pulled together while pinching out hair strands from their very roots or follicle.

Threading tends to take a lot more time than waxing in its process and also, its results do not last long like the waxing which can stay up to 4-6 weeks.

How to Make Eyebrow Threading Hurt Less?

When it comes to eyebrow threading, you can expect to get a minimal level of pain or discomfort. However, there are steps you can take after your session to reduce the effects of the threading pain.

Some of these steps are necessary for the aftercare of your brows to reduce skin irritations or other inflammations.

These steps are:

1. Wash Your Face With Cold Water

Immediately after your eyebrow threading session, you should use cold water to carefully wash or clean the brows. This comes with a lot of relief as the cold water touches your skin.

The cleaning process does not have to be done with too much vigor but with a little touch preferably with a cotton material to dab across the surface.

2. Use Ice Cubes

In a case where you can get ice cubes, they would also work perfectly in massaging your eyebrows after threading. Carefully massage your brows with an ice cube to relieve yourself of pain.

This massage would cause you to feel numbness in your brows. Even for persons with sensitive skin, the use of ice cubes would work fine to reduce pain after threading.

3. Use Moisturizers

After your threading procedure, the technician would surely apply cooling gels on your brows but you can also apply moisturizers to relieve yourself of all the pain. Although if you have applied the ice cube and cold water wash, you should feel less pain by now.

Make sure to buy a good cream that would not cause further skin harm or irritations and carefully massage through your brows.

4. Beware of the Sun

Be careful not to expose your brows to the sun directly after threading for at least a day or two. You can make use of sunglasses, hats, or umbrellas if you need the sun.

Exposing your threaded brows to the sun may further cause irritations and other skin problems which are all necessary to avoid.

Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt More Than Plucking?

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Plucking is no longer considered good for hair removal because it does not last long and the hair follicles are usually damaged resulting in permanent loss of hair. Plucking involves the use of tweezers to remove hair from the body including the brows.

Eyebrow threading would usually last longer than plucking and it is somewhat less painful as well.

Plucking is considered no effective method for many brow shapers and technicians. It can only be used to remove a stray hair strand once in a while but is not used as the main eyebrow shaping method.

Plucking hurts more than brow threading since it involves the use of tweezers on the skin. Again depending on the level of tolerance, individuals can handle the pain differently.


Eyebrow threading hurts majorly for first-timers introduced into the art of brow shaping but with subsequent trials, you would find yourself enjoying the comfort that comes with perfectly shaped brows. Apart from brow threading, other hair removal methods would work just fine for you.

However, you should consider your overall need, skin type, and also cost when going for your brow shaping or hair removal.

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