Can You Dye Hair Extensions While in Your Head?

Can You Dye Hair Extensions While in Your Head

Can you dye hair extensions while in your head? We all love convenience, especially when it to styling our hair. It isn’t that we don’t care, of course, but as a relatively hard to control and a large part of our bodies that requires unique care, it can be a hassle. Additionally, maybe it’s just that we want to spice things up or simply get a longer, voluminous, and evenly-colored set of hair for the next day, but to do so, we have to find out, can you dye hair extensions while they’re in your head?

Can You Dye a Weave While it’s in Your Head?

The internet, as always is full of misinformation and anyone with Google can find themselves going down a wormhole of easy yes’s when in reality, the truth comes when you dive a little bit deeper. It is actually always better to dye your weave before installing it into the scalp if possible because of contact with the keratin around the bonded area, which is where the extensions meet the scalp. Doing so breaks down the keratin and causes both the natural hair and weave to shed. In the worst-case scenarios, the weaves can completely deteriorate and fall out. Furthermore, before taking any steps towards dyeing a weave or extensions, it is the preferred method to go to a professional. Most colorists believe that dyeing weaves and extensions when they’re already installed are a difficult process. However, as long as you or your colorist know what you’re doing and follow the proper procedures, it is possible to dye a weave after it’s been installed.

Can You Dye a Weave/Extensions While Installed by Yourself?

If the hair is synthetic, you should stop while you’re ahead. Unfortunately, the synthetic hair used in weaves and extensions will simply not absorb the dye in most shelf-stable drug store kits. The fibers in modern-day synthetic weaves/extensions still contain acrylic, polyester, kanekalon, and PVC, which is polyvinyl chloride. These fibers are much better suited for fabric dyes, although the reported outcomes have been more than inconsistent. Instead, if you’re committed to the synthetic weave, then speak to a colorist about moving forward with dyeing. Nevertheless, you can dye your weaves/extensions while installed by yourself. The most important thing is keeping potential issues both previously mentioned and ones to come to mind.

Can You Dye Remy Hair Extensions?

Remy or Remi hair extensions are some of the most high-quality hair products on the market. They have their well-deserved status because of the fact that they are only made with hair that’s been previously untreated; no chemicals, no coloring, nothing. Thus, each strand in the extension is perfectly intact, with zero stripping, and the cuticles are in perfect condition. So can you dye Remy extensions? Absolutely! As mentioned above, human hair is the best kind of extension to dye. It works perfectly because the processing time for dyeing Remy extensions is the exact same as your actual hair, so colors often end up even and both the extensions and real hair feel the same after dyeing.

How to Dye Hair Extensions While in Your Head?

Can You Dye Hair Extensions While in Your Head In order to avoid your extensions and natural hair looking mismatched and unevenly colored, it is wiser to dye your natural hair and extensions separately. It should also be noted that darker colored extensions may need to be bleached before being dyed a bright or light color as the shade will show up more clearly. The main tools you’ll need include latex gloves, and a developer. First, comb through the extensions to get rid of tangling or knots and make sure they’ve been thoroughly cleaned and dried. Make sure to let the extensions air dry to prevent brittleness. Then, after mixing the dye with the developer in an application bottle by shaking and letting set for 1 minute. During this time, separate the natural hair from the extensions, making sure to cover the bonded area, by securing with shower caps or hair clips. It’s easier to evenly dye the 2 sections separately. Then apply the dye by slathering each strand with dye and going back in with a comb to evenly distribute. Once you’re done with each section, allow it to set and then rinse with warm water and then apply conditioner, then rinse out conditioner with cold water. After it’s completely dried, you should be all set! As a warning, remember that ombre extensions will never come out as a solid color and if you’re thinking of dying extensions a completely different color. Instead, use a semi-permanent dye just in case you make a mistake.

Can You Dye Hair With Microbeads In?

Microbead extensions are a popular option and just like others, if it’s made from human hair, it’s capable of being dyed. However, since the bonding area where the beads meet the scalp is very finite and meticulously constructed, we strongly advise against dyeing by yourself, as not getting the dye around the bonding is very risky and you stand to destroy the hair’s keratin and cause shedding. In addition, for microbeads extensions, dip dyeing is probably the better option.

Can You Dye Your Hair With Nano Ring Extensions In?

Nano rings are another popular extension that can be died. However, I think we’ve established by now that putting dye near the bonded area is a no, no, because as we all know, it will impact the keratin levels and nano ring extensions are no different. In the event that you do get dye on the keratin, because mistakes do happen, it’s best to shampoo several times with an extension safe shampoo to try and regulate any potential damage. Rings can actually slip out when the dye comes in contact with them because of the chemical breakdown. Nonetheless, just like microbeads, dyeing can be done with care. Conclusion So, overall dyeing your extensions after they’ve been installed is a cautionary tale, but certainly not an impossible one. Sure, it’s always better to dye beforehand, but at the end of the day, sometimes we just have to go with the flow and follow the tips and tricks available. The next time you decide to color your extensions while they’re in your head, know that as long as you adhere to the dyeing rulebook, you’ll have a beautiful new hairstyle in no time.

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