5 Simple Steps to Keep Your Makeup Space and Vanity Clean and Organized using Makeup Caddy

Makeup Caddy

If you have a nice makeup vanity that is always looking messy, cluttered, and disorganized then these simple steps should help you keep your makeup organized, clean, and free of clutter. When you have a collection of amazing beauty products, why not keep them neatly organized? This is easily achievable by using a nice makeup caddy for your vanity tabletop.

So, what is a makeup caddy? It is nothing but an organizer in which you can smartly arrange and display your favorite makeup products. Along with glamming up your space, a makeup caddy is sure to make your life a lot easier. There will be no more fumbling around drawers and pouches. You can reach for your favorite shade of lipstick or eyeshadow palette within seconds while prepping for your morning routine or whenever you want to go out.

How to Organize Your Makeup Vanity and Eliminate Clutter

Organizing cosmetics and accessories can seem like a daunting task but it is only a one-time effort. Once you set your mind on it, it will be a fun experience to assemble all your favorite beauty products. You can use the following process to organize your makeup:

1. Gather all your makeup products: Start by making a stack of all your makeup products.

2. Sort makeup products: Then begin organizing them in groups such as brushes, compacts, mascaras, lipsticks, and nail polishes. You can sort them according to brands, category, size, or daily needs.

3. Select a suitable makeup caddy:  The next step is to pick a makeup caddy. Pick the best one that can contain your entire collection of makeup products.

4. Arrange makeup products: Organize your cosmetics in the makeup caddy by placing them in the right compartments. This way, they will be easy to reach and conveniently accessible.

5. Consider your space: Make sure you pick a makeup caddy that is suitable for your space and the number of makeup products that you have. For instance, if you have a small apartment, you can pick one that can be mounted on the wall or door to save you some space or you can get the large standing makeup caddy if you have lots of cosmetic and makeup products as well as a good amount of space in your room.

There you have it, not too difficult isn’t it? Just remember to leave some extra space and try not to overstuff your organizer as it can again create clutter. After all, the makeup caddy also doubles up as an exquisite showpiece.

Importance of a Makeup Caddy


You need to know that there are several benefits of using a makeup organizer especially if you are hesitant to use a makeup caddy or any kind of makeup organizer, and this can add value to your life in many ways. Some of these benefits include:

Better Organization

You can arrange your makeup products based on color, shapes, sizes, or brands. Different shades of lipsticks, lip liners, and eye pencils can be arranged in different slots, so they are easy to choose from. The liquid concealers, cream concealers, or any other creams can be stored in separate compartments. You can also display all your favorite shades of nail paints on a stand to add a pop of color to your room.

Easy Accessibility

By having all cosmetics stored in their appropriate places, you will know exactly where to look for them. Thank yourself later when you go looking for that particular shade of eyeliner, especially when you are in a hurry. With a makeup caddy, there will be no hassle and you will also end up saving a lot of time.

No More Clutter

All your makeup products will be clearly visible and easy to reach in a makeup caddy. This will prevent overflowing shelves and cluttered bags.

Stylish Inclusion

A makeup organizer does not have to be dull and boring. It can be functional as well as attractive. A vintage brass makeup organizer will be a classic addition to your vanity table. Also, floating wall-mounted shelves are great to flaunt your beauty stash. After all our beauty products are meant to spark joy.

Keep Things Clean and Tidy

When things are easily visible, then you will remember to replace old and unused products. This will encourage you to clean your brushes while also maintaining regular hygiene.

Features of a Makeup Caddy

Some of the basic features that you need to consider while buying a makeup caddy include:

1. Size and Shape: Depending on your makeup collection, you can pick a large makeup organizer or a small one to store your daily beauty items.

2. Material: It is important to pay extra attention to the material of the product. A stable, sturdy, and durable makeup caddy will go a long way.

3. Design: Select a makeup organizer that is functional, practical, and also visually appealing, this way you will always look forward to your makeup routine.

4. Storage Capacity: The number of drawers, trays, compartments, and adjustable dividers make all the difference while organizing and storing cosmetics.

5. Type: It can be a mini stylish counter piece to hold your daily items or a large organizer. For space constraints, a door-mounted or wall-mounted organizer is a great choice. For traveling purposes, you can buy a makeup case with wheels or a waterproof makeup case. Therefore, based on your needs, you can accordingly pick the right type.

