Does Box Dye Have Bleach?

Does Box Dye Have Bleach

Does box dye have bleach? This is one common question among people contemplating dying their hair. Have you perhaps wanted to dye your hair and didn’t know how to go about it? Or you have probably heard about the dangers of dying hair and are confused as to whether to go ahead with it or not. Well, I’ve been there.

I tend to get so many options to choose from, box dyes, salon dyes, and more. Some say box hair colors are not the best to use as they contain ammonia and other chemicals that could cause damage to your hair. While some think that box dye bleaches your hair, others say it only changes the hair color.

The truth is, using box dyes on your hair is as good as making it prone to damages, especially in the hands of an armature. Box dyes were made for all hair types. It might be perfect for your hair and not cause any harm, and be too harsh on someone else’s hair. Aside from that, they are easy to use. No prior mixing is necessary and they are perfect for you if you want to dye your hair at home.

Hair colors are of 4 major types, temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and finally, permanent hair dyes. Each gives a different shade of color to your hair, just as you want. From the name, you wouldn’t be mistaken to guess that box dyes are hair color boxes. But do they contain bleach?

There are so many angles to answer this from. The first thing we need to understand is that we have hair color and hair bleach. Box dyes change the color of your hair to any other color of your choice, while hair bleach only tones your natural hair color and make it lighter

Is Box Dye Permanent?

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Let’s start with dye types. Although all dye types change the hair color, one does more work than the other. While using a permanent dye means you want to change your hair color permanently and semi and demi-permanent dyes give your hair a dark, sheen tone, temporary dyes are made up of components that make them wash off over time.

When you apply a box dye to your hair, you’re coating the hair shaft of your hair with another color. Using temporary dye means coating your hair shafts to change your natural hair color temporarily. It doesn’t necessarily make use of peroxide to tone your hair.

A semi-permanent dye does not lift the hair cuticle, while a demi-permanent dye does, but gently. They only tone the hair in different ways. A semi-permanent dye functions as a sheer coating. It deposits color on your hair and changes the tone. It neither alters the hair shaft nor lightens the hair color.

On the other hand, A demi-permanent dye gently lifts the hair cuticle and penetrates the hair shaft, thereby giving your hair a darkened color and adding shine to it. It also cannot be used to lighten the hair or cover grey.

A permanent box dye penetrates your hair shaft more than a temporary dye would. When you apply a permanent box dye to your hair, it lifts your hair cuticle by oxidation with peroxide to allow deeper penetration of color, thereby toning your natural hair color a bit, as a hair bleach would.

A hair bleach on the other hand makes your natural hair color lighter. Even though a permanent box dye does the same, they are still not comparable. Bleach lifts your hair shafts and tones your hair, giving it a lighter color. Leaving bleach in your hair for too long will not only make your hair prone to breakage but there’s also a high probability your hair will turn white.

The major difference between a box dye and bleach is that hair colors lift your hair shaft and deposit colors in your hair, while bleach has no color. It only lifts the hair cuticle to lighten your hair color.

Does Blonde Box Hair Dye Have Bleach In It?

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Using blonde box hair color only adds color to your hair, it doesn’t contain bleach. Some blonde box dyes contain bleach, but they are not considered hair color. Box dyes are better and healthier for your hair, they do not lift your hair cuticle as much as bleaches.

Although blonde box dyes, majorly permanent box dye contain some components of bleach-like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, these components aid in making the dye last longer in your hair and do not cause as much damage to your hair as bleach would.

There is another element called lighteners. They also lighten your hair shade like bleaches do, but don’t cause too much damage to the hair. Lighteners only work effectively on brown hair, they have almost no effect on other hair colors.

Is There Bleach In Hair Dye?

Box dyes do not contain bleach as perceived. They give the hair a dark tone, conflicting bleaches which give the hair a lighter shade. Permanent box dyes contain peroxide.

However, they cannot be classified as bleaches as they deposit colors and do not cause as much damage as bleaches do. Lifting the hair shaft will make your hair prone to dryness and in some cases, breakage.

Bleaches lift your hair shaft rigorously, thereby giving your hair a higher chance of breakage when left in for too long. This is why certain shampoos and moisturizers are prescribed to help your hair seal its pores and retain moisture.

Does Box Dye Work On Black Hair?

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If you have black hair, changing your hair color with box dye might be difficult as black hair is different from other shades. It will be difficult to lift the hair color with box dye. However, you don’t necessarily have to use bleach. You only need to look for a specialized, intense dye that’ll work perfectly on your black hair.

Box dyes are flexible. They are easy to use and can be found anywhere, be it your local drug store or a supermarket. It is right that box dyes were made for effective hair color changing at home, but you are advised to go to a salon or at least have a professional help you out.

Is Box Dye Bad For Your Hair?

Box dyes can cause a lot of damage to your hair if not used carefully. The importance of having a professional around is that they can suggest a box dye that wouldn’t be too harsh on your hair. Professionals can help you avoid damaging your hair. They can also prescribe hair moisturizers or other products to use in case something goes wrong.

What To Use Instead Of Box Dye

In case the thought of using a box dye still scares you, there are other natural ways to color your hair. This includes using juice extracts from colored vegetables like Sage, Carrot, and Beetroots.

The juice extracted from the above-mentioned vegetables should be mixed with carrier oils like Olive oil before being added to hair for better results. The use of Henna, Lemon juice, Chamomile tea, and even coffee on the hair can also give your hair a color change.

Some people color their hair with food coloring by mixing a small amount of liquid food colors with gel or conditioners until your desired shade is obtained. Spray-on colors also work well in coloring your hair.

There you have it. Box dyes are safe to use if all instructions are carefully followed. Other methods of changing your hair color have also been listed above just for you. Find what products work perfectly for your hair type and give your hair the color tone it deserves

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