Is Revlon a Good Brand?

Is Revlon a Good Brand?

Is Revlon a good brand? For those who don’t know, we are in a new era of seeing the best makeup products.

Revlon cosmetics has been one of the best makeup brands in US drugstores, they happen to be both a brand and a line that produce professional makeup products, from foundation and blush to lipstick, nail polish, and mascara.

The Revlon product brands are not just popular amongst ladies, but they are preferred by lots of professional makeup artists. Whether you use their product or at home, they are unbeatable.

No matter what you want, whether it’s the classic shades or the advanced formulas, this brand has some of the best makeup products you can find in the drugstore. They were established in 1932 by Charles and Joseph Revson who happen to be brothers, and chemist Charles Lachman.

Currently, Revlon is publicly traded and they are based in New York City. Its goal has always been to offer quality beauty products to its large customers at an affordable price.

The Revlon brand was created to restore youthful feeling and fullness due to its unique formula and the way it is applied.

So if you’re asking “is Revlon a good brand”? I’ll tell you yes because that’s why makeup artists prefer to stick to them because they provide excellent results.

Is Revlon a Drugstore Brand?

Revlon Never Enough Lip Unapologetic Limited Edition Lip Kit By Ashley Graham
Revlon Never Enough Lip Kit | Source: Amazon

Currently, the Revlon brand is the leading cosmetics company in the United States. However, it is not a drugstore brand. This is because many poor-performing lines have been sold off by the current board of directors and returned the company to its core brands.

They now offer a complete cosmetics line, from the foundation and nail polish, blush to lipstick, and mascara. They produce some of the best makeup products you can find in stores.

And in case you don’t know, there are differences between drugstores’ high-end makeup.

One of the differences between drugstore and high-end makeup products is the price. Pricing is the real thing that distinguishes drugstores from high-end makeup products.

Is Revlon Hair Dye Good?

Yes, Revlon hair dye is very good. This is because they have a highly pigmented liquid gel formula that is infused with both silk extracts and keratin which helps in strengthening and softening the hair.

You’ll also find out that it doesn’t contain ammonia, so feel confident that you’ll be reducing damage to your strands.

The hair dye can’t penetrate the scalp and reach the follicle which is where the hair grows. This means that Revlon hair dye can’t and does not cause hair loss, but would precipitate hair breakage.

Note that all hair dyes produced by Revlon have been extensively studied and certified to be safe and effective for all consumers. This has been used by both the CIR and the E.U. SCCS. There’s scientific evidence that shows that when you use their hair dye, your hair will be safe as intended.

Is Revlon Hair Dye Good for Black Hair?

Revlon ColorSilk Haircolor, Dark Auburn, 4.40 Total Ounces (Pack of 3)
Source: Amazon

Yes, Revlon hair dye is good for your black hair. This is because it contains no ammonia in its formula, so this should give you confidence that it will reduce damage to your strands.

It is a real deal, as Revlon ColorSilk with UV Defense had a great performance in lab tests, and the shades are multi-tonal giving additional dimension, giving you natural-looking results.

It provides its mettle in the vital permanent hair color measure, gray coverage, both immediately and within four weeks. Though most people will require to recolor their hair using Total Color to cover new hair regrowth which should occur every 4-6 weeks.

Is Revlon Colorsilk Good?

The Revlon Colorsilk happens to be a great product that’s very easy to use, rinses out, and can leave your hair feeling like it’s had a treatment. This is a product that will cover all your regrowth and make you very fresh.

One good thing about this product is that it doesn’t smell too strongly and it is very affordable for everyone. No wonder many people like it.

The Revlon ColorSilk is a permanent hair color kit that offers high-quality hair-dying results when applied at home. It comes with a formula that features Revlon 3D ColourGel Technology which works in delivering natural-looking, and multi-tonal color from the root to the tip.

Not only that, but it also provides you with a UV defense for hair protection against sun damage and gives silk proteins that help in penetrating each strand that leaves hair looking silky, healthy, and shiny.

Is Revlon Hair Dye Good for Your Hair?

