Why Did My Hair Turn Blue After Dyeing Black

Why Did My Hair Turn Blue After Dyeing Black

Why did my hair turn blue after dyeing black? When you dye your hair at home it is usually because you don’t want to go to a salon for several reasons. For most people, it’s usually because of the cost and the time. I know that’s why I dye my hair myself every now and again.

However, in some cases, the end result is not exactly what you had visioned. If you dyed your hair black and it turned blue, there are a number of factors that could have contributed to it.

A toner sometimes causes your hair to turn blue when dyed because when the toner is left in too long, your hair takes on the color of the toner and some toners have a blue or even purple tint.

Another reason is simply that your hair was on the lighter brown to blonde side when you decided to use the black hair dye. Anytime you decide to go more than a shade or two lighter or darker, especially at home, there is always room for error. 

Don’t be embarrassed! Believe me, you are not alone in the home hair dye mix-up. Boxed hair dye that you buy in the store is not the same as what they use in the salon. You made a mistake and have come to the right place to fix it!

I Dyed My Hair Black and it Turned Blue, What Do I Do Now?

How do I fix my mistake and also prevent black hair dye from turning my hair blue in the future? What color was your hair before you decided to dye it black? This question is important to finding the right fix for your hair.

So, let me guess, you wanted to dye your hair black and went to the store and purchased a great shade and couldn’t wait to get home to do it? Right?

That is the most logical assumption, I mean what could go wrong? Then, after you followed the instructions, you slowly realized as your hair dried that something did not go as planned…

Black dye is a color that will cover anything, however, if you are starting out as a light brown or blonde, you may need a filler. A color filler is what is referred to as a color between the one you are now and the one you want to be. The black hair dye needs something to hold onto.

Should I Have Used a Color Filler?

A color filler’s job is to build your hair pigment back up. Typically, most of us have some type of color in our hair already when we decide to try it alone at home. The filler prepares your hair for the next step. You have to climb the ladder gradually! I don’t know anyone who jumps from the bottom step to the top in one leap.

How Do I Fix My Hair?

Once you dyed your hair and blue was the result, you should be able to make a quick trip to the store and get a box of brown hair dye and follow the suggested directions and dye your hair again. That should cover the blue.

To tip the scales even more in your favor, try to look for a boxed hair dye that has orange and yellow undertones. Be sure to make sure you choose the right brown for your hair. There are many different shades of blue and each brown box dye color will have a different result.

For example, if my hair is navy blue, I would want to go with a dark brown. If my current shade of blue looks to be more on the lighter side, I would go with a light brown. Basically, the darker the blue, the darker the brown you need to buy and if your hair is on the lighter blue side then you need to buy a lighter shade of brown.

Why Brown? Brown hair dye will naturally have more orange and copper undertones so it’s better to go this route than try black again. You can also try a variety of reds as well because those colors have orange and yellow undertones too.

The best result when it comes to dyeing blue hair is brown. Brown hair dye has the most success rates when researching what colors best cover blue hair. I try to not argue with past proven results.

Over Processed Hair

Why Did My Hair Turn Blue After Dyeing Black

Is your hair over-processed and damaged? If the answer is yes, just know that by dyeing it again you may risk burning your scalp, hair breakage or it may end up with a stringy feel to it.

Over-processed hair usually happens when hair is abused with bleaching products, perming, or even simply being styled every day with heating tools after being blow-dried. Our hair needs a break just like we do! I try to give my hair an “off day” at least 2 days a week!

On the other hand, if your hair is healthy for the most part and has a track record of taking on color well then you may be surprised at how well it turns out this time around by using a brown shade. Only you know your hair best and you will make the best decision!

Be Prepared To Dye Your Hair 

The next time you are thinking of dyeing your hair black, don’t worry, as long as you do your research. We all try and fail a few times when trying anything like this at home. Trial and error are just a part of life.

When the worst happens, all you need is to follow proper instructions to get you back on track to the color you wanted to be!

Coloring Your Hair at Home

A few key points that will help you out the next time you color your hair at home;

  1. Remember to not look at the shade on the box and think your hair is going to turn out exactly that shade, everyone is different.
  2. When applying the color to your hair, always separate it into sections to assure maximum coverage.
  3. Purchase two boxes of hair dye if your hair is longer and thicker.

Your Hair Is Ever-Changing

Everyone at some point in their life has had a mishap when dyeing their hair at home. If you don’t know anyone who has then they are lying!

However, as long as you do your research and are aware of what could go wrong, you are already one step ahead of the game and most importantly, you will know what to do if the worst does happen.

One thing I do know for certain is that your hairstyle or color is not permanent. It grows long, gets cut short, has a lifetime of styles, and will never be the same every day!

Dyeing your hair black and having it turn blue will be on your most fun hair bloopers list to talk about for the rest of your life! Laugh about it instead of crying about why your hair turned blue after dyeing it black.

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