How to Keep Necklaces from Tangling


The immediate frustration and irritation that is paired with the process of having to untangle a knotted piece of jewelry is unmatched for many consumers. The struggle and overwhelming urge to yank at a necklace facing these issues can be unbearable for those with little patience. That is why you need to learn how to keep necklaces from tangling so that you can save yourself all these troubles.  These emotions show how important it is to take care of your necklaces.

We have a few quick fixes for tangled necklaces that you can use the next time you are packing for a trip. This should reduce or eliminate issues with tangled or twisted necklaces as much as possible. We also have a few easy solutions for those looking to untangle, store, and layer their necklaces! Taking care of these items doesn’t have to be difficult and this will allow you to enjoy them for years to come.

How to Pack and Travel with Necklaces

One of the biggest nightmares with traveling for many people is the difficulty of packing for your trip especially with packing your jewelry. However, in most situations, you can’t avoid traveling without your necklaces or jewelry especially if you need to dress in a specific outfit where you are going. So learning how to properly store your necklaces when traveling is really important.

Know that it may not be a good idea to just drop or throw them in your makeup case or suitcase.  While this decision may sound easy and convenient, your necklaces can wrap and tangle to a point of extreme frustration and potential breakage. We have a few easy and convenient solutions to share for those looking to extend the livelihood of their necklaces. The next time you are traveling, consider investing in a carrying case for your jewelry. See some nice and cost-effective jewelry cases you can use below:

Travel Jewelry Cases and Organizers 

Not only will these travel organizers allow you to pack multiple items safely in one place, but they will also keep your pieces from tangling and knotting while en route to your destination. There are a variety of organizers to choose from as options generally range from hard carrying cases to soft-pack hanging pouches.

[amazon box=”B07RFG7SV3″ description_items=”2″]

Beautifully designed with a display mirror and it contains various compartments that you can use for rings, necklaces, glasses, watches etc. as well as other types of jewelry. It is portable for travel and this will prevent tangling of your jewelry.


[amazon box=”B079DS472L” description_items=”2″]

The BagSmart Jewelry organizer case is a good option for a portable travel case and jewelry storage bag that you can use for your jewelry including necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets etc. It has various storage options like straps, pins downs, pouches etc. that you can use and prevent your necklaces from getting tangled.


[amazon box=”B07W3L8GL9″ description_items=”2″]

This jewelry travel case is made with leather material and it is a small travel case that can contain most jewelry items so that it will not take up space in your suit case or travel bag. You can conveniently fit necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. It comes with a cleaning cloth for jewelry and detachable pouch that keeps your items from falling out.


[amazon box=”B07R4JGHH8” description_items=”2″]

This travel jewelry organizer is specially to keep your jewelry safe and secure when traveling in a stylish and neat manner. It has storage options that include a bar or ring rolls for holding rings, clasps for wrapping necklaces, and pin boards for earrings. It also has straps for attaching pendants as well as storage pockets.


[amazon box=”B014T5TNYK” description_items=”2″]

This is a small cute travel jewelry organizer for ladies. It is not big enough to carry several jewelry items, it is designed carrying just a few items that you may need for a short trip. It has spaces for necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets etc.

How to Keep Necklaces from Tangling: DIY Method

There are a number of DIY methods that you can use to keep your necklaces from tangling. You can use these methods when packing your jewelry for a trip or whether you just want to store them in a manner that will prevent them from tangling. Some of these DIY methods include:

1. Saran Wrap

On a more DIY level, try wrapping your necklace in a small face towel or in saran wrap. This will keep your item separate from the rest of your accessories and remain aligned.

2. Use Drinking Straws

Another incredibly easy tip for traveling is with the use of straws. Thread one side of your necklace through the straw and clasp it out through the other side. This DIY idea is not only simple but extremely effective if you are looking for a straightforward and quick fix. However, you can only use it for necklaces that smaller than thickness than the diameter of the straw hole.

3. Empty Toilet Paper Roll

For your thicker or potentially shorter pieces, try using an empty roll of toilet paper instead. Follow the same instructions as with the straw and thread your items through the cardboard cylinder.

