Do Eyelashes Grow Back? What You Need to Know About Growing Back Your Eyelashes


Don’t we all agree that long, fluttery and thick eyelashes instantly make a woman look attractive? Well yes, eyes indeed do all the talking. Be it intentional or not, we often bat our eyelashes in a pretty, innocent manner or flutter them flirtatiously just for fun. I guess that’s why most ladies are often concerned if their eyelashes will grow back after they have taken off their false eyelashes or eyelash extensions. Maybe that’s the reason many ladies often ask this question: do eyelashes grow back after eyelash extensions are removed?

The best way to go about this is to look at the different circumstances that may affect your eyelashes and the resulting outcomes, whether the natural eyelashes can grow back and the time it takes to grow and other factors that may affect the process.

What Causes Lash Baldness?

You do not have to panic when you notice a few eyelashes fall as it is perfectly normal for them to shed during their cycle of growth. However, it becomes a cause of concern when there is unusual sparseness and lash baldness. Why does this happen and how can we avoid this unfortunate event from occurring? Some of the causes of lash baldness include:

1. Poor Beauty Hygiene

It’s the simple things that matter. Practicing a healthy beauty routine can help in solving many problems. Even your lashes need to breathe so it is important to remove your makeup every single night. Sleeping with heavy eye makeup on can not only damage your eyelashes but also lead to bacterial infection.

2. Medical Reasons

Injuries, allergies, stress, or illness can also be a cause for loss of eyelashes.  Medical conditions like hormonal imbalance, chemotherapy, alopecia, autoimmune disorders, etc can lead to loss of eyelashes.

Are Lash Extensions Safe for Your Natural Eyelashes?

Lash extensions definitely make the eyes look immediately glamorous but they do come with a price. Extensions do not damage your natural eyelashes as such but require the right application method. You need to be careful while wearing them to prevent your eyelashes from getting pulled. It is probably best for a professional stylist at a salon to help you with the proper application of lash extensions.

It is also easy to overuse lash extensions. Wearing them for long periods without a break can damage your natural eyelashes. Thereby, making your lashes thin, sparse, and brittle. Sometimes, you may even notice a scattered look where some of the lashes remain intact, while there is an uneven fallout of the rest of them. As it becomes difficult for your natural eyelashes to bear the weight of the lash extensions for an extended duration. This often results in breakage and even lash baldness.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back?


There are several reasons why you may lose your eyelashes, but the common recurring question from many people is: do eyelashes grow back? Most people are always looking for that reassurance that their lash baldness or loss will not be a permanent condition.

Indeed, most cases of eyelash loss are not permanent, the lashes or eyebrows eventually grow back. The pace at which this happens may differ from person to person. See below for answers to some of the common questions people are always asking about the likelihood of their eyelashes to grow back.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back if Cut?

Yes, your eyelashes will certainly grow back if they are cut for whatever reason. If you are afraid that your eyebrows will not grow back after shaving, then fear no more. A small scientific study demonstrated that shaved eyebrows can grow back normally to what they were before shaving was done.

However, this may not occur in an instant, the process for hair to grow back may take several weeks and months. It is similar to the hair growth process and the eyelashes go through the different phases (Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen),  to grow back to their full length.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back if Pulled Out from the Root?

Habitually pulling hair out from the root can be considered as a disorder known as Trichotillomania, and the ability of the hair to grow back depends on some factors. The answer is it depends… In most cases, eyelashes will grow back after they are pulled out from the root as long as the hair follicle is not destroyed in the process.

However, it can become difficult for lashes to grow back if the hair follicle is destroyed in the process of repeatedly pulling it out.

How Long Does it take for Eyelashes to Grow back After Extension?

It generally it can take between 8 – 12 weeks for your eyelashes to grow back. However, there are several factors that affect the time that it takes for your eyelashes to grow back after eyelash extensions have been taken off or after eyelashes have been plucked off. Some of these factors include your age, underlying health conditions, diet, hormonal imbalance, etc.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back After Chemo?

