North Face vs Patagonia

North Face vs Patagonia. Clothing brands have been around for generations.

Some of them last longer than others with no rhyme or reasoning explaining why. Some brands are just made to stand the test of time.

Two quality clothing lines to compare because of the superior quality and popularity are North Face vs Patagonia.

North Face’s outdoor clothing line is named after the north face of the mountain. The company began in 1968 in San Francisco, California as a way to help climbers.

The brand strives on exploration. They want to encourage growth beyond what the eye can see. They also want to produce the best quality line of clothing available.

Patagonia was founded in 1973 and is based in Ventura, California. The brand specializes in outdoor clothing.

They have established a status of being a brand that has highly sustainable quality clothing. Patagonia will be around for years to come as they continue to show a high record of sales and new customers.

North Face vs Patagonia Quality

The North Face Men's Clement Triclimate Jacket, TNF Medium Grey Heather, S
The North Face Triclimate Jacket | Source: Amazon

When we think of buying outdoor clothing, we want to buy from brands that are going to keep us warm in harsh conditions and comfortable to move around in.

Keeping all of that in mind, we also want the outerwear to be affordable.

In reality, we know that if certain products are cheap then they may not live up to what you expect. If you are looking for quality outerwear, you can expect to pay a higher price.

We, as a consumer, are willing to pay more for longer-lasting, higher-quality products.

North Face will give you the top-notch quality you want. This brand has a higher price tag but not as high as Patagonia.

North Face is stylish and functional. You will not be disappointed when you purchase a North Face product.

Patagonia is well known as one of the best brands on the market today. They manufacture high-quality outerwear and clothing out of the best materials available.

Patagonia offers its consumers an excellent warranty and is one of the most sustainable outdoor brands available.

North Face vs Patagonia Warmth

Patagonia produces a variety of jackets for all different weather types from the low cold up to the extreme cold. One thing to keep in mind is that even though their jackets are made to withstand cold, they are not meant for extreme cold or where heavy storms are dominant.

Patagonia makes their jackets with 3 insulation types:

1. PrimaLoft Gold

2. Thermogreen

3. PlumaFill

PATAGONIA Men's Micro Puff Hoody Jacket
Patagonia Puff Hoody Jacket | Source: Amazon

This brand uses 80% – 100% recycled polyester to make it affordable to the average consumer and due to this, they are not able to provide the highest quality of warmth in negative temperatures. The warmest Patagonia jacket is the Down Sweater Jacket/Hoody.

It is the warmest because of 800 fill power goose down and its warmth to weight ratio.

The North Face jackets are warm and use traditional Goose Downfill for its warmest jackets. The Goose Downfill power starts around 550 and ends at 900.

There are very few jackets that are produced with 900 fill power.

The North Face uses ThermoBall insulation technology which traps heat in small air pockets so the jacket can hold warmth. This brand will keep you warm even after the jacket gets wet.

The warmest jacket North Face manufactures is the Summit Series. This jacket will keep you warm in a variety of conditions where cold temperatures play a huge factor.

Should I Buy a Duffle Bag from Patagonia or The North Face?

The North Face Black Series Base Camp Duffel Insulated
The North Face Duffel Bag | Source: Amazon

Patagonia and North Face both offer amazing duffel bags. If you are looking for a bag to last for a lifetime, you will not be disappointed with either brand.

Both brands use only top-quality materials and produce very durable items.

Patagonia offers both wheeled and rolling duffle bags. They are made for rugged outdoors hiking, camping, and more. You can even just enjoy carrying this amazing bag on an overnight trip as your travel suitcase.

Patagonia uses recycled and organic materials in their bags and they are stylish, come in a variety of colors and you will love how they feel and look.

The North Face brand’s duffle bags are also a very good choice for anyone who requires a good bag to carry, whether it be a vacation, camping, hiking, or even a workout. They are durable, rugged-looking, and will last a lifetime.

You can put both Patagonia and North Face duffle bags to the test and they will both withstand what you throw at them. Carry them for years without any issues.

When choosing the right duffle bag for you, it may simply come down to what you like the look of the most.

Pricing for both is about the same, with Patagonia being a little more than North Face. The final choice is yours but no matter which one you choose, you will not be disappointed.

Because the price points for both brands are very similar, once you decide on one or the other, the dollars won’t make a difference so buy what you like the most.

North Face vs Patagonia Sustainability

Patagonia Downtown Loft Down Jacket - Women's (S, Black)
Patagonia Down Jacket | Source: Amazon

North Face and Patagonia are very close in most categories. The one area where they may differ is only that Patagonia focuses on more family apparel and North Face incorporates more gear into their marketing.

Patagonia is very sustainable and good for the environment. Their products are slightly higher in quality and use more sustainable materials.

They focus on making a change in helping the earth by using recycled and eco-friendly materials.

The North Face’s brand is a very high-quality brand that uses quality materials and focuses on comfort and warmth all while keeping prices about ¼ lower than Patagonia.

The North Face company will keep making and building its quality brand for years to come and Patagonia will continue to do the same. Winter clothing is only worn a few months out of the year and being able to keep jackets and all winter clothing from one season to the next is very important.

No one wants to buy new coats every season.

Is Patagonia True to Size?

It can be hard to shop online for outerwear. Many consumers like to try on jackets so they can see how they will fit with a sweater or sweatshirt.

Patagonia tends to run true to size when it comes to most clothes, however, pants can run a bit larger because of the cut, and for this reason, you may want to go down a size.

Patagonia jackets tend to run smaller than size especially if you are looking at slim-fitting jackets. It is suggested that you buy a coat one size bigger if you are shopping online and not able to try the jacket on.

You can research size charts and read reviews before purchasing but you will find it’s a safe bet to go a size down when ordering pants and size above your normal size when purchasing a Patagonia jacket.

Is North Face More Comfortable than Patagonia?

The North Face Summit Series Himalayan Parka
North Face Summit Series | Source: Amazon

Everyone wants outerwear they feel comfortable wearing. You want to be able to move around and be active while staying warm.

Both of these quality brands will keep you warm and stylish.

The North Face brand does tend to focus more on being stylish. Without a doubt, North Face will keep you warm under the coldest of circumstances and you will look fabulous wearing it.

Patagonia is loved by so many consumers because they market themselves to represent the company they strive to be. Patagonia cares about the environment and uses recycled products and materials and does its research to ensure they are not harming the earth.

Patagonia jackets are slightly easier to move around in because of the materials they use and most consumers love how light their coats feel while wearing them.

North Face vs Patagonia Verdict

When deciding on what type of winter jacket to buy, you may want to research both the North Face and Patagonia companies. These brands are both made to last and keep you warm.

The North Face and Patagonia would be perfect additions to anyone’s closet.

The styles of the two brands are a bit different. The North Face outdoor apparel line is filled with bright colors, a variety of styles, and types of materials to keep you warm. This line will keep you warm and stylish.

Patagonia uses only the highest quality products made from recycled, eco-friendly materials. Their apparel is comfortable, warm, and able to withstand all types of weather.

Their thermo technology helps keep your body insulated and the jackets are so comfortable. They allow you to move around and stay active outside.

There is not a solid verdict either way to sway the North Face vs Patagonia verdict one way or another. The decision on which line you should buy from is up to the consumer.

You have to weigh out the pros and the cons and decide what features from which jackets suit your needs more.

The prices are not drastically different and no matter which one you choose, you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.

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