How to Get to Key West, Florida

how to get to Key West

Key West is a vacationer’s paradise and that is why it attracts people from different backgrounds and locations across the United States and even across the world. One question that most people who are planning their vacation to Key West ask is about how to get to Key West.

One of the challenges for people planning to spend their vacation in this beautiful place is how to get to Key West especially for those who have never been to Florida before or the south generally.

Whether you plan to travel by road or by air, just know that there are several ways that you can get to Key West.

Can You Fly to Key West?

Yes, Key West has its own airport with a call sign EYW and you can fly directly into this paradise city in your private jet or plane. While most of the major commercial airlines have scheduled services into Key West, there may be limited flight route options available if you plan to use commercial flights.

For people who do not really like road trips, the other option may be to get to Key West by boat (not a cruise line). Getting to Key West by boat may only be a good option if you have your private boat, but if you don’t have one you may have to consider flying to Key West.

What Airlines Fly to Key West?

Some of the major airlines have regularly scheduled flights into and out of Key West. Some of these airlines include Delta, United, American Airlines. Silver Airways, a regional airline that services some of the cities in Florida and the Caribbean also maintains regularly scheduled flights into and out of Key West from other cities in Florida.

Does Southwest Airlines Fly to Key West?

Southwest Airlines used to fly into Key West, a route the airline began servicing in 2012, but as at the time of publishing this post, a search on Southwest Airlines flight booking website indicated that Southwest Airlines no longer fly to Key West.

However, Southwest customers can fly into Miami airport and travel by road to Key West which is a 165-mile road trip. Southwest airline passengers can also fly into Fort Lauderdale and drive to Key West, which is a 188-mile road trip.  Thus, Miami is the closest Southwest airport to Key West if you are looking for the southwest airlines airport within the shortest driving distance to Key West.

Why are Flights to Key West So Expensive?

While it may be difficult to understand why many things in Key West are expensive, there are some indications that may explain why things can generally be expensive here including flights to this city. Key West is a city that is an island, that means resources may be limited and it can put a high demand on resources with the influx of visitors and tourists almost all year round. This can almost certainly lead to high prices that make things expensive.

However, several factors may come into play that may result in the high cost of flights to and from Key West. It may be related to general demand where airlines typically increase prices to cover their cost when the demand is low or if that route has little or no competition from other airlines. It may also have to do with the time you are booking your flight.

Generally, flights are usually more expensive when you try to purchase your tickets a few days to your trip, or when you are travelling during a busy period of the year or week. Sometimes, it can just be difficult to understand why flights may be so expensive. Unfortunately, flying is one of the only answers of how to get to Key West without a car

How to Get to Key West by Road

How to get to key West by road

Having considered how to get to Key West by air, another option may be to drive to Key West since the only cost you may have to incur here is the gas and maybe rental fees, if you plan to rent a car. Driving may be the cheapest way to get to Key West, but this depends on where you are driving from.

You can fly to an airport that is within a good driving distance from Key West and complete the trip by road. The good thing about driving is that you will be in total control of your schedule and you will enjoy a gorgeous tropical, coastal, and ocean scenic view as you drive on the only highway (also known as overseas highway) that leads into Key West and links the island to the rest of mainland Florida. It is popular to drive from Miami or Fort Lauderdale to Key West using this highway. The highway is accessible from all of mainland Florida, so it is also how to get to Key West from Tampa and other major cities.

The Cheapest Way to Get to Key West

Another cheaper way to get to Key West by road and enjoy a splendid vacation without having to spend lots of money on flights and accommodation is by travelling in your RV van or camper. This will make you save money on accommodation since you can easily live in your camper. All you may have to do is to find a suitable place to park your van. There are several RV parks and campgrounds in the city that you can move into and have a good time enjoying your vacation.

However, if travelling by road is not your thing, and you really want to get there by boat, the only scheduled boat service into Key West is from Fort Myers, Florida and it can often be a long boat ride taking several hours to arrive. There are several ways that you can get to Keys West, Florida but you have to check all the options and decide which one is the best for you as your plan your vacation or trip to this holiday island.

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