4. Use Clothes Hanger

Try finding a hanger that you wouldn’t mind sparing, and hang your necklaces from there. You can design and style the hanger to match the color scheme of your room or let your necklaces handle the presentation elements.

Remember once you get to your travel destination, hang your pieces either with a jewelry organizer or with a DIY-hanging device to ensure little to no tangling. These easy, at-home methods will allow for an inexpensive and flexible solution for your packing woes.

How to Layer Necklaces Without Tangling

A current and continuously popular trend within fashion styles is layering your jewelry, particularly necklaces. With a constantly evolving industry that is always shifting focus, finding evergreen trends can be exciting to the everyday fashionista. The layered necklace is an easy way to add something special to your outfit whether it is for the day or date night look, but finding ways to eliminate tangling can be tricky. Some of the simple methods of layering necklaces when wearing them to prevent tangling include:

1. Using a Necklace Spacer

Mixing your favorite pieces to create a more varied appearance is a great way to instantly update your outfit. The problem is how to keep necklaces from tangling on your neck. In order to keep your pieces aligned and intact, we have a few solutions for you! Try purchasing a necklace spacer, that will allow you to clasp your various necklaces onto one metal band. This is definitely a solution for those looking for a quick and easy fix.

2. Combine Necklaces with Different Lengths

Another idea is to layer pieces of altering lengths, so a short necklace is paired with a long or medium segmented one. By wearing metals that aren’t of the same size, you are able to naturally detangle your jewelry. This is one of the easiest solutions because it doesn’t require any extra maintenance and looks amazing when pulled off correctly!

3. Wearing Necklaces/Pendants with Different Weights

A third potential explanation could be displaying elements of contrasting weights. Try wearing a lengthy necklace with a heavier piece or pendant at the end and pair it with a short, delicate chain. This will easily ensure that whatever you are wearing isn’t being held at the same place on your chest and remain super trendy while you’re doing it. Heavier necklaces will fall lower on the front of your upper body and lighter chains will remain closer to your neck.

Whether you are pairing necklaces of altering lengths or wearing those of different weights, be sure to ensure that you take them off carefully so that you don’t tangle them together when removing them.

How to keep Necklaces from Tangling using Storage Ideas

Properly storing your necklaces is the most important part of jewelry safety and security. In order to ensure that your necklace collection is preserved for a long time, you must take this step in the process seriously. There are tons of options when storing your necklaces, so get creative! Whether you are purchasing an organizer from a store or getting crafty, we have some ideas for you.

Jewelry Storage Tips

  • What kind of jewelry storage do you want?  First, establish what kind of storage you are looking for. There are several options for jewelry storage cases that are relatively inexpensive and you can use them for your necklaces and other jewelry pieces. They come in different designs and some of them may even be handmade.
  • Is the storage space enough for your jewelry? It’s important that you choose a storage option large enough to fit all of your items and trendy enough that you still feel like it fits your personality. If displaying your pieces isn’t something that you are looking to do, then there are plenty of options out there in terms of full storage.
  • Try some DIY options: On the DIY level, try the toilet paper or straw option and then place them in a box somewhere safe like under your bed. You can put them in a drawer instead if that would help with personal organization too! If you’re looking through old pieces and feeling unsure of where to put them and seriously considering throwing them away, think again!
  • Your jewelry can appreciate in value or style: You never know what will go back in style years from now or what could potentially be appreciated by someone else or increase in value in the future. Place the unwanted pieces in their own organizer and stick them under your bed until the right time comes
  • Storage options with space considerations: You can also find some storage cases that can be wall-mounted or designed to be fitted as accessory stands which can save you a lot of room space.   If you are in the market for a display piece, then check out some of the suggestions below:

Jewelry Storage Cases 

[amazon box=”B078JDJL31″ description_items=”2″]

An elegant and durable jewelry storage organizer with multiple storage options for all your jewelry and accessories. It has four pullout drawers with side swing compartments and a display mirror. This is a good fit for storage of average/medium amount of jewelry collection.


