Can I Use Hair Dye On My Eyelashes

We pay a lot of attention to our eyelashes, but can I use hair dye on my eyelashes? We analyze if they’re too long, too short, too thin, and do everything in our power to achieve that natural long lash look.

Many people pay big bucks to get their lashes tinted, either permanently or temporarily to avoid having to apply mascara every day. Others may wonder if they can do it themselves at home with hair dye and achieve the same look. 

It is important to know that you cannot use hair dye on your eyelashes. Using regular hair dye, whether permanent or semi-permanent on your lashes can cause serious damage to your lashes, eyes, and skin. 

Hair dye contains chemicals like bleach and hydroxide, which is already warned to cause partial irritation to your skin or eyes. If you applied hair dye to your eyelashes and got dye in your eyes, the repercussions would depend on the type of dye used. 

Semi-Permanent Dye

Semi-permanent dye can cause severe irritation if it comes into contact with your eyes. Your eyes could become severely itchy and irritated, which could result in permanent damage to your eye. It would also irritate the eyelid if the dye comes in contact, as that skin is very sensitive and thin. 

Permanent Dye

Permanent dye poses even more health risks than semi-permanent dye. If in contact with your eyes, it can result in severe irritation and even blindness. Permanent dye contains harsher chemicals than semi-permanent dye, which is why it lasts longer in your hair.

Chemicals like PPD and hydroxide can cause permanent damage to your eye and surrounding skin if in contact. Allergic reactions to these chemicals on the skin and in the eye can also cause swelling of the face and neck. 

Can You Dye Your Eyelashes With Beard Dye 

As a general rule of thumb, you should not use any dye or cosmetic coloring on or near your eyes that is not directly meant for eyelashes. Similar to hair dye, beard dye contains chemicals as well. While the chemicals are not as harsh as hair dye in some cases, you still should not use it on or near your eyes or eyelashes. 

Beard dye often contains chemicals as well that allow it to permanently stain the facial hair of the user. Unlike permanent hair dyes, it does not contain PPD. However, it is still intended strictly for use on the beard, and not authorized for use around your eyes. Contact with your eyes and eyelashes could cause irritation or permanent damage to your eye. 

Can You Tint Eyelashes With Beard Dye 

Tinting your eyelashes is essentially semi-permanently dying your eyelashes with dye. Like dying, you should not tint your eyelashes with anything other than designated eyelash tinting products. Beard dye should not be used to dye eyelashes.

The chemicals in the beard dye, or any type of dye that is not designated eyelash dye, will irritate your eyes and the surrounding skin if it comes in contact. 

Can You Use Hair Color To Dye Your Eyelashes

Can I Use Hair Dye On My Eyelashes

Hair color should not be used to dye your eyelashes. Hair dye and eyelash dye differ in chemicals and composition due to many factors. This may include the sensitivity of the skin surrounding the area, the thickness of the hair, and the durability of the dye. 

Eyelashes are not like your regular hair. They are thinner and usually finer and silkier in texture. Your eyelid and surrounding skin is also thinner and more sensitive than the skin on your head and scalp. This means products that may not cause a reaction on your scalp may cause a reaction on your eyelid or eyes in general. 

Furthermore, the risk of getting hair dye in your eye is far more severe than the risk of eyelash dye in your eye. Eyelash dye or tint is safer because manufacturers anticipate possible contact with your eyeball.

Hair dye is less likely to end up in your eye if used safely and correctly, so manufacturers do not put as much caution in protecting your eyes from the chemicals inside.

Exposure of hair dye in your eye, on your eyelid, and in your lashes can have serious consequences like permanent lash damage, irritation, itchiness, and even possible blindness. You should never use hair dye on or around your eyes.

What to Do if You Get Hair Dye in Your Eye

If despite all warnings, you still decided to use hair dye to tint your eyelashes and you end up with dye in your eye, the important thing is to stay calm. Right away, you want to begin flushing your eye out with lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes.

This will help rid your eye of as much dye as possible. You may also want to apply a warm compress afterward, as that will draw irritants to the surface and help flush them out. You should also contact your doctor to see if further instruction is needed.

