Persol vs Ray-Ban

Persol vs Ray-Ban

Persol vs Ray-Ban. Picking out a pair of sunglasses can be a little tricky, especially when you have different cool pairs to select from.

Choosing between a pair of Persol or Ray-Ban depends on the quality and style you want. Both Persol and Ray-Ban are eyewear brands that have been in existence for a lot of decades, and they still produce good quality eyeglasses for their customers.

Ray-Ban is an American/Italian luxury eyeglass company that was established by Bausch & Lomb in 1937. Ray-Ban is popular for its Wayfarer and Aviator sunglasses.

On the other hand, Persol is an Italian luxury eyeglass company that was established by the optician Giuseppe Ratti. It is now owned by the Luxottica group when it was acquired in 1995.

The eyewear brand Persol was inspired by the need for pilots with eye problems that resulted from light or sun gaze while on the sea.

Persol vs Ray-Ban Quality

Ray-Ban RB3025 Classic Aviator Sunglasses, Gold/Green Polarized, 58 mm
Ray-Ban RB3025 | Source: Amazon

Both Persol and Ray-Ban offer high-quality eyeglasses that are timeless. However, Persol seems to top the charts when it comes to excellent craftsmanship and appeal.

Persol eyeglasses are very classy with a sophisticated sense of style. The Italian eyewear brand creates only timeless pieces that are of great value and style any day and anytime.

People’s glasses are made to offer good sun protection, and they are also very durable to use.

Ray-Ban is also a very sophisticated eyeglasses and sunglasses brand and is popular for its aviator and wayfarer sunglasses. The brand also provides high-quality products, which they have been doing for several decades.

Ray-Ban eyewear is very creative, and if you want to show fashion and celebrity style, buying a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses is a sure bet. When you buy a piece of Ray-Ban, you know that you have made a good choice.

Persol vs Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Persol sunglasses are made of either crystal or glass lenses with pure silica. This allows it to offer great clarity and scratch resistance.

The lenses are also equipped with standard UV protection and they also make polarized lenses which come with a fine layer of polarized material between the outer glass layers.

The essence of polarized lenses is to limit the harsh glare of water, snow, and so on.

Persol offers different lens colors for its sunglasses, including green, gray, brown, and blue. They also have in place gradient lenses with a darker tint at the top that comes towards the bottom.

For the Ray-Ban sunglasses, the lenses are made with polycarbonate, which is a light plastic material that naturally protects against UV light.

The eyewear brand also has different technologies which they use for their sunglasses, such as the Chromance, which is their patented vision-enhancing lens technology. The Chromance keeps your eyes safe from bright glares by making use of a polarizing filter.

The Chromance also contains pigments that give you good visuals by increasing your contrast, color, and clarity.

Ray-Ban has basic lens colors such as green, brown, blue, and gray. It also includes other additional colors such as pink, silver, yellow, copper, and orange.

Why are Persol Sunglasses so Expensive?

Persol PO2803S Rectangular Sunglasses, Havana/Crystal Brown Polarized, 58 mm
Persol PO2803S | Source: Amazon

Persol is a luxury eyewear brand that specializes in the design and sale of different sunglasses and eyeglasses. The sunglasses are all manufactured in Turin, Italy which would make them a bit pricey due to the cost of materials and products required for them.

The sunglasses are also said to be made out of acetate which is a much more expensive raw material to handle. This is because it has to be cut and hand polished so there is more waste to be removed.

As a luxurious item, you can expect to spend some more money on buying a piece of Persol.

Is Persol Sunglasses Worth the Money?

Persol sunglasses are worth the money and are regarded as a good investment. The sunglasses are made to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and also to help improve your vision with the aid of prescription lenses.

Persol frames are handmade, which makes them super durable for use for a lot of years. The eyewear brand creates timepieces that are of high quality and have an excellent sense of style.

Coupled with the fact that Persol is regarded as the oldest sunglass designer, they offer the very best for their customers while keeping their reputation intact.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster vs Persol Cellor

Ray-Ban Men Square Sunglasses Black Frame Green Lens Small
Ray-Ban Rb3016 Clubmaster | Source: Amazon

The Persol Cellor comes with a more vintage look with its brown design and tortoise shell frames. This style of sunglasses is considered high fashion among old school kids and even the younger generation due to its unique appeal and availability in different colors.

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster is a very classic style of sunglasses offered by the brand. These sunglasses feature a thick frame that runs along the top of the frame.

The lower part of the Clubmaster sunglasses features a sharp edge that gives them that unique appeal and style.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer vs Persol 649

Persol PO0649 Aviator Sunglasses, Havana/Crystal Green, 56 mm
Persol PO0649 | Source: Amazon

The Persol 649 is a timeless piece that is designed with a tortoiseshell shape and a patterned frame. The sunglasses offer up to 100% UV protection, which offers enough protection to keep the eyes safe.

