Coach vs. Michael Kors: Which is Better

Coach vs. Michael Kors

Coach vs. Michael Kors – You may be wondering about which of these big fashion labels is better. Coach and Michael Kors have been big names in the fashion industry for decades now. Specializing in handbags and fashion, both companies are common to be seen hanging on the arms of men and women of all ages. 

While fashion has begun to take a turn in the past few years in terms of trends and brand popularity, both brands have taken a bit of an ego hit but are working their way back up to the top. So the question remains, is Coach or Michael Kors better? 

The answer to the question depends on personal preference in regards to various factors. For example, your preference of design, quality, size, materials used, price point, and your opinion on the brand name. But overall, both companies are reliable for luxury handbags.

Coach vs. Michael Kors Quality

When it comes to quality, there is a difference between the two brands, depending on the line of handbags you are shopping for. Both brands have different lines of bags stemming from high fashion bags, everyday bags, tote bags, wallets, and outlet styles. We will dissect the quality of the brands’ purses and bags so you can get the bag that is right for your preferences. 


For quality, Coach is the better brand with consistency. Their bags are consistent in quality throughout most of their styles, with good leather, craftsmanship, and stitching. Coach is known as a timeless brand since their bags seem to always withstand the changing fashion trends.

With a growing younger audience, their bags have taken on many different designs over the years. They use high-quality leather and hardware, and their bags tend to last a long time. They are not as high-end as brands like Gucci or Chanel, but they are a reliable high-end brand with lasting bags in both design and quality. 

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is known around the world for its bags and fashion choices. Many celebrities such as Gigi Hadid have chosen to collaborate with the company due to their good reputation worldwide. They are well known for both their handbags and clothing.

On the topic of handbags and their quality, Michael Kors is known for staying modern in design. Their bags are more structured than brands like Coach, which is a preference for many customers. Like Coach, they also use high-quality leather and craftsmanship in their products.

Due to their modern designs and bold choices, they are not labeled as “timeless” in the same way Coach is, but they do make simpler bags that are stylish year after year. 

Coach vs. Michael Kors: Price

Coach vs. Michael Kors

Both Coach and Michael Kors seem to be in the same ballpark when it comes to a price point. For new and classic handbags, both brands tend to hover in the $300-$500 range. The price of the bags differs between style and design line, but for their classic shoulder purses, this is the typical price range.

While Coach does not carry many clothing options, Michael Kors is also known for its selection of fashion pieces. A typical dress at Michael Kors is usually in the $100 – $300 range. Both brands sell shoes and sneakers, with Coach shoes coming in at about $100-$150 for a pair of sneakers.

Michael Kors shoes are a bit higher priced at about $125-$175 for a pair of sneakers.

At outlet stores, Coach seems to be the more expensive brand. Their outlet purses are a bit more expensive while Michael Kors outlets will have outlet-line bags often for under $100.

Don’t forget that this depends on if you are shopping for a bag exclusively made for outlets, or if it was a past retail design from the regular store. 

Which Brand is More Expensive

Overall, it seems that both brands are in the same ballpark price-wise for your typical shoulder purse. When it comes to clothing and shoes, Michael Kors tend to have a higher price tag. For outlet styles, Coach is a bit more expensive in their handbag selection.

Are Coach Bags Good Quality

Coach bags are very good quality. If you are searching for a designer bag but cannot afford luxury brands like Yves Saint Laurent or Louis Vuitton, Coach is a very good budget option. The bags are reliable and last a long time.

Coach is known for its leather and fine craftsmanship. When design director Stuart Ververs joined the Coach team, their quality seemed to improve even more. They use very soft, treated leathers that are noticeably different from the harder saffiono leather other companies like Michael Kors tend to use.

Their stitching is also done very well and their bags tend to last a long time.

It is important to note however that softer leathers are normally not as weather resistant. Saffiano leathers are treated twice, making them water and dirt-resistant up to a certain degree. Softer leathers that are used on many Coach bags and totes will stain from water and may be harder to clean, so make sure you take the proper precautions to care for your bag. 

Is Coach a Luxury Brand

Yes, Coach is a luxury brand. There is a top tier of luxury brands for handbags including Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and more, and Coach is not considered on that level. However, it is a more affordable luxury bag, and a great long-lasting option.

Coach is definitely a more affordable luxury brand and is still a bag worth investing in. They are a respected name brand with world-renowned fame. Their craftsmanship and quality are just as reliable as higher-name brands as well. You can still feel proud to carry a Coach bag in your arms, as it is a lasting brand that has been around for decades. 

Is it Worth Buying a Coach Bag

If you can afford the price tag, it is definitely worth investing in a Coach bag, as long as you like the design and quality. Fashion is all about personal choices and preferences, as well as the practicality of the item in your own life.

With that being said, if you are attracted to a bag at Coach, it is worth buying. Coach has been around for decades and has been known as a reliable and attractive luxury brand. The styles are timeless, so you will get used to the bag and its design year after year. 

Their quality is also worth investing in. Their soft leathers and great craftsmanship make the bags reliable and worth the price tag. They are also a more affordable bag than many other luxury brands, which is a selling point for many customers.

In summary, Coach bags are definitely worth buying. Many celebrities and influences carry Coach or choose to collaborate with them because they support the brand. This means the bag is trusted by people who could afford any bag on the market but opt for Coach because of its reliability, practicality, and overall gorgeous designs


Both Michael Kors and Coach bags are reliable and fashionable options for a fashionista on a budget. The “better” brand comes mostly to the preference of design, price, and quality. Michael Kors tends to come a little higher in price, but Coach tends to have a bit more praise for their quality.

Also, Michael Kors is more weather resistant and they have more options for clothing and fashion than Coach. Coach does have a reputation for being a more timeless option though. Overall, whichever company you choose to invest in is a good option as long as it fits your taste and lifestyle!

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