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what are hybrid lashes

What are Hybrid Lashes?

Hybrid lashes, as the name suggests, is a set of two lashes rolled into a single set of eyelash extensions. They are a combination of volume and classic lashes and give you all the reasons to love and continue using eyelash extensions.

Difference between Hybrid vs Classic Lashes and Hybrid vs Volume

Classic lashes are more of a traditional kind of eyelash extension. They are beautiful and natural-looking and are stuck in a 1:1 ratio, which means a single extension for the single lash line. It provides a natural enhancement to the lash lines, and it is great to start your eyelash extension journey using them.

On the other hand, volume eyelashes are applied in a 1:5 or 1:3 ratios meaning several fans of lash extensions are applied to a single lash line. Volume lashes are applied in a cluster and give extra volume to your lashes, giving you an awesome look for your eyes.

Hybrid vs Russian Lashes

You may have seen people wondering whether hybrid and Russian lashes are the same, but there is little difference between the two. Russian eyelashes are a way to add thickness and volume to your natural lashes. They can be applied in such a way that it can go along with the length of your natural lashes.

Hybrid lashes are simply a combination of both classic and volume eyelashes, which highlights your best features and gives your eyes a great look. They provide your lash lines a fuller look and strategically work out the magic of combining classic and volume extensions to work at its best.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Lashes

Getting hybrid extensions done has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. If you want to take a sneak peek into it, read further to know about the pros and cons of getting a hybrid lash extension:

Pros of Hybrid Lashes

There is an ample number of advantages of donning a pair of eyelash extension, check out the benefits here:

1. They revamp your looks

Eyes are one of the best features of your body and getting these falsies on lets you redefine your looks. Even if you are feeling tired, these extensions still make your tired face look confident and natural.

2. Reduced makeup time

If you love applying makeup and cannot walk out of your house without wearing it, then eyelash extensions can be one of your best options. You will be surprised to know that getting these falsies fixed right on your lash line can save you between 20 to 30 minutes of your makeup schedule.

Getting these extensions will save you from sitting in front of your mirror and curling your natural lashes for longer. It also saves the time that you may invest in applying mascara and eye makeup. These extensions alone are enough to highlight your eyes.

3. Extensions can be customized

You can customize your choice of extensions. One can go in for fuller-looking eyelashes, classic ones, or hybrid ones according to your preference. It solely depends on you as to how you want to define your looks, and accordingly, you can get an appointment booked to enhance your lash lines.

Cons of Hybrid Lashes

Here are a few disadvantages that you may come across while using eyelash extensions:

1. It may cost you huge

Waking up with your natural eyelashes will not even cost you a single penny, all you may be required to do is the makeup. But getting these extensions may cost you a few bucks talking in terms of its application.

Based on the stylist you are going to and the brand of extensions that you are buying, these extensions may lead you to spend a few crispy notes from your wallet.

2. They require maintenance

Life after extensions may not be as easy as it was before. One may be required to care for their eyelash extensions for good. There are a few sets of do’s and don’ts that you may need to follow once you have got these extensions on your lash lines.

You may also need to adhere to a few rules of eyelash care if you do not want to waste the money that you have spent on getting the extensions on your eyes to enhance your beauty.

How to Apply Hybrid Lashes

Eyelash extensions are a perfect contour to conceal your natural lashes and give them a more voluminous look. You can go in for professional application by taking an appointment from a specialist or may even consider trying DIY.

So, here is a quick guide on how you can try out applying for the extensions by yourself:

1. Trim the Lashes

Once you have planned to DIY, you need to take out the eyelash strips and trim it according to the length you need in accordance to your lash line.

2. Use Tweezers

Do not make use of your fingers for lifting the eyelash fans. Instead, you should make use of tweezers to lift it up one at a time so that you are able to give it a smoother finish.

3. Apply Lash Glue

Apply the lash glue on the lash lines; do not merely rush with it and glob it over your eyes. Make sure that you wait for some time once you have applied the glue to the falsies. A minimum of 30-second wait should adhere so that the glue dries and does not make you feel tacky once you have got those lashes over your lash lines.

4. Keep the Mirror in a Downward Direction

If you tend to look straight in a mirror while the application, chances are that you may end up tangling your falsies with the natural ones. So make sure that you place the mirror down and bot straight.

It will make the eyelash application a bit easy for you. It will give you all the comfortable angles to twist and turn and to check out the application rather than making you get uncomfortable struggling with the extensions.

5. Brush the Extensions

Once you have set it right, make use of a mascara wand to brush your eyelashes so that it is fixed right. Further, you can apply a sealer over it to secure your extensions.

Once you have got your extensions set right, you are all free to use your favorite makeup accessories and staples to beautify your looks further. You can consider watching this video to gain a better insight into the application of hybrid lashes for that picture-perfect look.

How to Care for Hybrid Lashes

Eyelash extensions are delicate and do require some care to hold your confidence. Here is how you can easily care for your hybrid lashes:

Be Gentle with your Lashes

Do not pick on your hybrid lashes. Remember, you want your hybrid lashes natural looking. If you feel that your extensions are not set at the right place, instead of picking them. Try brushing them to make them stick at their place.

Avoid Tears

Consider doing everything you can to prevent tears once you have successfully fixed your lashes. Tears can cause disruption to your extensions, so make sure that you do not cry for at least during the first 24 hours once you have got your extensions fixed. You are free to cry after 24 hours, but make sure that you don’t ruin it with your tears before this time elapses.

Do Not Sleep with Your Face in the Pillow

Avoid sleeping with your face buried in your pillow when you fix eyelash extensions. Make sure that you do not sleep in this position for at least one day after the lash extensions are fixed. This will ensure that the glue that holds the lash in place is set firmly.

It will save you from the hassles of trying to adjust and getting them in their right place time and again.

Reduce Mascara Usage to a Minimum

You may love wearing mascara all the time but once you have got those extensions, it is better to reduce mascara usage to a minimum. This is because mascara can get between your lashes and make it difficult for you to remove or clean it easily without causing your extensions to fall out prematurely.

Suspend the Use of Chlorinated Pools 

You may be a die-hard gym freak and maybe habitual of hitting the steam room or taking a dive into the swimming pool for some extra sweat-out session. But with those extensions on, you cannot do this for at least during the first 48 hours.

Avoid Oil-Based Products

Oil-based removers, cleansers, and moisturizes are perfect for glowing and gorgeous skin. But this is not the case when you have applied the hybrid extensions for that beautiful look.

The oil-based products tend to weaken the glue bond of your eyelash extension and cause the lash extensions to fall off prematurely. So, make sure that you avoid any oily makeup products during this time.

Eyelash extensions do not really come cheap, so make sure that you stick to the care and maintenance routine to prolong the life of your extensions.

How Long do Hybrid Lashes Last?

Hybrid lashes usually last for about a month, or you can say anytime between four to five weeks. But to make the hybrid lashes last for this long, you should be very particular about the care and maintenance it needs after its application.

You may be required to be very particular about the products that they are using for eye makeup and should also ensure that they do not have an oily base. Also, you need to take care not to sleep with your face down (buried into the pillow) or cry or even rub your eyes at least for the first twenty-four hours of the application.

Choosing between classic, volume, and hybrid lashes entirely depend on your preferences. So if you are someone looking out for eyelash extension options, do consider visiting a technician who can help you out to select between the right kinds of eyelashes that may be fitting for you.

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