Is Giani Bernini a Good Brand for Purses?

Is Giani Bernini a Good Brand for Purses

Is Giani Bernini a good brand for purses? Before we begin to answer that question, let’s take a look at the brand itself. Where did the brand originate? Who is Giani Bernini? What types of bags do they create? And of course, as with any purchase, we will discuss the pros and cons as well.

Who is Giani Bernini? 

The interesting thing is that no one seems to know. While doing research for this article, I was unable to find anything about the designer. I was only able to find information on the company. It sort of adds a mysterious element to the brand.

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not? What I can tell you is that, according to an article on, the brand is trademarked by May Department Stores in St. Louis, MO.

Giani Bernini has a line that is exclusively created for Macy’s Department Stores. In addition to handbags, the line includes wallets, shoes, and other accessories such as belts, scarves, and jewelry.

Where are Giani Bernini Purses Made?

According to Macy’s product descriptions, they are imported, leading us to believe that they are not made in the United States. However, a specific country of origin is not given or listed.

Is Giani Bernini a Luxury Brand?

With prices ranging from $80 to $130, it is definitely a luxury brand. However, for some, it may be on the more affordable side of luxury.

Types of Giani Bernini Purses

This brand offers many varieties of real and faux leather handbags and purses in its line. From casual to formal, from sporty to chic, there is something for everyone. They make tote bags, purses of different shapes and sizes, crossbody bags, and even backpacks. In addition to the variety of bags, they also offer a variety of colors and patterns as well.

1. The Giani Bernini Clutch Purse

Giani Bernini Wine Lace Clutch
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Need something a bit smaller in size? Never fear, this line offers a clutch design as well. It has just enough room for exactly what you need to take with you. And, if you’re like me and afraid of sitting it down somewhere and forgetting it, this particular design comes with a removable chain link strap for easy carrying.

2. The Giani Bernini Crossbody

Giani Bernini Womens Turn-Lock Glazed Crossbody
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Due to its practicality and wearability, the crossbody is my personal favorite style and Giani Bernini has quite a collection of them. They come in a wide range of sizes, materials, colors and prints, making the collection an appealing option for those who love this particular style.

3. The Traditional Giani Bernini Handbag

Giani Bernini Womens Saffiano Dome Satchel Handbag
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The traditional handbag (in this case, one with short straps), most of which have a dome shape, don’t come in quite as large of a selection. There aren’t as many choices in style or color. That of course, however, has no bearing on the quality or integrity of the product itself. With plenty of room and pockets, this design will be sure to please.

4. The Giani Bernini Braid Handle Pebble Hobo

Giani Bernini Braid Handle Pebble Hobo (Ivory)
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This very spacious design comes in many stylish colors and patterns as well as various materials including faux ostrich. Most designs come with various zipper pockets on the inside and outside.

5. The Giani Bernini Satchel Handbag

Giani Bernini Tricolor Glaze Dome Satchel Handbag Black, Grey, Wine
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Giani Bernini offers full and mini sizes in their satchel designs. Much like their traditional handbags most of the line is dome-shaped. Made from a variety of materials, these bags come in numerous colors and patterns to suit almost any taste.

6. The Giani Bernini Shoulder Bag

Giani Bernini women Glazed leather turn lock bucket shoulder bag black handbag
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Now, there appears to currently only be one “shoulder bag” at the moment. However, the black faux looks great and could be used in a casual or more formal setting. Though not quite as big as other bags, it appears to be roomy enough to fit all of your essentials.

7. The The Giani Bernini Tote

Giani Bernini Womens Bridle Leather Organizational Tote Handbag Black Medium
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If you’re someone who carries a lot of items with you no matter where you go, this is the style for you. The most spacious of all of the styles, the tote should have more than enough room to carry everything you need to make it through your day. Available in a plethora of colors, patterns, and designs, the tote style bag could be great for work, a day trip out of town, or even a day at the beach.

8. The Backpack

Women Bags Backpack Purse PU Leather Zipper Bags Casual Backpacks Shoulder Bags (DK8532#K273#5BLUE GREY)
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The brand offers a medium size backpack-style bag with a fun pattern of flowers and postcards. Its size is perfect for carrying all of your essentials. It can hold your, wallet, phone, tablet, planner, or anything else that you might need throughout your day.


Is Giani Bernini a good brand for purses? The answer is ultimately up to you to decide. All products have their good and bad points. Nothing is 100% perfect. Based on reviews found on most stores’ websites, this affordable luxury brand appears to be pretty good with most bags rating in the 4 to 5 star range and very few complaints about quality.

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