Cartier Love Bracelet Size 16 vs 17

Cartier Love Bracelet Size 16 vs 17

Cartier love bracelet size 16 vs 17 which one is better? Bracelets are not just some pieces of metals we hang on our wrists. For most of us, they hold deeper meaning that we cannot but relish anytime we put them on. For some of us, bracelets remind us of the love we share or shared, for others they bring back fond memories, and for certain people, bracelets remind them of their dedication to a course.

Whichever the case is, we enjoy the feeling that comes with putting on our favorite bracelet especially when it is a Cartier love bracelet. The Cartier love bracelet does not come in like every other bracelet brand you know. They travel back to medieval time, catch the inspiration of pristine love mixed with the brush of modern sophistication to make your wrist look exceptionally worthy of admiration. Shaped in an oval to hold your wrist firmly like a cuddling lover in winter, Cartier bracelets are a beauty to don on. Not forgetting their trademark screw imprints.

Because Cartier bracelets should hold firmly, you would want to be sure that the size you are ordering is your perfect size. A size lower or higher may not give you the snuggly feeling of embrace you should have from your Cartier, in this article you would find answers to any question you might have on Cartier love bracelet sizing.

What Makes Cartier’s Love Bracelet So Special?

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The underlying inspiration behind the iconic bracelet speaks of an undying love towards a partner. In medieval times, these bracelets were used as a betrothing symbol sort of which meant that anyone who wears it is locked to a lover forever. Speaking of locks, the Cartier love bracelet is made of screw locks that can only be opened or loosened with a screwdriver.

When Aldo Cipullo invented the Cartier Love bracelet in New York in the year 1969, with such a history that tickles everyone’s emotional appeal, it never struggled to become a dream buy for luxury jewelry enthusiasts. Since they are made with luxury gemstone and metals such as gold, platinum, and diamond, it is only expected that they come expensive. Cartier love bracelet is the only bracelet known that cannot be worn without loosening it with a screwdriver, they all come with one.

Before purchasing a luxury bracelet like the Cartier love bracelet, you want to know everything that would guide you to make the best choice and enjoy the value for your money. Kindly read on.

Cartier Love Bracelet Size 16 vs 17 – Which One is Better? 

For anyone who relishes their appearance in Cartier love bracelets, sizing is an important aspect of styling. The argument remains, 16 vs 17 which is better? It boils down to your wrist size, individual preference, and also putting into consideration a forecast of your body changes. For instance, if the circumference of your wrist sizes 15cm and you want a snuggly fitted bracelet, size 16 should fit you just fine. If you prefer a dangling bracelet on your 15cm wrist then a size 17 is perfect for you.

Like I said earlier, you also want to consider body changes like weight gain or loss. It is not an easy task to predict your appearance but judging from the contexts of your past weight fluctuations you can guide yourself to make size choices that should fit your expectation. For instance, when a lady is pregnant, she is most likely to experience weight gain and consequently an increase in the size of her wrist.

How Should Cartier Love Bracelet Fit?

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When it comes to fashion, along with style, you want to also look out for comfortability and confidence. Cartier love bracelet is designed in three style fittings; loose, regular, and tight. The loose fit dangles on your wrists and occasionally clinks with any other piece of jewelry you may be wearing on the same wrist.

The loose fit is usually 2cm more than your wrist size. The regular just hangs above your wrist bone, somewhere in between tight and loose, and it is about 1.5cm bigger than your wrist size. The tight fit has a snuggly firm grip on your wrist and sizes 1cm more than the circumference of your wrist. If comfort is a thing for you, you may want to choose other fittings other than tight sizes. That’s because you may not appreciate the discomfort the screw motifs may cause to your wrist.

If you’d like to adorn it just how your favorite celebrities prefer theirs then a regular or loosely fit size should be your fit.

How to Choose Cartier Love Bracelet Size

Talking about how to choose a Cartier love bracelet, it’s important to mention all the sizes available for the thin and thick versions. The sizes are; 15cm, 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm, and 21cm. These sizes are the same as other variations the Love bracelet may have.

Again, it depends on how you want your Cartier love bracelet to fit. If you want it tightly fitted, add 1cm to your wrist measurement. This means that, if your wrist measures 16cm, a 17cm love bracelet will give you a tight-fitting. If you prefer a regular fitting, you can opt for one between 17 or 18cm. If the loose fits you best then go for the 18cm love bracelet.

Wait! Does your wrist size fall between two whole numbers? Let’s say you are 17.5 and you want to know how to pick a size that fits your style. Say no more, I am here to guide you. If you are in the middle of two sizes, adding 1.5cm should do you just fine. You wouldn’t have your love bracelet too tight or too loose.

If you don’t have a measurement for your wrist, you can print the wrist sizer from the internet and follow the instructions or you can use a measuring tape. Using tape, wrap it around the wrist you wish to wear the bracelet. Mark the number that meets the 0 after the wrap.

Can Cartier Love Bracelet be Resized?

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Unlike other bracelets makes, the Cartier love bracelet is designed in a way that makes resizing impossible. You seemingly cannot alter the circumference of a Cartier love bracelet so you have to pay attention to your choice during sizing. It seems the designers have your concern in mind so the bracelets are made not too tightly that your wrists cannot slip through and they are not loosely made to fall off from your hands.

If it still happens that your wrist is too small for the smallest size of a Cartier love bracelet – the size 15. There is a Cartier Love Cuff for your wrist. Love Cuffs are designed to run smaller than their love bracelet counterparts.

Cartier Love Bracelet Thin vs Thick?

People have different tastes when it comes to how thick or thin a piece of jewelry should be. The Cartier love bracelet makers understand this aspect of meeting customer satisfaction so you have the thin textured bracelets and the thick textured bracelets.

You should note that the differences in texture have nothing to do with the sizes of the bracelets. Both the thick and thin bracelets share the seven sizes. That means a thick 15cm love bracelet would fit the same way as a thin 15cm love bracelet.

The thin version with diamond implants has 10 pieces of beautifully cut diamonds summing up to 0.21 carat.  The thicker version on the other hand has 4 implants of beautifully cut diamonds valuing a total of 0.42 carat. The thicker version is also known as the Regular version while the thinner version is seldom called the Small version.

Which Cartier Love Bracelet is Most Popular?

When it comes to fashion, people will always have a preference, and the Cartier love bracelet is no exception. Popular preference usually falls between the tight fitted and the regular. A poll was conducted recently to ascertain how Cartier love bracelet enthusiasts prefer to wear them.

It showed that while 43.1% of women prefer theirs tight, about 40.1 preferred a regular or in some cases the loose fit. 6.1% bought a loose fit and now wish they chose a tight fit instead while 10.7% bought a tight fit and later wished they bought a looser fit.


While you want your wrist to stand out and glimmer in the light, you also want your wrist to feel comfortable. You don’t want to spend so much money and have regrets in the future. Remember, Cartier love bracelets are not resizable, Size 16 or 17? Kindly use the guide in this article to carefully select your size. Sparkle and dazzle, let the look of your wrist brighten every moment.

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