Revlon Color Effects Frost & Glow All-In-One Highlighting Kit, Blonde 1 ea (Pack of 2)
Revlon Color Effects Frost & Glow | Source: Amazon

Indeed, the coloring of hair is something that is trending among people for various reasons. Maybe because a lot of youngsters color their hair to show their style and fashion sense.

However, some other stars prefer using it to cover their gray strands. But whatever may be your reason for dying your hair, you need to worry about the health of your hair while you style and color it.

There are many hair-dying products out there that would result in weak, dry, and unhealthy hair, but none is as quality as Revlon’s hair dye product. Revlon hair dye comes with the infusion of the latest technology that grows and cares for your hair.

Their hair dying product is an ammonia-free, tone-on-tone color that provides you with reliable, uniform color, and multi-reflective shiny hair. It also offers you a wide palette of interminable shades and gives you an incredibly versatile color that you want. Revlon hair dye is very good and will simply care for your hair.

 What is the Best Revlon Hair Dryer?

If you’re interested in getting a good hair dryer that would dry your hair quickly, tame frizz, and minimize hair damage, then there’s good news. Have you heard of the best Revlon hair dryer?

Indeed, you can get a salon-like dryer to style your hair at your home. The Revlon hair dryers dry your hair without breaking the strands, it will preserve hair moisture, and minimize frizz. Let’s check it out!

Introducing Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer

Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer | 1875 Watts of Maximum Shine, Softness and Control, (White)
Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer | Source: Amazon

Here’s a 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer which happens to be a professional hair dryer that provides quick drying and maximum shine. This dryer uses infrared heat technology to maximize softness and control.

It is designed using Tourmaline Ionic Technology which minimizes frizz and improves the shine of your hair. It has a triple ceramic coating that provides even heat distribution and minimizes heat damage. It is equipped with a concentrator finger diffuser that would provide you maximum precision for truly customized hairstyles.

Key Features

  • It makes use of infrared heat technology.
  • The product was made with Tourmaline Ionic Technology.
  • It comes with concentrator and diffuser attachments.
  • Comes with 3 hair sectioning clips.
  • Has a cool-shot button.

Dryer Specifications

  • It has 1875 watt drying power.
  • Has 2 heat/speed settings.


  • Provides you with maximum softness and control.
  • It reduces frizz.
  • Improves hair shine.
  • It dries hair quickly.
  • Reduces static.


  • Comes with average-quality attachments.

Is Revlon a Good Straightener Brand?

Revlon 1 Inch Hydra Smooth Steam Straigthener, Orange, 1.10 Ounce
Revlon Hydra Smooth Steam Straightener | Source: Amazon

Yes, their straightener brand is okay. One of the best REVLON straightener brands which are called, Hydra-Smooth Steam Straightener is a good brand.

This is a hair straightener that is based on hydra therapy, and this simply means that the plates of the straightener can infuse your hair with water particles. The straightener has ceramic plates that can help in making your hair smoother and frizz-free after straightening.

It can straighten your hair very quickly which reduces the damage and it gets heat up to 430 degrees to give you the ability to control the heat accordingly. The product can heat up within 30 seconds and thus you don’t require to wait too long.

Is Revlon a Good Makeup Brand?

Revlon makeup brand offers some tried and true products which you can get at the drugstore. Revlon makeup brands are good and they formulate some of the highest quality makeup products available on the market.

Most of their makeup products are exceptional. I love many of Revlon’s foundation products better than those coming from high-end brands that are even many times the cost of Revlon.

Is Revlon a Good Hair Dye Brand?

Yes, their hair dye brand is good. They are the producers of ColorSilk, which is the #1 hair color brand in the USA.

This product is even more popular among African-American women because it has an ammonia-free formula that offers long-lasting, high-definition color and shines beautifully well to give you a natural look.

It is also one of the safest hair dye brands you can find which is why they pride itself as the most natural permanent hair coloring gel producer. Revlon hair dye products are made with herbal extracts that offer nourishment and protect your locks and scalp.


As you can see, Revlon is a good brand that’s well-known for its exceptional products. Their products are generally recognized as safe by the FDA (GRAS).

Just like many other producers, Revlon makes use of BHT in a variety of their products which includes eye makeup, face makeup, lip products, hair dye, skin care, hair masks, body oils, hair dryer, and fragrances.

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