Is Calvin Klein a Luxury Brand?

Is Calvin Klein a Luxury Brand

Is Calvin Klein a luxury brand? Many fashion consumers want to find out if the fashion brand is a good brand and the quality of its products. Calvin Klein is a big name in the fashion world, from clothing to handbags to underwear, you can see Calvin Klein’s name plastered on many things. However, despite its popularity and frequency in fashion, is it a high-end brand?

Calvin Klein is a good brand, but overall it is not exactly considered high-end. The brand was founded by designer Calvin Klein in 1968 in New York City. It is a designer, but more so considered a mid-end, lifestyle designer due to the easy access and reasonable prices, which is not a bad thing!

Klein sold the brand to Phillip Van Heusen Corp in 2002 and got rid of its high-end design line in 2019. These moves pretty much solidified the company into its new role as a mid-end brand. They are very well-known and have a loyal following, but its lack of high-end pieces and exclusivity eliminates it from being a luxury brand.

Is Calvin Klein a Good Brand?

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Calvin Klein is a good brand as far as quality goes. Their products are dependable and long-lasting, which gives them a good reputation in the field of underwear, handbags, and more. They manufacture perfume, undergarments, clothing, bags, jewelry, and leather goods, giving customers a wide range of products to choose from for a reasonable price.

Ethically, Calvin Klein could do a lot better. Their products are manufactured by the masses in third world countries. They also were told they could do more to offset their environmental impact by the 2017 Ethical Fashion Report. However, they are not as bad as other brands and are making efforts to promote ethical consumption. 

Is Calvin Klein Fast Fashion?

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Calvin Klein is not exactly fast fashion, as they use relatively decent materials and are trying to use more sustainable environmental practices. They use eco-friendly materials like organc cotton, which helps with greenhouse gases. As far as environmental practices go, they are rated as good compared to other brands.

As far as labor conditions, they are starting to improve practices for their workers and manufacturers. They received a rating of 51-60% by the Fashion Transparency Index, meaning they have lots of room for improvement. They have had evidence of forced labor and gender inequality but have promised publicly to raise wages, although it is unclear how much.

Is Calvin Klein Expensive?

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Calvin Klein is more expensive than your typical store like Target, but compared to high-end brands, their prices are very reasonable. A dress at Calvin Klein usually ranges between $100 and $100 full price, and often have additional discounts on top of that. A dress at a brand like Gucci will run you over $1,000. 

For accessories like handbags or perfume, Calvin Klein is also very reasonable. A full price leather crossbody handbag is about $100. This is slightly less than the price range of brands like Michael Kors or Kate Spade. Perfume prices for Calvin Klein are comparable to high-end perfumes, and usually cost between $60-$100 for a full sized bottle. 

Are Calvin Klein Jeans Good Quality?

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Calvin Klein jeans have mixed reviews from customers. Overall, buyers say the quality of denim is nice and they are well made. However, there are often complaints about the fit of the pants. Some say the sizing is off and others say the style of jeans did not fit as advertised. With this in mind, your opinion of Calvin Klein jeans may be limited to you and your body type. 

Is Calvin Klein Jeans a Good Brand?

Calvin Klein jeans are a good mid-end brand. They are comparable to other jeans you would get at a department store. They are of decent quality, but some customers say their quality does not match the full price when there is not a sale going on. While they are not a bad brand, you may want to stick to other brands for jeans to get the best bang for your buck. 

Why is Calvin Klein So Popular?

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Calvin Klein has been a big name for many years. His designs have been sold in department stores, flagship stores, and online for decades. The surge of popularity of the brand recently may be in part due to their underwear sales. 

Calvin Klein underwear sets have become very popular on social media on sites like Tumblr and Instagram. Many models, celebrities, and influencers have posed with the matching sets on. The marketing team for Calvin Klein also does a great job having celebrities sponsor their brand, releasing sexy photos of them posing in their underwear or boxers. 

Calvin Klein is also decently priced and has products in all different fields such as clothing, perfume, underwear, handbags, and shoes, making the brand accessible for all of their customers’ needs. 

Is Calvin Klein a Good Brand for Handbags?

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Calvin Klein handbags have been noted as being simple and sophisticated in style. These qualities have made the bags very popular. Most of their bags are between $50 – $200, which is a big reason for their popularity. The quality of the bags are also very good. Not every Calvin Klein bag is made with authentic leather, but even their faux leather bags are nicely constructed and are good quality. Overall, they are a good mid-end handbag option for those who want a nice bag on a budget. 

Is Calvin Klein a Good Brand for Watches?

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Calvin Klein makes both men’s and womens watches. Again, they are not high-end luxury bands and watches, but they are good quality and a respectable, classic option. They have classic designs as well as designs that are a little more bold in color and detail. 

Their watches range between $200 and $400, which seems a little pricey compared to their other accessories, but the watches are noted as good quality by consumers. They are made under the Swatch group, which is the world’s largest watch manufacturer, so you can be assured you are getting a quality item. 

Is Calvin Klein a Good Suit Brand?

Calvin Klein men’s suits have alright reviews by customers. Some were very pleased with their purchases while others complained of a tight fit and worn-out spots in the fabric. It is comparable in quality to other mid-end suit brands you would find in department stores.

The manufacturer of the suits is said to be the same manufacturer of other suit brands like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. With this in mind, the quality is probably comparable to those brands. The suit pieces range between $100 – $500 full price, but are marked down very frequently for over 60% off. A full suit from Calvin Klein can be very affordable. 

Is Calvin Klein a Good Brand for Underwear?

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Calvin Klein has become very well known for its underwear over the years. Their matching underwear and sports bra sets for women and briefs for men have gained a big cult following through their marketing campaigns and endorsements from celebrities on social media.

Their most popular underwear is their cotton women’s sets and men’s cotton briefs. Both have great reviews from customers for their design and comfort. Their most popular styles are sporty and good for lounging. It is safe to say they are a great brand for underwear

Is Calvin Klein a Good Perfume Brand?

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For a mid-end brand, Calvin Klein perfume runs closer to high-end prices. Their bottles range between $60 and $100 depending on the scent and size of the bottle. Their scents are described as light and fresh, and customers are often very pleased. Overall, they are a great perfume brand, and their scents are worth the investment. 


Calvin Klein seems to be a jack of all trades when it comes to fashion. Specializing in clothing, watches, jeans, handbags, underwear, and perfume, they have tried their hand on almost every product in the fashion industry. While they are not considered a luxury, they are a respectable brand both in quality and ethics. Most of their products are worth investing in with pride for those without the luxury budget. 

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