The sunglasses can be used with either standard or polarized lenses for more effective use.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are similar to the Clubmaster, but they have a more refined look and thickness than the Clubmaster. The wayfarer is one of the iconic pieces of the Ray-Ban brand, and it is very stylish and durable for use.

When you think of luxury and class, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer is definitely a match any day.

Ray-Ban Aviator vs Persol 714

Ray-Ban RB3025 Classic Aviator Sunglasses, Matte Black/Polarized G-15 Green, 58 mm
Ray-Ban RB3025 Classic Aviator | Source: Amazon

Popularly known as the Steve McQueen style, the Persol 714 sunglasses are an iconic piece that has also been worn by Steve himself. When paired with a polarized or standard lens, it becomes very functional and fabulous to use.

The Persol 714 also features the iconic arrow-shaped signature of the founder, Giuseppe Ratti.

The Ray-Ban aviator was the first design of sunglasses by the brand. It was created and designed as special sunglasses to correct the vision of pilots while at sea. The sunglasses are made with protective shades for maximum comfort and protection.

Sunglasses are often worn nowadays by celebrities, politicians, and many other important figures in society.

Is Ray-Bans Polarized Worth it?

Yes, Ray-Bans polarized lenses are worth it.

Ray-Bans polarized lenses are regarded as the best lenses offered by Ray-Bans, this is due to the number of advantages they offer.

Ray-bans reduce the impact of the sun going into your eyes, and they also block out other types of reflected light. These lenses can enhance the colors of your environment while letting your vision be improved.

When you put on a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses with polarized lenses, you can see things that were not initially noticeable in your environment. With the lenses, you can easily make use of them for different recreational purposes and have fun while at them too.

Is Persol Better Than Ray-Ban?

Both Persol and Ray-Ban are unique and old eyewear brands that specialize in the creation of timeless eyeglasses and sunglasses. Choosing which is better between Persol and Ray-Ban depends on your style and choice.

However, for a more sophisticated style, the use of premium materials and quality design, Persol is considered the best.

The Italian eyewear brand has continued to create amazing eyeglasses and sunglasses that are of great design and quality. This is not to say that the American eyewear brand Ray-Ban does not offer unique pieces of high quality.

If you are in search of style and comfort, Ray-Ban is your best bet. The eyewear brand is famous among celebrities and other influential people like yourself.

Which Persol Sunglasses Should I Buy?

Persol offers a wide range of sunglasses from which you can make your choice. However, below are our top three picks of the Persol sunglasses you can consider buying when you next want to shop for them.

1. Persol 714 (Steve McQueen)

Persol PO0714SM 95/56 Steve McQueen Sunglasses 52mm
Persol PO0714SM Steve McQueen | Source: Amazon

The Persol 714 Steve McQueen style of sunglasses is iconic and is designed into a pilot shape. When equipped with polarized or standard lenses, the sunglasses become very functional and act uniquely.

The Persol 714 features Giuseppe Ratti’s signature arrow symbol, which has become a staple on shades by this brand. Giuseppe Ratti is the founder of Persol.

Persol 714 is sold for an average retail price of $480.

2. Persol 649

Persol PO0649 24/31 56MM Havana / Green Pilot Sunglasses for Men + BUNDLE With Designer iWear Complimentary Eyewear Kit
Persol PO0649 | Source: Amazon

This is another timeless piece offered by the Persol eyewear brand. The sunglasses are designed in the shape of a tortoiseshell with patterned frames, which gives them a unique look.

The Persol 649 sunglasses have protective lenses in place that provide 100% UV protection. You can also make use of either the standard or polarized lenses with these sunglasses.

Persol 649 is available in several colors and has a retail price of $261.

3. Persol Cellor

Persol - CELLOR SERIES PO 8129V, Geometric, acetate, men, TERRA DI SIENA(96 C), 48/20/145
Persol Cellor PO8129V | Source: Amazon

For a more vintage look, the Persol Cellor sunglasses are a necessary addition to the collection. These sunglasses come with brown lenses and matching tortoise shell frames, which gives them a very unique appeal.

These sunglasses are considered a favorite and high fashion among many people nowadays. You can get these sunglasses for a retail price of $317, and they are available in different colors.


Choosing between Persol or Ray-Ban sunglasses depends on your style and fashion needs. For a more timeless appeal, Persol tops the table, while Ray-Ban also offers beautiful pieces that are of a more celebrity style.

I hope the above comparison between both brands will assist you in making your decision on the perfect sunglasses for your needs.

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