Can Eyeliner be used as Lip Liner?


Many people always ask this question: can eyeliner be used as lip liner? The answer is a ‘Yes’; you can use them right away as lip liners keeping in mind that moisturizing is the key to the application.

Eyeliners can make your lips dry; thus, you need to nourish and moisturize your lips before applying eyeliners on your cupid spots. Lip gloss can be great for moisturizing and keeping your lips supple while keeping them from getting dry.

When it comes to giving wings to your eyes, black eyeliner is all that you may want to use for that elegant eye makeup. But do you know eyeliners can be used as lip liners too? Yes, you heard it right. Most pencil eyeliners are safe for use as lip liners, but some of these eyeliners may contain ingredients that may not be safe for ingestion if you are considering using them on your lips. So you need to check for any safety warnings of ingredients used in these products before deciding if you want to use them on your lips.

Lipsticks and lip liners can be found in various colors but black is always conspicuous and sometimes loud. If you can commit to dark-colored lips, your eyeliners can serve you well especially when used in the right proportion to highlight your lips.

Everyone may not like the idea of displaying those black lips, but for those who do, this guide will surely clear out a few questions that you may have in your minds to get creative with your eyeliners.

What is a Lip Liner?

A lip liner is usually a lip pencil designed for outlining the outer edges of the lips and sometimes filing the entire lips (like a base or primer) before applying lipstickLip liners make your lipstick last longer and it often complements the lipstick, making it stand out. It helps your lips to have a fuller look and highlights the boundaries to give that plump reflex to your lips.

Importance of Lip Liners

There are some excellent reasons why you should use lip liners besides the fact that they prevent feathering and bleeding and also correct the unevenness of your lips. Some of these reasons include:

  • Define Your Lips

Lip liners are the entry ticket for a perfectly defined cupid bow. Pairing your lipstick shades with lip liners gives your lips a fuller effect and can redefine them, highlighting your dreamy lips.

  • Shield for Your Lipsticks

When you have applied glossy lipsticks, there are chances that it may bleed or smudge. So to keep your lip colors from migrating and reaching out to the outer sides of your mouth, lip liners can be a tool to prevent such a thing from happening.

  • Long-lasting Effect

If you want to get the best value for your lipsticks, lip liners may be the solution. The ring of lip liner outlining the outsides of your lips can play the hack in providing extra cover to your lip shades.

The waxy substitutes present in lip liners help in holding the lip colors intact for an extended time.

  • Alternative to Lipsticks

Not only do lip liners tend to offer that extra support to your lipsticks, but they can also serve as a supercharged alternative for your lipsticks. You can watch the video below to learn the art of applying lip liner as lipstick.

Can Eyebrow Pencil be used as a Lip Liner?

Yes, you can use an eyebrow pencil as a lip liner; it can serve as a multipurpose staple that will not disappoint you even when you use it on your lips. But make sure that you get good quality makeup products to give your lips that perfect shine and creamy finish. It is also important to know that some of the ingredients used for eyebrow pencils may not be very safe for ingestion (cosmetic products used on the lips can easily be licked and swallowed).

Some of these products may even have safety warnings to let you know that. You may have to check for these safety warnings before deciding on whether to use an eyebrow pencil or eyeliners as a lip liner.

What to Use if you don’t have a Lip Liner?

If you are on the go and do not have a lip liner handy at that moment, you can even do it without a lip liner. You can consider using your eyeliners as a substitute for lip liners and line your lips using it for an instant pout ready effect.

You can also use a lipstick brush and swab some lipstick over it and trace the outline of your lips for the perfect finish. Applying it in the right way makes a lot of difference; therefore, you should ensure that you use short strokes for those natural-looking lips.

Is it Safe to Use Liquid Eyeliner on the Lips?

Yes, liquid eyeliners can be used on your lips as long as it does not contain any harsh chemicals as ingredients. Also, you need to take note that liquid eyeliners can have an awful taste.

Avoid licking your lips by all means if you have applied liquid eyeliners on your lips. If you use eyeliners on your lips, your lips may seem to dry out, applying some lip balm or Vaseline over it can go a long way to keep your lips supple and moisturized.

Can you Use Gel Eyeliner on the Lips?

Yes, gel eyeliners can be used as lipsticks as they are less prone to smudging and can let you flaunt those dark colors with style. You can simply apply the gel eyeliner on your lips and pat some eye shadow over it for a long-lasting effect.

I guess you now have some answers to your question (‘can eyeliner be used as lip liner?’). There are also various types of lip liners in different colors that you can use. You will be able to find any type of lip liner in various colors, textures, and forms that will match your style easily.

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