Can You Shower with Sterling Silver?

Can You Shower with Sterling Silver

Can you shower with sterling silver? Of course, Yes. It is okay to wear sterling silver in the shower. The water in the shower or bathtub should not have much of an effect on the tarnishment of the jewelry.

However, other sources of water like pools or hot tubs could damage the pieces due to the chemicals added to the water.

Sterling silver is a popular metal choice for jewelry. It is affordable and does not rust or tarnish like other affordable options. It is a step above costume jewelry but not as prestigious as gold or white gold. However, it is still a very popular choice among jewelry wearers. 

With more affordable metals and coating options on jewelry, many wearers are hesitant about their jewelry’s exposure to the elements, such as water. With high-end metals like gold and white gold, wearers can have their jewelry on full-time and not have to worry much about tarnishing or damage.  Up to a certain extent, this is mostly the case as well with sterling silver.

On some occasions, wearing sterling silver in the shower could result in the metal darkening over time, reducing some of its shine. Luckily, there are jewelry cleaners on the market, such as the Quick shine Jewelry Cleaner, which can help repair the shine in your sterling silver pieces. 

Ironically, showering with sterling silver actually helps it maintain its shine. Due to the copper in sterling, it mostly tarnishes and turns color when not in use.

This means if it’s been sitting at the bottom of your jewelry box for years, you may notice it has become dull and either dark silver or a brown tint. Showering with your sterling silver and wearing it regularly will help it stay looking brand new. 

Can You Shower with a Sterling Silver Necklace?

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At the end of a long day, taking our jewelry off is the last thing we want to do before hopping in the shower. Some people prefer to wear their jewelry 24/7 to avoid losing it or because it has sentimental value. If you’re wearing a sterling silver necklace that you don’t want to take off, you can wear it when you shower. 

Showering with sterling silver can run the risk of darkening the color of the necklace over time, but this should not be a big worry while wearing your necklaces to shower, as long as they are true sterling silver. 

Can You Shower with Sterling Silver Earrings?

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Sterling silver is also a popular metal to use for earrings. It is cheaper than gold or white gold, and will not irritate your ears like other cheap metals like nickel.

Many jewelry wearers are allergic and have reactions to cheap metals like nickel, especially when wearing earrings made out of it since your earrings have closer access to sensitive skin. With sterling silver, you can wear the earrings full time without worrying, as long as they are comfortable in your ears. 

You can also shower with sterling silver earrings. Like other sterling silver jewelry, water can tarnish the metal only if it contains chemicals like chlorine, such as pool water does.

However, it should be safe to wear in the shower. If you notice a reaction to the skin around your earrings or the earring itself, take them out and consult a professional. 

Can You Shower with a Sterling Silver Bracelet?

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Like other sterling silver jewelry, you can shower with a sterling silver bracelet. Bracelets are especially difficult to take on and off, especially if they have a claw clasp.

Luckily, you do not have to worry about this while showering, as you can leave it on while you shower. Just be careful not to get it stuck in your hair while you’re shampooing!

Can You Shower with a Sterling Silver Ring?

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You can shower with sterling silver rings as well as other types of sterling silver jewelry. Shower water will not damage your rings like pool water will since it does not contain chlorine or any other type of chemical.

Additionally, showering with your sterling silver rings may actually help them stay shinier for longer since sterling silver tarnishes most when it is not in use. Since it contains a bit of copper, water actually helps keep it shiny for longer. 

Can You Take a Shower with 925 Sterling Silver?

925 Sterling Silver is the type of sterling silver that is used in most sterling jewelry. The titles are used interchangeably since it is the most commonly used type of sterling silver. 925 sterling silver is about 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. 

You can shower with 925 sterling silver. In fact, showering with and wearing your sterling silver jewelry regularly will help keep it shiny for longer due to the copper mixed into the alloy.

Copper begins to tarnish and dull over time, which is why the sterling silver at the bottom of your jewelry box may look old and faded. Simply put, you can and should shower with 925 sterling silver!

Is Sterling Silver Safe to Wear?

Sterling silver, or 925 sterling silver is one of the most common types of metal for jewelry. It is an alloy made up of about 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

It is a great option for reliable jewelry without a high price tag. Unlike other cheaper jewelry options like nickel, it is unlikely to tarnish or cause an allergic reaction to the skin.

It is perfectly safe to wear every day while showering and doing physical activities like running or going to the gym. You can wear sterling silver overnight as well without worrying about irritation to the skin. 


Sterling silver, of 925 sterling silver is a great option for jewelry wearers on a budget. It is reliable, safe to wear, long-lasting, and does not break the bank.

Furthermore, sterling silver can and should be worn often, and even in the shower. The chemical-free water helps keep it shiny and bright, due to the small mixture of copper in the metal.

In addition, while it is safe to wear sterling silver in the shower, it does not fair well in pools or hot tubs due to chlorine and other chemicals. So while you can wear your sterling silver most of the time, make sure you’re still taking care of it properly!

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