What are the Basic Makeup Necessities?


It is common knowledge that makeup is very important for most ladies and many of them can hardly feel comfortable without putting on makeup. Because of its wide range of uses, the specific necessities of makeup may vary from woman to woman, but the basic makeup necessities remain the same. Although it isn’t technically makeup, skincare should be at the forefront of every gal’s mind when they begin their daily routine.

Apart from having an awesome moisturizer or hydrating primer, it’s also important to have a full-coverage foundation and concealer. Once you’ve got those squared away, the next step should be to have a mascara! These products are definitely as basic and minimalistic as it gets in terms of necessity, but with the right advice and information, you can do so much more with just these essential makeup items as you begin your makeup journey!

What Should I Have in my Makeup Bag?


The contents of your portable makeup bag will vary depending on the weather, event, or size of your purse! It should be filled with items that you deem as essential to making you feel like your best and most confident self! A full makeup list for your makeup bag include:

Sunscreen: If you’re spending time outdoors, then carrying a light, oil-free sunscreen is an absolute must. Protecting your skin should be at the top of your list when you are getting ready to venture out for the day. It can be so easy to neglect proper skin care, but remember, the effort you put forth now will benefit your appearance in later years.

Lip Gloss: Lip gloss will help keep your lips supple and free from dry weather effects especially during harsh weather in the summer or winter seasons. There are different types of lip gloss that you can use, but always pick the one that is most compatible with your dress style.

Blotting Pads: If your skin is on the oily side, throw in some blotting pads to ensure that you are making it through the day in the most in-tact way. Depending on what you have on your schedule will probably factor into your carrying choices. Definitely invest in travel or compact sizes of your items for the ultimate glam pack.

Makeup Remover: Some days can be longer than usual and you wouldn’t want your makeup to fail on you before you get home. With makeup remover in your bag, you can easily clean your makeup and apply a new one during your lunch break or restroom break.

Body Spray: This is a nice item to have on you all the time so that you can continue to smell nice and fresh throughout the day. Just remember to apply it a little halfway through the day.

Eye Pencil: You don’t want your eyebrow lines to fade away during the course of the day. Having an eye pencil in your makeup bag will make it easy for you to keep your brows filled-in and perfectly groomed all day.

Lip Stick: This is usually top on the list of essential makeup items in a makeup bag for many ladies. There are several types of lipsticks that you can have or use, but it is always best to use a lipstick color that is compatible with your skin tone and the color of your outfit.

Mascara: This item is very important for maintaining your eyelashes and keeping them curved and nicely groomed with coatings that make them radiantly beautiful.

Makeup Foundation: You can carry a pocket or travel-sized makeup foundation in your makeup bag as a bag up. You never can tell when your makeup foundation will wear off and you need to apply it again before the end of the day.

Moisturizer: A small size of moisturizing cream should be part of your essential makeup list items so that you can keep your face and hands and skin moisturized throughout the day especially during summer and winter seasons.

In terms of at-home usage, unless you have a vanity with makeup storage, your products should be held in a case. Storing all of your items in one place will ensure nothing gets lost and your early mornings are a little smoother! Be sure to wash your brushes and sponges regularly as the bacterial build-up that lingers on your makeup tools can cause acne and unwanted blemishes.

What do I Need for Makeup Starter Kit?


First of all, you need to find yourself a case to hold all of your products. Having everything in one place will allow you to stay clean and organized. Once you have picked a makeup storage case or bag, you can then start getting the actual makeup items that you need. A basic makeup kit for beginners will comprise of a few basic products.

Your makeup starter kit should have a hydrating moisturizer. This should be your first and foremost priority as taking care of your skin now, will lead to a big thank you to yourself in the future. Next would be your primers, foundation, and concealer. These are the bases of your makeup looks and crucial for full coverage.

Incorporate a sunscreen into your routine whether it is a solo product, or already mixed in your bases, again with the skincare. Adding in other facial components like bronzers, highlighters, blushes, or setting powders are definitely items to consider for your kit.