Eyelashes usually grow back after chemotherapy has been discontinued. The loss of hair is usually a side effect of the chemotherapy (cancer medication) and that effect usually ceases when you have discontinued the medication. This allows the hair (including your eyelashes and eyebrows) to start growing again. It can take up to 8 – 12 weeks for eyelashes and eyebrows to grow back to their normal length.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back if Burnt?

Eyelashes or eyebrows will grow back if the hair follicle is not damaged from the burns. However, it may take longer than normal for the lashes to grow back because of other associated factors and injuries that may occur as a result of the burns.

Care Tips for Lash Extensions


When you get your lash application done, you will need to follow a few important steps. This will help in taking care of your lash extensions and your natural eyelashes.

  • Do not rub your lash extensions while washing your face and avoid touching them often to prevent the transfer of germs.
  • Do not pull the lash extensions or try to remove them by yourself as you might end up pulling out your natural eyelashes as well.
  • Try to keep the lash extensions dry for the first 24-36 hours.
  • Avoid using oil-based products, waterproof mascara, or eyeliner on the lash extensions if you want them to last longer.
  • Follow up with your lash artist for touch-ups and general grooming.

How Do I Protect and Keep My Eyelashes Healthy?

We all know that eyelashes are not just for beauty. They are mainly a protective barrier to our eyes that help in keeping away pollution, dirt, and prevent any kind of foreign bodies from entering our eyes. So, we need to be careful and take certain steps towards enhancing the lives of our precious eyelashes as much as possible. Some of the simple things you can do to protect your eyelashes include:

1. Do Not Sleep with Your Makeup

Again, wash off your mascara or any other eye makeup as the products will dry out your delicate eyelashes, resulting in breakage. Remember to gently massage and rinse your eyes with the help of mild eye cleansers, creams, or wipes.

2. Follow a Healthy Diet

Yes, eating the right foods with a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins can immensely promote your overall health and boost your immunity. A diet rich in Vitamin C and E, calcium, iron, protein, and biotin which includes salmon, eggs, nuts, beans, spinach, avocados, and other superfoods will help in promoting the growth of healthier hair and eyelashes.

3. Keep Your Makeup Accessories Clean

When was the last time that you thoroughly cleaned all your beauty products? Even the biggest hygiene freaks forget at times to clean up their makeup products. Make sure that you wash your makeup brushes, sponges, wipes, eyeliner brushes, mascara wands, and your other beauty tools at least once a week. This will help in removing any buildup of harmful bacteria that can irritate your eyes.

4. Warm Compresses for Eyes

You can care for your eyes by pampering them with warm compresses. This gentle method involves cleaning your eyes with a soft and warm wet cloth. This can help in providing relief and reducing any kind of inflammation.

5. Eyelash Curlers


Be careful when you are using lash curlers and it is best if you can avoid them as much as possible. Curlers are safe when you use them correctly, but overheating the curler or tugging hard can result in damaging your lashes. It is advisable that you get professional beauticians in this case.

6. Be Gentle

We all know, it is a pain to get rid of waterproof mascara. Harsh scrubbing and vigorously rubbing the eye makeup off may lead to lash fallout. As an alternative, you can use a gentle makeup remover and be delicate around your eye area.

7. Throw Away Expired Makeup Products

No matter how expensive your favorite beauty products are, you need to keep an eye on the expiry. Especially, the liquid mascaras and eyeliners. It may seem that they are in good condition but can increase the risk of infection and bacteria. So, toss them away to protect your delicate and sensitive eyelashes.

What to Do In Case of Lash Baldness?

By now, you already know that eyelashes eventually do grow back after a certain period of time. As you patiently wait, there are things that you can try to make up for lash baldness. Using the right eyeliner and mascara with natural ingredients is a safer option. A lash serum and vitamin supplements will also help in providing the necessary nourishment to those lashes.


If you really love those lash extensions, go ahead girl, and get them. There is no real harm in wearing those striking lash extensions from time to time. But, don’t forget that your eyelashes will need a little break now and then to grow back normally and safely after you have taken off the lash extensions.

Sometimes taking all the necessary care and precautions will help in the long run. Above all, always remember to be gentle and take care of your precious eyes.

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