Is Eddie Bauer a Good Brand?

Is Eddie Bauer a Good Brand

Is Eddie Bauer a good brand? Eddie Bauer is a brand that may sound familiar to a lot of people.

It has been on the market for years as a casual and outdoor gear brand. They are most known for their jackets and clothing.

Originally opened as a tennis store and then sports store, founder Eddie Bauer started the company in 1920 at the young age of 21. The store originally repaired tennis jackets but then expanded to making custom golf clubs and fishing tackle. 

Today, Eddie Bauer is a well-known brand that has even been commissioned to make apparel for government services such as Army Air Corps jackets. The brand also rose to popularity alongside the sport of badminton, as Bauer revolutionized some of the sports gear such as his goose feather birdie, which was a fraction of the cost of the popular European birdies at the time.

Overall, it is a great brand to shop from and has been beloved by customers for many decades. The products are of good quality, affordable, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Most customers have positive things to say about the brand and its products. 

Is Eddie Bauer a Luxury Brand?

Eddie Bauer Men's Superior 2.0 Down Jacket, Black, Large
Source: Amazon

Eddie Bauer is a great brand, but it is not considered a luxury brand or designer brand. Luxury brands are typically very expensive, both due to the quality of products and the reputation of the name. 

Eddie Bauer has a great reputation, but it has been inconsistent in popularity. There is not a large group of loyal fans such as fans of luxury brands like Chanel or Gucci.

Furthermore, the items are factory made which takes away from the appeal of luxury, which takes longer to make, upping the price.

Eddie Bauer is also fairly affordable. Jackets range in the $200-$400 range and they can often be found on sale too. Luxury brands seldom have sales.

While Eddie Bauer is not technically luxury, it should not be confused for being a bad brand. It is a great brand with good quality products to shop from. 

Is Eddie Bauer Good Quality?

Eddie Bauer is a good quality brand! The quality is not quite up to par to similar brands such as The North Face or Patagonia, but the price is almost not comparable either.

One of the reasons buyers keep returning to Eddie Bauer for their winter gear and clothing is because they get quality pieces at a reasonable price point. 

A lot of clothing and jackets from Eddie Bauer are made with high-quality waterproof fabric, which is important for outdoor sports, hiking, etc. Their warmer jackets and parkas use goose down, which will keep you warm in cold climates. 

Eddie Bauer’s clothing also lasts a very long time! Many customers say they have had jackets and gear for years on end and that it has held up nicely.

Additionally, the brand offers a lifetime warranty on its products so if for some reason the quality is not up to par, you do not need to worry about losing your money. 

Are Eddie Bauer Jackets Warm?

Eddie Bauer Boys Lone Peak 3 in 1 Jacket (Olive, Medium 10/12)
Eddie Bauer Boys Jacket | Source: Amazon

For the price, Eddie Bauer jackets are good quality and will keep you pretty warm. They are packed with goose down, which insulates you in cold weather.

Most of their gear also uses StormRepel treatment, which adds an extra layer of waterproofing, which will keep you warm in moist or wet weather. 

Eddie Bauer jackets also include a lifetime warranty, so if you are not pleased with the warmness, or there is a defect in the insulation, you can always return or exchange your product for something different or money back. 

It is essential that winter gear keeps you warm, whether it is for hiking, skiing, etc., and Eddie Bauer jackets will do just that. 

Is Eddie Bauer a Good Brand for Winter Jackets?

Eddie Bauer Men's CirrusLite Down Jacket, Black, Small
Eddie Bauer CirrusLite Down Jacket | Source: Amazon

There are countless winter jacket brands on the market. Eddie Bauer is more reasonably priced than many of its peers such as The North Face or Columbia.

Additionally, the jackets are of great quality and use goose down to insulate. Many also feature StormRepel technology to keep the jackets waterproof in bad weather, which helps you stay warm and dry. 

Eddie Bauer also has a wide selection of men, women, and kid’s jackets and coats. There are many designs from windbreakers to parkas so you can get the best jacket for your environment and lifestyle.

Jackets fall in the $200 range and are often on sale for much cheaper. Parkas are also affordable and remain under $300 for the most part. 

Are Eddie Bauer Boots Good?

Eddie Bauer Mont Lake Hiking Boots for Men | Waterproof, Multi-Directional Lugs, Stylish & Protective Design Traction Outsole Memory Foam Insole
Eddie Bauer Mont Lake Hiking Boots | Source: Amazon

Eddie Bauer makes way more gear than just winter jackets and coats. This includes boots too–both winter boots and hiking boots.

Most of their boots range in the $100-$200 range and have 4-5 star reviews. The boots are good and are sold at a very reasonable price point. 

The boots are true to size and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Many reviews said they did not need to break in the boots as they were already comfortable to wear.

The boots are also waterproof which is great for cold and moist weather. There is not much more you can ask for in a winter boot!

Best Eddie Bauer Down Jacket

Eddie Bauer Men's BC EverTherm Down Jacket, Dark Teal, Small
Eddie Bauer EverTherm Down Jacket | Source: Amazon

Eddie Bauer has countless jackets in their catalogs for all occasions. However, sometimes you just want the warmest coat possible without having to filter through all the different options.

According to reviewers, the best Eddie Bauer down jacket is the Eddie Bauer BC EverTherm jacket.

This jacket is packed with goose down, which will keep you cozy and warm in cold climates. The jacket is thin in nature so it does not feel bulky.

However, the size does not jeopardize the warmth as it is still one of the warmest coats out there. The brand advertises that it will keep you warm in as cold as negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit!

Is Eddie Bauer an Ethical and Sustainable Brand?

Sustainability is very important in today’s world of consumption, especially with fashion and clothing brands. As for Eddie Bauer, Goodonyou, a site that rates brands on environmental friendliness, rates Eddie Bauer as “Not Good Enough” for sustainability practices.

The brand is given credit for using some sustainable and recycled material, but there is no proof of the lack of textile waste during production. Furthermore, its labor practices are rated poorly.

They are said to not give workers a fair wage in their production houses. There is also no evidence of health and safety precautions taken for workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The website rates the company as a company to avoid ethical consumption, which is a shame considering the good quality of its products. Hopefully, the company works to become more sustainable in the coming years. 


If you want new winter gear without breaking the bank, Eddie Bauer is the way to go. For good-quality pieces at an affordable price, you will have a large selection to choose from for men, women, and children.

The only reason I would steer you away from the brand is if you are trying to consume goods that are ethically made on all fronts. Additionally, the gear is not up to par with some of its more expensive peer companies, but for the price, you cannot go wrong with Eddie Bauer!

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