[amazon box=”B07ZFYPHTX” description_items=”2″]

Large stylish jewelry storage cabinet with full-body mirror and lockable storage ideal for people with large jewelry collection. The cabinet is made from wood and has different compartments. It has LED lights and it can be mounted on the door or wall.


[amazon box=”B07L6P8FK5″ description_items=”2″]

This is a medium-size wooden jewelry storage cabinet with barnwood finish. It is designed to be wall-mounted and it is easy to install.  It has a large space with multiple storage options like hooks, mesh, slots for rings etc.


[amazon box=”B01CZNPY8W” description_items=”2″]

This is a portable jewelry storage box organizer that is ideal for people with average size jewelry collection who may not have a lot of space in their rooms or may want to conserve available room space. The box has several storage spaces and options for different types of jewelry.

With various sizes and styles of jewelry cases and organizers to choose from, you’ll be able to let your jewelry sit on your desk or remain somewhere private like your closet.

Storing your necklaces is a key element to organized success and one that will create a lasting impression on your fashion sense. Keep in mind the tips we featured and find one that works best for you!

How to Untangle Necklaces

Having to spend time untangling necklaces can be an incredibly frustrating part of your day, especially when you you don’t have all the time or patience! There are a few easy solutions to enact before heading to a jeweler when your items become tangled. Always know that this will require a lot of patience. Remind yourself that it is just a knot and there is no need to become overly frustrated with something that you will find a solution to. The following tips and directions can be helpful in untangling your necklace:

1. Unclasp the Necklace: As you begin, remember to unclasp all necklaces that you will be unknotting in order to make it simpler to untangle. If you leave your items clasped together while attempting to untangle them, you will just end up pulling the metal causing the tension of the knot to stress and break.

2. Find and use a straight pin: When you’re trying to untangle a thin, delicate chain, start by using a straight pin. The thinner the needle head you can find, the better. A small safety pin or threading needle will work perfectly in this situation. Place the metal on a flat surface and open the pin in order to separate the knot from the rest of the chain.

3. Work the knot with the needle: Try working the knot out slowly and carefully as moving too quickly could lead to damage or you hurting yourself with the needle! If you find that this solution isn’t working, try rubbing some sort of lubricant onto it, such as baby oil or mineral oil. It is common to use some of the oil to loosen the grasp of the knot.

This should create space between the smooth metal and the tangled portion, in turn, allowing it to become slippery and straighten out. Be sure you are doing this as carefully as possible so your chain doesn’t snap! It can be easy to become irritated as you are attempting to untangle your necklaces, but it is crucial that you don’t pull the chain tighter because this will cause potentially irreparable damage.

Taking a knot to the jewelers is definitely an easier fix than a snapped chain. If you are dealing with a chain larger in width, try starting off easy with your nails to unwrap the piece. Sometimes it can be a quick fix if you are able to grasp the chain and unknot it yourself.

Again, adding oil to the metal may allow for it to loosen at a faster pace. If you aren’t feeling confident with completing this yourself, head to your local jeweler and ask for their assistance. At the end of the day, seeking professional guidance is definitely the way to go in times of hesitation. Remember that the best solution to keeping your necklaces untangled is to store them properly!

A Final Note

With so many ways to appreciate and properly take care of your necklaces, we hope you take these solutions into account the next time you are traveling or storing your pieces. The next time you are taking a trip, remember to pack your necklaces separately with the tips we featured in this article. If you are unable to pick up a jewelry case or organizer, be sure to wrap it up in cling wrap!

When following the latest fashion trends, always keep in mind how trendy you’ll remain if you layer your necklaces. Be sure that when you do, you are attaching them to a spacer or wearing them at different lengths. Storing your necklaces is easy! Keep them separated and neatly arranged with hanging organizers or DIY inventions. And lastly, remember that baby oil is your best friend in times of tangled crisis. Carefully take your pin and begin loosening your oiled chain to reach untangled success.

Remind yourself that patience is key when dealing with difficult knots and if you really can’t find a solution, your local jeweler definitely can! From DIY fixes to purchasing options, there are more than enough ways to extend the livelihood of your jewelry.

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