How Long Do Hair Bands Last?

How Long Do Hair Bands Last

I bet you have experienced some of your hair bands losing their elasticity within a few days of use. Have you ever wondered how long do hair bands last? Well, it depends on the type of hairband, the kind of usage, and the thickness of your hair.

Some of them can lose their elasticity within a few days. While some hairbands slowly start stretching over a few weeks and can end up slipping off the hair. Hairbands can even last for months, some people use hair ties for more than six months in their stretchy condition.

Hair ties can snap the very first time you use them or they can last for a long time. Let us look at the different types of hair ties and which ones are reliable for a long period.

Types of Hair Bands Every Girl Needs

Choosing the right hairband for your hair is very important. Using bad ones can damage your hair and cuticles. Sometimes, your precious tresses can get stuck in the fibers of the hairband. This can lead to your hair getting pulled when you are tying them or when you are removing the hairband.

Since we are always trying out something new with our hairstyles, it’s necessary to invest in bands that treat our hair kindly. Let’s explore the different types of hairbands, hair ties, and scrunchies out in the market and find the best ones that are good for your hair.

1. The Telephone Cord Hair Ties

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These trending hair ties have a coil-style spiral design and look like the old telephone cords. The quirky design of these hair ties might not look ideal but they are great for your hair. These spiral hair ties are made from smooth plastic and prevent your hair from tangling and breakage.

The interesting part about these hair ties is that they come in attractive colors and they are waterproof. So, you can wear them while swimming and bathing. You can slide them off smoothly without your hair getting pulled in this process.

2. Soft and Fuzzy Hair Bands

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The fuzzy scrunchies look cute, stylish, and prevent hair tangling. They are delicate on the hair and offer optimum grip and support. Since these hairbands are thick, they will not snap or break easily and you will not spend too much time hunting for them. They are great for naturally thick and curly hair.

3. Satin Scrunchies

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Hairbands that have a silky and soft satin texture are great for hair especially while sleeping. They will not pull on your hair and prevent breakage. Satin scrunchies are durable, versatile and the best part is that they look fancy and elegant. So, you can wear them on any occasion with most of your outfits.

4. Microfiber Scrunchies

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These thick and large scrunchies are gentle on your hair and are easy to put on and take off. You can use them on dry and wet hair. The microfiber material makes it great for wet hair, you can use it to easily tie your hair and it also prevents frizz. You can wear them daily on most casual occasions and also while bathing, swimming, or exercising.

5. Woven Hair Ties

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Hair ties with a soft woven design prevent creasing and hair tangling. These hair ties are lightweight, they sit comfortably in the hair and prevent snagging. You can stylishly wear them on your wrist and use them whenever you need to tie your hair.

The fabric design ensures lasting durability. You can use them to wear ponytails, braids, or buns all day long without worrying about headaches.

How Often Should I Replace Hair Bands?

It is recommended that you wash your hairbands every few days to prevent the accumulation of dirt, oil buildup, sweat, and bacteria. You can replace your hairbands once every two months.

However, if your hairband is in good condition, then you don’t have to. It all depends on your usage and needs. Every year, hundreds of hair ties are lost or thrown away and these hairbands take forever to decompose, so it is important that we invest in hair ties that can be reused and last for a really long time.

The best thing that you can do is wash your hairbands along with your other laundry or hand wash them with a block of basic soap and water to keep them in a clean and good condition.

How Long Can You Keep Rubber Bands on Your Hair?

How Long Do Hair Bands Last

Keeping your hair tied up tightly either in a pony, braid, or bun for an extended period of time can cause strain on your hair follicles. This can result in hair fall, mild headaches, or damaged hair strands. So, it’s always good to give your hair some rest. You can try looser hairstyles or keep your hair half tied and half loose. However, it also depends on your personal experiences.

Some people can keep their hair tied regularly and have no problems. Using the right hair band helps at times, like the spiral coil hair ties, silk scrunchies, and fabric hair bands as they are convenient to use and don’t damage your hair.

A good option is to always carry your hairband around, either by wearing it on your wrist or leaving it in your handbag. This way you can always have access to it when you need to pull your hair back from your face.

How Long Can You Keep Rubber Bands on Your Dreads?

You can keep rubber bands in your dreads for at least a month or two depending upon how quickly the dreads are locking. You can take off the rubber bands as and when the dreads are ready instead of taking them off all at once. Don’t leave the hair bands in your dreadlocks for too long.

What’s important here is that you never tie the bands too lightly or too loosely. Find a middle ground and keep them snug so you can move them.

Does Oil Break Down Hair Bands?

There is no right answer to this as it depends on the types of rubber bands. The elastic of some plastic hair ties snap when they come in contact with certain essential oils. While some suggest applying oil on the hair bands before using so that it is easier to slide them off your hair. This can also prevent hair bands from breaking in hair.

How to Organize Your Hair Bands

One of the most common problems that we go through is losing hair bands. Keeping a track of hairbands can be a super tedious thing to do every day. We are often hunting for them in our handbags, under the pillows, or on the bed. Sometimes we leave them behind in the office, in the car, or at some cafe. If this is something that you deal with every single day, then don’t worry you are not alone.

Hairbands are usually bought in sets or packs and not individually. Let’s see below some of the ways that you can organize hair bands in a fun and efficient manner.

1. Use Macrame Hanging Holder:

Mkono Macrame Hair Bow Holder Hanging Hair Clips Hanger Headband Storage Organizer Boho Wall Decor Bow Organizer for Baby Girls Room, Ivory (Clips and Other Props Not Included)
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It is a lovely handcrafted boho home decor item that can be used to hold hair clips, hair ties, hair rings, and other accessories.

2. Use a Scrunchie Holder Stand

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A transparent holder stand with a hollow inside can be used to store small hair ties inside and the big scrunchies outside. Made from acrylic, this stand will not break and can easily hold more than 10 hair bands.

3. Use a Transparent Stackable Accessory Container

Stackable Clear Plastic Hair Accessory Containers with Lids | set of 3
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In this one there are three drawers with lots of storage space so you can easily organize your hair accessories. It looks sleek and the stackable design makes it perfect for your vanity.

4. Get a Grid Box Organizer

Gospire 36 Grids Clear Plastic Jewelry Box Organizer Storage Container with Removable Dividers (36 Grids - Clear)
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If you are looking for multiple compartments and dividers, then this clear organizer box is just what you need. You can remove and adjust the dividers according to your preferences.

5. Decorative Glass Jars

If you don’t want to buy anything new, then you can also use unused glass bottles or jars to store all your hair bands in one place.


Hairbands are the most important accessories for every woman. Select hair bands that suit your hair and don’t shy away from experimenting with new styles. Good hair bands can make a lot of difference to your everyday life. So save your beautiful tresses from the daily damage of snagging and pulling by investing in hairbands that hold your hair comfortably and in style.

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