What Jewelry Can You Wear in the Shower

What Jewelry Can You Wear in the Shower

What jewelry can you wear in the shower? The general rule is that the best practice which is good and healthy for your jewelry pieces is to avoid bringing them into direct contact with water. Best practice recommends that you remove all your jewelry before you take a shower.

This is rooted in the understanding of the need for preservation of your jewelry by keeping it safe and out of the water which would not only preserve its beauty and integrity but will ensure the longevity of your jewelry.

However, invariably, in every general rule, there are always exceptions. Exceptions in the context of this post would suffice in a case of emergency – or of course where convenience demands so. Basically, where you can’t help keep up with the general rule, whether you can wear your jewelry to shower will be a question of what type of jewelry you have.

While some types of jewelry can withstand water, moisture, and other harsh elements better than others by the nature of the metals they are made of, others simply can’t stand the depression and stress piled on them by the water element. This post; therefore, is purposely crafted to guide you through the seas of jewelry pieces and single out those that you can wear to shower without caring as much as to the damage it can do to your little, precious possession.

Can You Wear Gold Jewelry in the Shower?

Ross-Simons Good Fortune Jade Bracelet in 18kt Gold Over Sterling
Source: Amazon

The answer is yes – a resounding one. But of course, not every gold jewelry you should wear to shower. For example, gold plated jewelry which when brought into direct contact with water and moisture can lead to getting scratched or chipped resulting in jewelry that has an uneven coloring – or no gold color at all.

On the other hand, solid gold jewelry can do fairly well underwater. You can wear your rugged solid gold jewelry to shower. Whether it is yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, going into the shower with it caressing your body firmly would not harm its metal itself.

However, while you may be tempted to adopt this as a habit, you should equally note that from time to time, you have to get it professionally cleaned to restore and retain its shine before it starts to dull as a result of consistent contact with water over time.

Also, you can shower with gold-filled jewelry. By its peculiar structure which consists of a combination of a base mental and thick layer of gold on top bonding each other, this gold can stand the tarnishing and washing influence of water. This structure not only makes it water-resistant but equally durable; can’t chip or wear off as is the case with gold-plated jewelry.

Of course, there are many measures you must observe to ensure that they last long. However, as many as there are these measures also are a lot of things you can do with your gold-filled jewelry. For instance, you can indulge in the fun activity of swimming while wearing it.

Can 14k Gold be Worn to Shower?

Ross-Simons Italian 14kt Yellow Gold Textured Love Knot Pendant Necklace. 20 inches
Source: Amazon

The answer is a big, resounding YES.  Its qualities that work this out are its durability and coarseness which all combine to make the gold less resistant to bending, scratching, and scuffing. These qualities must be contrasted with its 18k counterpart which has a delicate feature making it easily vulnerable to tarnishing when exposed to water and other chemicals that might lead to the loss of initial shine it comes with.

As already stated, 14k gold can be worn in the shower, courtesy of its qualities. It follows that by its water-resistant quality one would normally think that heaven must be pulled down before one can lay one’s hand on it. However, the reality is that this timeless piece comes at an affordable price which makes it all the more likable.

Nonetheless, you can equally help this jewelry to serve you better and longer by ensuring it’s kept out of the reach of harsh chemicals or abrasive surfaces. After every shower with it, use a soft cloth to wipe it instead of gels or scrubs as they will scratch on the gold and cause it to tarnish.

What Rings Can You Wear in Water?

Pandora Jewelry Twist of Fate Cubic Zirconia Ring in Pandora Rose, Size 6
Source: Amazon

Daily activities necessarily mean direct contact with your hands with water. This just happens; it’s unavoidable, same as your marriage ring that has become your identity, an integral part of your wedding finger. This situation comes with worries and questions directed at knowing if there are rings that are water-resistant or even waterproof.

The answer is yes. There are rings that will make you less concerned about this. These rings which are water-resistant or waterproof or both are broadly classified into metal and silicone rings.

Broadly speaking,  most metal rings materials like BZ, cobalt chrome, gold, platinum, tantalum, and carbon fiber are water-resistant, meaning that they can handle their water and not get overwhelmed by it. These materials are sealed in with this water-resistant resin that provides some extra protection from water. The platinum ring especially has many benefits: It’s harder than gold and silver and weighs significantly more than gold. It doesn’t rust, corrode, or tarnish.

Alternative to metal rings is silicone rings. They are soft, stretchy, and flexible,  making them just the ideal piece for wearing in and around the water. Also, they are flexible. Its flexibility supports its tight-fitting around the finger, making it impossible to slip off when you swim or get your hands wet.

These man-made materials are water repellant and can stand temperature variation. Apart from being water-resistant, unlike the metal ones, they are equally waterproof, more cheap and durable, and naturally can take whatever is thrown at them – and of course, water.

What Earrings Can You Wear in the Shower?

Ross-Simons 14kt Tri-Colored Gold Love Knot Drop Earrings
Source: Amazon

Yes, you can. However, only a small number of them can be worn to shower. This is because earrings are sensitive to your body given the piercings needed in most cases which bring them into more direct contact with the body through piercings.

Earrings made of solid gold, white gold, or rose gold can be worn in the shower without you having to worry now and then. These pieces require less cleaning and care because the materials are more scratch-resistant and durable against elements like heat and water.

Also, your glass, plastic and stainless steel earrings are equally a go for showering. However, you have to adopt a follow-up measure of wiping them down when you dry off or take them out to air dry. And in the case of glass and plastic earrings, you have to ensure there is no accumulation of baubles or filigree that may come loose or be damaged on them.

What Necklaces Can You Wear in the Shower?

14k Yellow Gold Solid Diamond-Accented Cross Pendant Necklace, 18"
Source: Amazon

Difficulties may also arise as to the kind of necklaces one may wear to shower – if any at all. Yes, there are two or more kinds of necklaces you can wear to shower. They are durable, water-resistant, and do not tarnish by direct exposure to water.

You can wear any of these necklaces to shower with no worries as to what becomes of them after showering:

Stainless steel necklaces. A perfect-fitting example of a stainless steel necklace you can wear to shower is a box chain necklace which is unisex and nickel free, meaning that it cannot cause allergic reactions to any skin type with rhodium plating well glossed over it to keep its silver color dazzling and free from any tarnishing.

High Carat Gold Necklaces. High carat gold necklaces are another set of necklaces you can comfortably wear to shower. Examples of this are the Miami Cuban chain, Graduated Cuban link chain, and Elongated link chain. Elongated link chain, for instance, its polish is refined and it can maintain this sheen and gloss over a long time of daily wear and with exposure to the shower water. It is coated in 18k yellow gold.

Tungsten necklaces are equally a go for showering. These are necklaces you can wear daily, expose to shower water, and equally pass down to your loved ones!


Jewelry is a precious item of adornment that we wear to give ourselves that beautiful and fine look. These pieces are our precious possessions, what we call our own. Due to one reason or the other, we find ourselves reluctant to part with them even when going to the shower, yet some of the metals are reactive to water and moisture while some can stand the stress of water and moisture elements. With this post; therefore, you can know which ones fall under the latter category and make the right choice that is healthy for your little, precious possession.

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