Is Got2b Hair Dye Good?

Is Got2b Hair Dye Good?

Is Got2b hair dye good? Yes, Got2b hair dye is good for any type of hair texture, whether natural, wigs or extensions.

Got2b is a popular hair brand that is known for its different hair dyes and glued spray. Many people who have not made use of the brand’s hair dye often wonder if the Got2b hair dye is good and worth its fame.

The hair dye by Got2b contains natural ingredients that make it even safe for people with skin allergies or sensitive skin types. However, deciding if the Got2b hair dye is good for your hair would depend on if you have tried it and it didn’t work well with your hair or if you have read the reviews of other people.

If you are one of those people who still doubt the effectiveness of this brand’s hair dye and colors, kindly read on as this article is here to tell you about the colors and hair dyes offered by Got2b.

Is Got2b Hair Dye Good for Black Hair?

Got2b Color Pop Semi-Permanent Hair Color Mask, Mint, 5.1 oz
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The short answer is yes, Got2b is suitable for any type of hair texture and color. Got2b is good for dark or black hair because it is enriched with mainly natural ingredients which do not contain any harsh chemicals.

Their products are also very safe for use by people with very sensitive skin or other types of skin allergies. You can make use of the different hair dyes offered by Got2b on your black hair and achieve your desired hair color.

Most of the time, people believe that the use of dye on black hair would be difficult to achieve. However, it is not true, as many hairdressers and stylists have proven that applying dye to black hair is the same as when you apply it to any other hair color type.

If you have black hair and want to change the color, you should look through Got2b’s selection of hair dyes and select the one that best suits your needs.

It is important to note, however, that some of the Got2b hair dyes are recommended for some particular hair type. You can still check for one that suits your hair type or speak with a hair expert.

How Long Does Got2b Permanent Hair Dye Last?

The Got2b permanent hair dye can last up to 5 weeks depending on how you apply it and the type of dye used.

On some of the Got2b hair dyes, it is stated on the packs that some can last for as long as 6 washes and others just up to 3 washes. Since the Got2b hair dyes are not permanent, you should expect to have them reapplied to your hair as often as it washes out.

Got2b provides some of the most popular hair dyes on the market, and you can be sure to get exactly what you want when you use this brand’s hair dye and colors.

Got2b hair dyes are enriched with nutrients such as Panthenol, coconut, and apricot kernel oils, which will help your hair grow and stay healthy throughout.

Is Got2 Hair Dye Permanent?

Got2b Metallics Permanent Hair Color, M84 Sakura Pink
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No, Got2b hair dye is not permanent, but it does last a long time, up to 6 washes. Got2b has different colors of hair dyes which you can select to boost your hair color to your preferred shade.

Got2b hair dye gives you a sophisticated look and radiance wherever you may go with the color dye. The Got2b color dye is perfect for any type of hair texture, and it is suitable for both your natural hair or wig and extensions.

Got2b allows you to be whoever you want to be regardless of your natural hair color. You can make a switch and rock your preferred color for as long as you need with the brand’s series of hair colors made available to you.

What Volume Developer is in Got2b Hair Dye?

The Got2b hair dye has a developer volume of 6% / 20 Volume Hair Color Developer, 33.8 Ounces for 1 liter. The hair dye is formulated with metallic shine which serves as a booster for subtle and shiny hair color tones.

The after-treatment of the hair dye is necessary to protect your hair beginning right after the hair coloring has been done. This allows your hair to remain healthy and gives you the best results for your hair dye.

In a box of the Got2b hair dye, you will most often find the following items for use:

  • 1 tube of color cream.
  • 1 application bottle with the developer lotion.
  • 1 tube color for the after-treatment procedure.
  • 1 pair of gloves is necessary to protect your hands during the application of the hair dye.
  • 1 instruction leaflet where all the steps on how to apply your hair dye successfully are stated.

How Do You Use Got2b Hair Dye?

Got2b Unlimited Semi-Permanent Hair Color, 110 Sunburst Collection
Source: Amazon

Got2b hair dye is made very easy to apply by anyone, just as you usually apply your regular conditioner and shampoo.

A pack of hair dye by Got2b often comes with an instruction leaflet that guides you on how to mix and apply the hair dye to your hair in a stress-free method. For each hair dye by Got2b, instructions are written on the pack on how to apply it and achieve the best results.

Below are the basic steps you can make use of in applying your Got2b hair dye:

  • While making use of protective gloves, aluminum foil, a brush and a bowl.
  • Mix the required amount of the hair dye needed for your hair into the bowl and stir with your applicator brush.
  • Go on to apply the Got2b hair dye to your towel-dried hair in layers.
  • You can let it work in your hair by gently massaging it through your hair for like 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Rinse it off and style your hair as desired. The Got2b hair dye is not permanent and so would wash off gradually. It can, however, stay for up to 6 washes or as stated on the particular hair dye.

How Do You Use Got2b Colorpop Silver?

Do you have a different hair color but wish to transform your hair into a vibrant silver color? Then the Got2b silver color pop can be just the right mixture you need.

The color pop is made easy to apply by anyone, like a regular conditioner or shampoo.

Below are some steps you can follow to carefully apply the color pop and also achieve a great result at the end of the day:

  • Make use of protective gloves when you want to apply the color pop to your hair.
  • Apply the Got2b silver color pop on dry hair just as you would with your regular leave-in conditioner.
  • Allow it to work in your hair for as much as 5 minutes or longer to achieve a better color result.
  • Finally, you can choose to wash it out and blow dry your hair to have your perfect silver color.

It is important to note that the Got2b silver color pop can only last for up to 3 washes, which means you might have to reapply the color pop soon again to maintain your desired color. However, the Got2b color pop leaves your hair well nourished with vibrant colors.

The formula is suitable for different hair textures and the silver color pop is particularly recommended for light blonde hair color.

Does Got2b Color Pop Wash Out?

Got2b Color Pop Semi-Permanent Hair Color Mask, Silver, 5.1 oz
Source: Amazon

Got2b Color Pop is a color care mask that adds bright colors to your hair. The color pop lasts up to 6 washes and it is very easy to apply as well.

This means after each wash, you will notice the color pop washing out, but you can still enjoy your vibrant color and have it washed up to 3 to 6 different times. When the Got2b color pop is applied to your hair, you can allow it to work for as fast as five minutes or longer.

At whichever time you choose, the color pop locks in naturally to your hair, giving it a more vibrant color as desired. The 2-in-1 color pop formula, when applied, would definitely leave your hair looking healthy and well nourished.

The color formula is also enriched with nutrients such as Panthenol, coconut and apricot kernel oils. The Got2b color pop is suitable for all hair types and textures, allowing you to be who you want to be with no restraints.


Got2b is a popular hair brand that manufactures and retails different types of hair dyes and colors. The brand maintains that its goal is to enable everyone to live their best lives regardless of their color of hair. You can be who you want to be.

Got2b offers one of the best and most affordable hair dyes on the market. So when you next want to change your hair color, consider going for the Got2b hair dye products.

However, make sure you read through the instructions carefully on the pack and choose the one that suits your hair type and texture.

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