There are also makeup organizers to suit specific needs such as brush holders, pencil holders, lipstick holders, vanity trays, drawer organizers, palette organizers, and nail polish stands.

Types of Makeup Organizers


Investing in a makeup caddy will certainly make your life easier. There are many types of makeup organizers that are designed to suit various needs. You can either select a large organizer to store all your cosmetics in one place or you can buy single-purpose organizers to hold things separately.

For instance, a lipstick holder can be used to store only lipsticks. A brush holder will keep your makeup brushes together. A compact holder will help in keeping all your compacts in one place.

On the other hand, a multipurpose makeup organizer will include storage drawers, trays, various slots, and compartments in which your entire bunch of cosmetics can be stored in a single place. There are also travel-friendly makeup organizers which you can conveniently carry along while traveling.

In this section, we will explore different types of makeup caddies. Whether you are looking for a small makeup caddy to display your favorite essential items or a functional multipurpose piece to organize your cosmetics, you can choose the best one that suits your needs.

  • Vanity Tabletop Makeup Caddy

An attractive makeup caddy on your dresser or vanity table will add a touch of glamor to your space. Display your favorite beauty products and easily access them during your makeup routine.

Clear Vanity Cosmetic Organizer

The transparent design of this makeup caddy is perfect to flaunt your jewelry and cosmetics. Ideal for teenagers, working adults, and professional makeup artists, this organizer will allow quick accessibility and visibility.

Material: Made from durable acrylic material, this makeup caddy is lightweight and easy to clean.

Storage Space: It is a medium-sized organizer and includes sixteen compartments with four easy to slide drawers.

Organization: Perfect for brushes, creams, compacts, eye makeup, accessories, and jewelry. It comes in two parts so you can keep the organizer stacked or separate. This simple design makes it extremely easy and fun to organize things.

Mount Type: Freestanding

  • Door Mounted Makeup Cabinet

A door-mounted makeup organizer is convenient yet stylish. Mounting it on the door of your bedroom, closet, or bathroom door will provide optimum use of space. Plus, it offers an immense storage area that you can utilize to neatly organize your entire collection of beauty products as well as jewelry and accessories.

Door Mounted Cabinet with Mirror

This couldn’t get better, not only is this makeup caddy door mountable but it also comes with a mirror. The versatile and lovely ivory white color of this organizer will be a wonderful addition to your room.

Material: The cabinet is made from high-quality wood material with a smooth finish. It is scratch-resistant, warp-resistant, and also has a mold-proof surface coating to ensure lasting durability.

Storage Space: It offers extensive space to store a bunch of makeup products, as well as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and hair accessories. It includes drawers, shelves, hooks, earring slots, bracelet rods, and more so you can neatly organize your collection.

Full-length Mirror and Lockable: The mirror makes this makeup caddy all the sleeker, thereby adding a refined touch to your space. Additionally, the lock and key feature will help in keeping your precious items secure.

Mount Type: Door-mounted

  • Wall Mounted Makeup Shelves

A wall-mounted makeup caddy and wall mounted floating shelves are super helpful for accessing daily accessories and essential beauty products. They are perfect to display your favorite cosmetics such as perfumes, body lotions, earrings, nail polishes, and necklaces.

Set of Two Wall Mounted Shelves

The simple and impressive design of these wall mounted shelves makes them perfect for any space. Put them up on your bedroom wall, bathroom, closet, or even in your entryway beside a mirror.

Material: Crafted from pine wood and metal, these shelves are strong, sturdy, and easy to install.

Storage Space: There are two shelves with hanging bars that can be used to organize earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. You can keep your wallet, watch, beauty products, and more on the wooden shelves. On the hanging bars, you can display earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Mount Type: Wall-mounted

  • Wall Mounted Cabinet with Mirror

A makeup cabinet with a mirror will provide plenty of space to hold your cosmetics and jewelry while also brightening up your living area.

Wall Mounted Mirror Cabinet

Product Description: A functional as well as a decorative addition to your space. This makeup caddy with a mirror has a hidden cabinet in which you can store your beauty products.

Material: Crafted from superior quality wood, this makeup organizer comes with velvet interiors.