Can You Use Eyebrow Dye On Eyelashes

Eyebrow hair may be more similar in composition to eyelashes than the hair on your head, but eyebrow dye is still not always safe to use on lashes. This risk associated with using eyebrow dye on eyelashes may depend on the brand of dye. Some may be considered safe for use on eyelashes due to the simple nature of the mixture, while others are still very dangerous to your eyeball. 

Some eyebrow dye acts as a tint, which temporarily colors or darkens your eyebrow hair. Through the application, you normally get about 2-3 weeks out of your tinted brows. Kits such as these are more gentle in their chemical composition but are still recommended for eyebrow use only.

It would be better to get a certified lash tinting or dying kit, or better yet get it professionally done to avoid all risks of misapplying the product or dye.

Other eyebrow dyes, like the kind used for microblading, are more similar to tattoo ink than hair dye. It is very dangerous to use around your eye or eyelash. It is also only to be applied in a professional setting by a certified applicator.  

Can You Use Henna Hair Dye On Eyebrows

Can I Use Hair Dye On My Eyelashes

Henna is an artistic dying practice used in many cultures around the world. The dye used is derived from a henna tree and is often depicted in patterns and flower designs across the hands and skin. Many cultures use henna ink for special occasions like weddings and cultural events.

Henna ink can also be used for eyebrows if used correctly. There is a learning curve with henna ink, including how to apply it in thin strokes and how long you should leave it on. If you leave henna on for too long before wiping it off, it will come out too dark and give your skin and eyebrows that Sharpie drawn-on effect.

If you do not leave it on long enough, it will simply not show up or fade very quickly. If you apply it in too thick of strokes, it will look chunky and unnatural.

The goal for henna eyebrows, or any type of brow dye, is to try and keep your brows looking natural. For henna brows, you may be advised to apply it in thin, hairlike strokes. Kits such as the Mina iBrow Henna make this process easier to do at home. Make sure you get the appropriate color dye to match your brows if you decide to go this route to tint your eyebrows

While henna can be safe for tinting your brows, you should always make sure you are getting an eyebrow henna kit as opposed to a normal henna kit, as the tools and henna included are made for easier and more natural application to your brow. If you are uncertain, seek out a professional to apply the product for you. 

Can You Use Mens Hair Dye On Eyebrows

Men’s hair dye, like women’s hair dye, contains chemicals that allow the product to penetrate your hair color, leaving it permanently or semi-permanently altered. Hair dye can be used for eyebrows if applied carefully and correctly, but it’s always a good idea to do research on your product before use. 

The first rule for applying hair dye to your eyebrows is to never use permanent hair dye on your eyebrows. The chemicals are too harsh for your thin brow hairs and the surrounding sensitive skin of your face. If you want to dye your eyebrows with hair dye, opt for a semi-permanent dye. 

If using men’s hair dye to dye your eyebrows, make sure it is a semi-permanent dye. Next, research the brand you are using and make sure there are no negative reviews that may be cause for concern. This rule applies to any facial product, no matter the gender or product.

Some brands of men’s hair dye may not be recommended to use. For example, the popular brand Just For Men Hair Dye is said to be “more dangerous than consumers realize,” according to a lawsuit against the brand. Some of the chemicals, such as PPD, are known skin irritants and have been seen to flare up allergy tests.

This could be dangerous not only on your scalp but your face as well if used on your brows. This is why it is vital to do research on cosmetic products to keep you and your skin safe. 

So men’s hair dye can be used on eyebrows as long as it is semi-permanent and not known for causing irritation. However, it is still recommended to use an actual eyebrow dye or tint product instead of substituting other dyes for eyebrow coloring. 


Eyelashes and eyebrows are important features of our face. We want them bold, wispy, luscious, and dark in color so we can appreciate them more.  No substitutions of dye should be used on eyelashes, and potential injuries and irritation can occur for such use.

If you want to dye your eyelashes, it is best to go to a professional. For eyebrows, you should also be careful of using products such as hair dyes, which can still cause irritation to your brows and skin. It is always important to research products and take the proper precautions before using them anywhere near your face and eyes. Hope this will help you get and maintain perfect brows and lashes.

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