Wrangler vs Levi’s: Which One is Better?

Wrangler vs Levi

Wrangler vs Levi’s. Wrangler is a fashion company founded by Hudson, although he didn’t live to witness the company’s first entry into the market.

However, Wrangler is not technically a company today; it’s a brand owned by a company called Kontoor Brands, which also owns the Lee brand, together with Levi’s Wrangler is locked in fierce competition.

Levi’s, on the other hand, is a fashion brand owned by a prominent company called Levi Strauss & Co. This company was founded in 1853 by Strauss.

Wrangler and Levi’s are both popular fashion brands with a wide range of appeal to their target customers. They both have rich histories and long-standing traditions that stand them out.

Both brands are notorious for offering extremely popular jeans made out of durable denim packed with sustainable features such as plant-based dyes. Given this state of things, competition has become a common feature between these two fashion giants.

While the brands lock horns together in fierce competition, the customers are not left out either. They want to know between Wrangler and Levi’s which is better, thus “Wrangler vs Levi’s dashing out of their mouths every time.

Wrangler vs Levi’s Jeans

Wrangler Men's Free-to-Stretch Relaxed Fit Jean, Marine, 34W x 29L
Wrangler Free-to-Stretch Relaxed Fit Jean | Source: Amazon

Levi’s jeans were the first jeans ever invented and were sold by Levi Strauss & Co. This company was founded in 1853 by Strauss, and today this brand of jeans has grown to have mass appeal.

The brand offers a wide range of styles. These cover everything from trendy skinny jeans to the original sturdy 501 that was first sold in the 1800s.

This brand of jeans went through changes in its long history to have the mass appeal it has today. They are worn by men and women with the same passion.

This brand of jeans is credited with starting the fashion revolution, which saw jeans leap from a mere useful work uniform to a worldwide phenomenon. Today, over 450 million pairs of jeans are sold every year in America alone.

Wrangler jeans, on the other hand, Wrangler jeans hit the market much later than Levi’s in 1947. However, upon hitting the market, they quickly won the hearts of cowboys and rodeo enthusiasts all over the country.

Although the idea of Wrangler jeans was pioneered by Hudson, it was the company he founded that actually went on to sell the first Wranglers after his death. Wrangler can also claim the distinction of being the only brand of jeans ever endorsed by the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association, an honor the brand won in 1974.

And today, this brand of jeans remains extremely popular in the rodeo-going, country music-listening crowd, explaining why it has a huge following in the Southern United States. This brand continues to pride itself on its offering of more or less the same styles of jeans over the years.

However, Levi’s jeans are suitable for everything from yard work to clubbing, while are more suitable for outdoor work that requires hardy jeans.

Although the brand continues to offer Levi’s stiff competition, its sales do not come close to matching the sales of Levi’s these days.

Wrangler vs Levi’s vs Lee

Lee boys Performance Series Extreme Comfort Slim Fit Jean,Porter,7X Slim
Lee Slim Fit Jean | Source: Amazon

These are all top fashion brands, which are sometimes referred to as “the big three” of the denim world. They add style to your wardrobe, boost your confidence, and make you feel warm and cozy.

They are simply brands of dreams. However, when you subject these brands to closer scrutiny, you can spot the distinct lifestyles they offer you.

This normally leads to the question: among the three, which is best? Which of the three brands is the best?

None is necessarily the best. It all depends on what you want.

Although Wranglers do not offer as many style variations as Levi’s and Lee’s, they offer classic cowboy jeans with really tough and durable jeans which makes them really popular today in the denim world.

On the other hand, although Lee is owned by the same company that owns the Wrangler brand, the brand has its major focus on fashion wear. Thus, this brand offers more of all kinds of unique men’s and women’s jeans cuts than the rest of the brands.

Also, unlike the Wrangler brand, which uses tough, durable denim in their jeans, the Lee brand offers jeans boasting soft and/or stretchy denim.

Finally, Levi’s has a reputation to protect. The honor of inventing jeans goes to this brand, conferring on it a reputation that it continues to strive to protect to date.

Although they sell regular jeans, they also sell fashion jeans, similar to the Lee brand, in a variety of different cuts and styles to suit every type of person.

Wrangler vs Levi’s Denim Jacket 

Levi's Men's The Trucker Jacket, Medium Stonewash, X-Small
Levi’s The Trucker Jacket | Source: Amazon

Wrangler and Levi’s jackets are both collections of denim jackets that should never run out of your wardrobe staples. They are a possession to hold because they always instill and project confidence in you.

Both Wrangler and Levi’s denim jackets have one thing in common that sets them apart from other brands. They are mostly made of 100 percent cotton, giving them a stiff and rugged feel that can withstand the test of time.

The secret to buying denim jackets is to consider the fabric they are made from. Fabric is the first thing you should consider before buying jackets since this will determine the important things you want in your denim jackets: their feel and their looks.