Storage Space: It is designed with a lockable door and offers an ample amount of space. There are storage trays, earring slots, stud holes, necklace hooks, and ring slots to keep makeup products and jewelry.

Mount Type: Wall Mounted

  • Multipurpose Freestanding Makeup Caddy

When you possess a huge collection of makeup products, then a large freestanding organizer will be the right choice to make. The stackable design and multiple drawers will give you the convenience to arrange your entire collection of cosmetics in order.

Multipurpose Makeup Organizer

This is a four-piece stackable and detachable makeup caddy. You can stack the four parts on top of each other or use them separately by arranging them in an order of your choice.

Material: This makeup caddy made from acrylic offers long-lasting durability. It is easy to clean and the drawers are designed with removable mesh liners to prevent any scratches to your jewelry.

Storage Space: There are two large drawers, two mid-size drawers, and eight small drawers. There are sixteen compartments on the top in which you can store all your beauty products in a neat and organized manner.

Mount Type: Freestanding

  • Rotating Makeup Carousel

A rotating makeup organizer is a wonderful decor item as well as a functional piece. After all, who wouldn’t love a tabletop carousel? Makeup time will become a lot more fun with this rotating makeup caddy.

Rotating Makeup Caddy

This beautifully designed organizer is just what you need to display your beauty products. It will complement your vanity table, bathroom countertop, and any other tabletop or desk. Also, its swivel design will allow the convenience and quick accessibility.

Made from high-quality polystyrene, this durable makeup caddy comes with adjustable as well as removable trays and shelves. Its lovely crystal frame and rotating design will add style to your decor.

Storage Space: This caddy is great to store your essential cosmetics and personal accessories. Flaunt your lipsticks, nail polishes, primers, lotions, and perfumes.

Mount Type: Freestanding

  • Professional Makeup Train Case on Wheels

It is popularly known as a rolling makeup trolley. This makeup caddy is ideal for professional makeup artists. It is also great for all those cosmetic lovers with a mountain of makeup products.

Rolling Makeup Trolley

This organizer provides tremendous amounts of space to store all the necessary tools that every makeup artist needs. From a range of makeup brushes, lip brushes, makeup sponges, and foundation palettes to eyelash curlers, hair straightener, sprays, and hairdryer. You can take this makeup organizer wherever you go, without any hassles.

Material: The heavy-duty metal hardware makes this makeup train case extremely durable and safe to use. It has aluminum and metal on the edges and corners to provide extra protection. There are plastic drawers and trays inside the case which make it easy to clean. Also, the soft cloth lining and foam interiors can be used to keep creams, moisturizers, or other products that need extra care.

Storage Capacity: It is a pretty big organizer that includes several compartments, dividers, and trays. The removable storage space allows you to keep things well organized.

Ideal for Travel: This makeup case comes with an adjustable pull handle, removable strap, and detachable wheels, making it super convenient for makeup artists while traveling. 

What are the materials to consider while buying a makeup caddy?


Acrylic: It is a transparent plastic that is durable, lightweight, and inexpensive. It also looks attractive and will blend in with your home decor. Acrylic material is weather-resistant, so it can withstand UV light and other extreme temperatures without losing its appeal.

Acrylic Makeup Caddy

Plastic: Plastics are versatile, functional, and perfect for bathroom vanity. Plus, they are easy to clean and also durable.

Plastic Makeup Caddy

Glass and Metal: A glass makeup organizer with gold metal will lend that extra shine and dazzle up your vanity. Also, it is super easy to clean.

Glass and Metal Makeup Caddy

Silicone: If you are looking for an organizer to only hold your brushes, pencils, or lipsticks, then a silicone holder is the best choice to make. You can also air-dry your brushes in a silicone organizer. It does not occupy too much space and its flexible modes and versatile design allow easy storage. Silicone is non-breakable, durable, and easy to clean.

Silicone Organizer

Bamboo or Wood: A bamboo makeup caddy will lend a rustic charm to your space. Not only is it eco-friendly but also highly durable and sturdy.

Bamboo Makeup Caddy

Where do I keep my makeup organizer?

Most common places are on the vanity tabletop, dresser, closet, and bathroom countertop. If storage space is a problem, then you can choose wall mounting cabinets or floating shelves. You can also keep small organizer trays inside the drawers of your vanity or beside your mirror. Entryways are also a good choice, the possibilities are endless.

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