Which is Better Quality Coach or Kate Spade?

Which is Better Quality Coach or Kate Spade

Which is better quality Coach or Kate Spade? That is the question that people often ask when they want to get the best bang the money they spend on designer handbags or other luxury merchandise. When it comes to handbags, there are some designers whose names seem to pop up over and over again.

Whether we’re at the mall or just see a stranger with a bag on their shoulder, we tend to notice labels and brands. That’s just the way we are. 

When it comes to mid-end brands of handbags, a few names that we see pop up over and over again are Coach and Kate Spade. Both brands are popular among celebrities, influencers, the general public, and are sold at retail locations and outlets everywhere.

But is there a difference in quality between these two brands? Or is it just a matter of preference?

Coach tends to have a better reputation in the fashion world than Kate Spade. Their materials are soft and durable leathers with notably consistent and good-quality hardware. The brand has been around for decades due to its quality and lasting products.

Just comparing handbags between the two brands, both are long-lasting and durable, but The older of the two brands, Coach bags can run anywhere between $100 to $1,000, making them an affordable product in the luxury world.

Not to be mistaken, Kate Spade bags are also durable and long-lasting. But the products may not be made out of as luxurious of materials. While Coach usually has soft or pebbled leather, Kate Spade bags are normally more sturdy with saffiano leather, which is double treated and more weather resistant.

Kate Spade bags are typically more affordable, ranging from $100 to $500, but their products are different in quality due to the materials used.

Overall, which bag is better maybe a preference on lifestyle. If you want a bag for on-the-go with not a lot of maintenance, you may want to opt for Kate Spade since they are typically more weather resistant and cheaper.

However, if you’re looking for a bag with high-quality leather and hardware for a reasonable price, Coach is a better option. 

Which is Better: Michael Kors or Kate Spade

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Michael Kors and Kate Spade are very comparable when it comes to quality. Both brands are more sturdy and tend to be more weather resistant with similar quality materials used. As for which is “better,” that may depend on preference and what you’re looking for.

As we talked about earlier, Kate Spade bags are normally between $100 – $500, with many outlets and clearance choices even cheaper as well. Michael Kors bags could run you into the $1,000’s for some styles, but also have an array of discount and clearance bags similar to Kate Spade.

As far as style goes, Kate Spade tends to be a bit more feminine, with lots of pastels and soft designs. They also have collections like Disney Princess and Minnie Mouse, which cater to the more feminine crowd. Michael Kors bags can be a bit edgier in design.

While there are plenty of neutral options, some of their high-end and collection styles feature bold colors and designs, with edgier details in hardware and such.

At the end of the day, both bags are similar in quality and price point, but the better brand depends on you and your personal style and preference. 

Is Kate Spade or Michael Kors More Expensive

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As we discussed, both handbag brands are comparable in quality and even price point. Michael Kors retail bags tend to be priced a bit higher, with tote bags and specific collections going all the way up to about $1,100.

Kate Spade bags typically price out at about $500. But for typical shoulder bags or crossbodies, prices are very similar. You can usually find either brand for about $100 – $500.

Both stores also have many clearance sales and outlet locations. At the outlet locations, you can find bags made specifically for the outlets at a lower price as well as past-season styles from flagship locations for a discount. At outlets, you can often find both brands for under $100 for many styles. 

Are Kate Spade Bags Good Quality

For the price, Kate Spade bags are of good quality. The bags are sturdy and long-lasting, with good hardware. The leather used may not be as high quality as it is for brands like Chanel or Louis Vuitton, but it is still respectable in comparison with their good prices. 

Kate Spade bags have a very preppy and girly element to them, which is shown through their color choices and designs. Many bags are made with saffiano leather, which is double treated to make it more weather and water-resistant.

Often, saffiano leather gives off more of a plastic feel, but it is still genuine leather. They also have bags in pebbled leather, nylon, and canvas. 

Kate Spade’s hardware is also of decent quality. It is heavy and does not scratch too easily. Their hardware is usually gold-tone but made of materials like brass. The bags are sturdy due to the materials used so they will most likely not lose their shape.

Since they are long-lasting and more durable in the elements, Kate Spade bags may be a good option if you are just starting to purchase designer products. Overall, they are a good brand made with quality materials, and worth investing in. 

Are Kate Spade Bags Worth It

Kate Spade bags are worth the investment for quite a few reasons. First of all, the prices of the bags are very reasonable. Almost all the bags are under $500, with most crossbodies and shoulder bags under $200. They are a good designer bag purchase for those on a budget or those just starting out their collection.

Kate Spade bags are also made with durable materials. If you are on the go or work in a city or somewhere it may get messy, Kate Spade bags are made to be very resistant. Many bags are made with saffiano leather which is easier to clean than other kinds of leather.

Other materials used are canvas, nylon, and pebbled leather. The bags are fairly weather-resistant up to a certain extent.

The bags are also long-lasting. Since the materials are durable, you can get many many years out of a bag. The bags are usually sturdy in shape with good hardware. You won’t have to worry much about repairs or cleanings if you take care of the products.

Kate spade is also versatile in color and design. They have simple, neutral bags with little detailing as well as bags with floral and rainbow designs in bright colors. There is a bag for everyone’s style. So overall, Kate Spade bags are worth the investment. 


There are a lot of bag brands out there. Especially for mid-end designer bags, the choices are endless. In this article, we discussed brands like Coach, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors, as well as the comparisons of price and quality between the three.

For the most part, what brand to purchase comes down to preference and personal style. However, materials and price points differ slightly between the companies, and some may be more fitted to your individual lifestyle.

With all that being said, brands like Kate Spade are good quality, long-lasting, and worth the investment to get a cute bag that will last you years to come!

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