The best denim jackets, especially for men, are made from a high percentage of cotton blends or even 100 percent cotton fabrics. Both Wrangler denim jackets and Levi’s are mostly made from cotton fabrics alone, which makes any of them a wise buy for you.

The bottom line is that they are both good for you.

Wrangler vs Levi’s Sizing

Wrangler Women's High Rise Unforgettable Skinny Jean, Coldspring, 2
Wrangler Women’s Skinny Jean | Source: Amazon

Levi’s are specifically designed to fit in extremely varied ways, depending on the style. But it often features vanity sizing–and jeans may shrink slightly in the wash as well.

The Wranglers, On the other hand, although they are designed to loose for mobility, their sizing is usually a little smaller due to shrinking in the wash.

In general, Wrangler sizes often run smaller than Levi’s sizes. The reason is partly that many of the latter’s styles stretch out over time to fit you as you wear them, whereas the former’s typically do not stretch with wear or use.

To know the right size to go for, you might want to look for a sizing chart and compare it to your measurements. But this does not always work all the time thanks to the ridiculous concept of vanity sizing, which makes, for instance, a size 32 waist always not actually 32 inches.

Therefore, the best option available to you is to try them on before buying.

Wrangler vs Levi’s Quality

Both brands are notorious for their quality. They add quality to your style with their jeans made from high-quality materials.

However, since Wranglers are made to be more suitable for outdoor work that requires hardy jeans, they may offer higher quality than they are considered very high quality because they offer durable, long-lasting wear for people engaged in outdoor work.

Their tough extra-strong denim, for instance, stands for the epitome of quality among most Wrangler enthusiasts. Not only are they made from quality materials, but the brand also stands for sustainability.

All their clothing lines are made in the most environmentally friendly manner. They use plant-based dyes and less water in denim production.

Which is Better Between Levi’s and Wrangler?

Levi's Men's 511 Slim Fit Jean, Throttle - Stretch, 34W x 30L
Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jean | Source: Amazon

There is no clear-cut answer to this question. They are both good and popular brands, offering you just the best.

They offer you popular jeans that have very different styles and boast aesthetic value. Which one to go for will very much depend on the purpose for which you want to buy the jeans—and, of course, your personal preferences.

If you want jeans for everything from yard work to clubbing, then Levi’s should be the right choice for you. However, if you want jeans for outdoor work that requires hardy jeans, you might want to go for the Wrangler brand.

If you want fashion and workwear jeans, you might want to consider Levi’s brand. On the other hand, if you prefer sturdy jeans, the Wrangler brand should be your next stop.

If you want tough and durable jeans, you might want to go for the Wrangler brand. But if you want styles that come in soft or premium cotton denim, making you very comfortable in them, you should go with the Levi’s brand.

Finally but not least, in terms of cost-effectiveness, the Levi’s brand is notoriously on the high side. They are fairly high, especially internationally.

On the other hand, Wranglers are relatively lower and cheaper. Therefore, if you want pocket-friendly jeans, you should go for the Wranglers.

Wrangler Vs Levi’s Durability

While it’s true that both brands offer excellent durability, Wrangler has the upper hand here. If there is any area where Levi’s does not come anywhere close to Wrangler in comparison, it must be in the area of durability that both brands provide.

Wrangler by far uses tougher fabrics in jeans production than Levi’s.

As noted before, Wranglers are more popular in the American South. The reason is partly that they offer incredibly excellent durability, which is the most fitting for the ranch lifestyle.

They have been observed to come out of the firm grips of barbed wire without ripping apart or in any place at all. They are simply rugged, giving you confidence in their durability.

Levi’s styles, on the other hand, use softer denim designed to wear in something called “fade patterns.” Thus, once this fades and breaks down, it easily exposes the bare, through the blue and white pattern, more of the white is used.

However, in contrast, Wranglers have an even fade and do not break down and soften as much over time.

The Difference Between Levi’s and Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler Men's Free-to-Stretch Athletic Fit Jean, Jagged, 30W x 30L
Wrangler Free-to-Stretch Athletic Fit Jean | Source: Amazon

Although both brands offer extremely popular jeans appealing to people of all classes, the difference between the Levi’s brand and the Wrangler brand lies majorly in their overall styles and aesthetics.

While Levi’s jeans are friendly to fashion trends, Wranglers’ focus remains rooted in sturdy rodeo and outdoor work apparel, with more cowboy-cut jeans designed for ranch work.

Also, in terms of sizing, Wranglers run smaller than Levi’s jeans. The cost of Levi’s jeans is also on the high side.


The normal question among people that bothers about Wrangler vs Levi’s, which one is better, does not always have a cut-out answer to it. They are both great brands, offering your money equal value.

Which one to go for should be a question of what you exactly want, not which one is better.

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