Finally, shop around for an eye shadow palette or different color singles that you want to experiment with. Pair that with a lash-boosting mascara and eyebrow pencil and you’ll be totally set. The best way to learn more about makeup is to stay adventurous and just keep practicing.

Invest in a few different tools to get used to different application techniques. Everyone’s kit will be unique to their own personal styles and desires when it comes to makeup, so understand your skin and go from there!

List of Makeup Essentials and their Uses


1. Makeup Application Tools: First decide how you would like to apply your makeup. Start by purchasing a variety of tools in order to find out what works best for you. You can easily get inexpensive makeup application tools like brushes, beauty blender, sponges, etc.

2. Moisturizer and Primers: Invest in a primer that will increase the longevity of your makeup look for the day. You can even start with drugstore moisturizers and primers, try a few out and find what works best on your skin before deciding on which beauty brand to go for. Don’t forget to hydrate your skin as well with a great moisturizer!

3. Foundation and Concealer: These bases are crucial for those looking for full-coverage in their routine. Cover blemishes, dark circles, and highlight your face through the use of concealer and then go in with your foundation to give your skin that airbrushed look!

4. Brows and Mascara: Some ladies will say that mascara is the most important part of their makeup routines. Make your eyes pop and bring your entire look together with a bold and volumizing mascara. Don’t forget about your eyebrows as they are another crucial element to your routine.

5. Additional Essentials: Other essential items definitely include an everyday sunscreen, staple lip gloss, a bronzer, and highlighter. What one person may view as essential, another may not be essential for you! Find what works best for you and stick to it.

Makeup Necessities FAQS


How Long Does it Take to Master Makeup?

Learning something for the first time will always take practice. Whether you are playing a sport or mastering the perfect smoky-eye, this isn’t something that generally comes to anyone overnight. First, understand your skin. Is it oily or dry? Is it sensitive or acne-prone? Do you have scarring or unevenness? These are all things to keep in mind when you start exploring the world of makeup.

Finding the right foundation should be your first task because this is your base, so test out different formulas and brands before you buy anyone. Once you start familiarizing yourself with products and techniques the rest will start to come naturally. As the beauty industry continues to evolve, so do the popular trends within it.

You can definitely master different elements to your routine quickly, but new products and styles will continue to debut, creating an environment of continuous learning.

In the age of social media, there is such a widespread community of beauty and makeup lovers all dedicated to showing the world how to create the best looks!

Is Primer Necessary for Makeup?

The answer to this question will definitely depend on the lady! When it comes to makeup, understanding your skin and it’s needs are crucial. Primers are products that act as a base for your makeup to stick onto in order to sustain the formula’s longevity. There are different primers that cater to the various features of your face.

If you want your eyeshadow to last all-day, definitely consider using a primer before application. This base will help minimize product creasing and maximize the pigment of the shadow. There’s nothing more frustrating than applying a full lid of color and losing the intensity soon after.

The other form of facial primer is used as the base before your foundation is applied. Many users find that their makeup lasts much longer with the primer and their skin has an airbrushed effect. Of course, as with anything, results will vary from person to person.

What are Prom Makeup Essentials?

Attending Prom is one of the most memorable parts of any girl’s high school experience, so feeling confident and looking your best is a must. Once you’ve picked out the perfect dress, it’s time to complete the rest of your look! Depending on the color scheme of your gown, your makeup glam can take on a wide range of styles.

If you are going for a light and natural look, try wearing your hair in loose curls and pair with a light-toned gloss. Those looking for a more bold approach should focus on a smoky-eye and powerful lip duo. Definitely invest in an eyeshadow primer so your lids stay pigmented all night!

What you deem as essential for your evening will depend on the look that you’re going for. Consider what you’ll be doing for the rest of your night and take that into account when prepping your face. If you think you’ll be dancing and probably sweating your night away, don’t forget to prime your skin and throw some blotting pads into your clutch. Whether it’s powder or lipstick, be sure you are bringing a compact size of it in your purse to maintain easy access for a necessary touchup!

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