Is Aquamarine Expensive?

Is Aquamarine Expensive?

Is aquamarine expensive? Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone that is a member of the Beryl mineral family, of which emerald is also a member.

Aquamarine gemstones are often used in making different types of jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and so on. Oftentimes, the aquamarine gemstone is mistaken for the blue topaz because of its close resemblance.

However, they are both different and unique in their own right. As often as aquamarine is found in different kinds of jewelry, many people still ask the question: Is aquamarine expensive?

Aquamarine is quite affordable, and it can serve as a close alternative to diamonds. They do not replace the beauty or efficiency of diamonds, but for those who would like to own a diamond but can’t afford it for the price, they can go with a beautiful alternative, that is, aquamarine.

The use of aquamarine gemstones in jewelry making has gained huge popularity over the years, and most celebrities have adorned this piece of jewelry. Among them is Meghan Markle, who inherited the aquamarine jewelry from her mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Is Aquamarine Expensive?

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Aquamarine is famous as the cousin of the emerald gemstone since they are from the same Beryl family. Aquamarine is not so expensive to buy.

Aquamarine is a semi-precious gemstone, hence its affordability and difference from precious stones like the diamond. Aquamarine is mined naturally from igneous rocks and it has beautiful color variants like blue, green, black, and grey.

The aquamarine gemstone is quite similar to the blue topaz in its color and it may be difficult to tell them apart by just looking at them. However, they both have varying features. For example, the aquamarine stone would fade in sunlight while the blue topaz would not change its color.

Aquamarine is mined in different parts of the world. The most notable is in Pakistan, where it can also be found in parts of the United States, Brazil, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Sri Lanka, and Russia.

Why is Aquamarine Expensive?

Aquamarines can be said to be expensive because they are naturally occurring and also rare to find. Although a semi-precious stone, the aquamarine price varies particularly with its size and also it’s color intensity.

The gemstone occurs in a variety of colors, but the blue or greenish-blue aquamarine is considered the most expensive of the gems. Also, a darker-colored aquamarine would cost much more than a light or pale-colored aquamarine.

Visible inclusions and also the size of the aquamarine would again determine the price of the stone. Aquamarines are popularly used in different types of jewelry making and they are rated highly in the jewelry market.

How Expensive is Aquamarine?

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You can get aquamarine jewelry for as low as $700 and as high as $2000 or more, depending on your pocket size. Aquamarines are, however, a less expensive alternative to other precious stones like diamonds or rubies.

Since aquamarines occur in various color shades, buyers have a wide selection of available options to choose from. If you are on a budget, getting aquamarine jewelry is much more affordable than other types of precious stones.

It is important to note, however, that aquamarines can either be a light shade or darker in color. The darker colors get more value and market price than the lighter shades.

Also, the similarities between the blue topaz and the aquamarine may make it difficult for you to tell them apart. That is why it is important you make your purchases from trusted sellers so as not to get scammed or short-changed.

What Color Aquamarine is Most Valuable?

The blue color of the aquamarine stone is considered the most valuable of the stones. There are various color variants of aquamarine, but blue stands out more like the most valuable and expensive.

Aquamarine is known as the birthstone of March-born babies, and its green color variant is said to give prosperity and luck to the wearer. The black and white or grey aquamarine are also beautiful colors of the gemstone, but they are not considered to be as valuable as blue or green.

They also do not cost much to buy, and they are easily available for purchase. It is also important to note that the deeper the blue color of the aquamarine, the higher its value.

So, the next time you go shopping for blue aquamarine jewelry, look for the intensity of the stone’s color. When it comes to the value and pricing of this gemstone, the deeper colored stones are more expensive than the pale-colored ones, no matter the color variants you choose.

If you want to buy an expensive aquamarine, consider going with the less expensive, less brightly colored stones, as they are much more affordable.

Is Aquamarine More Expensive Than Diamonds?

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No, diamonds are much more expensive than aquamarines. However, aquamarine gemstones can be used as an alternative to diamonds as they are more affordable and still give the same feel as a precious stone.

Aquamarine has a variety of colors from blue to green, grey, and so on. They are also easily available, but the colored diamonds are very rare and even very expensive to buy.

The bigger diamonds are much more expensive than the smaller ones, and their current value and demand in the market are used to determine the price of the diamonds.

A small piece of diamond jewelry can cost well over $4000, while the same size of jewelry for aquamarine would cost much less than the diamond price. Depending on your budget and jewelry needs, you can choose between diamonds or aquamarine gemstones.

Are Aquamarine Stones Expensive?

To consider the price or value of an aquamarine gemstone, the 4Cs, that is, clarity, cut, color, and carat, need to be put into check. The price of aquamarine varies a lot, and the bigger the size, the more expensive it will get.

Also, the darker-colored aquamarines are considered higher in value and price than the light-colored ones. If there are visible inclusions in the stone, it reduces the value and market price of the aquamarine.

Depending on the size and color intensity, one carat of aquamarine can cost around $700. Above all, the color of the aquamarine is very important in grading the aquamarines and also in setting a price or its market value.

How Much is Aquamarine Per Carat?

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A carat of the aquamarine stone may cost about $700. However, buyers may need to consult the value chart or a dealer of the aquamarine to get the actual price of the stone.

As the carat increases, there is also a rise in the price of aquamarine. The aquamarine gemstones occur naturally, and the higher the color intensity or the bigger the size of the aquamarine, the more expensive it will get.

Although it is less expensive than ruby or diamond in price, value, and availability. Before buying a piece of aquamarine jewelry, make sure to consult an expert or the value chart so that you don’t make mistakes or pay for the wrong piece of aquamarine jewelry.

Blue Topaz vs Aquamarine: Which is More Expensive?

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Aquamarine is more expensive than blue topaz. Although they both share a physical similarity, especially in color, you may not be able to tell the difference by just looking at them.

The blue topaz is produced by the use of radiation on a colorless topaz, which makes it easier to access than aquamarine. This is because aquamarine occurs naturally, making it rare to find.

Both blue topaz and aquamarine are beautiful gemstones that are used in the making of different types of jewelry.

Aquamarine is more valuable and higher in price than blue topaz. Due to the similarities of both gemstones, it is easier to mistake a blue topaz for aquamarine.

Therefore, if you want to buy your aquamarine jewelry, you would have to pay close attention so that you don’t get scammed or given a blue topaz instead of aquamarine.

Are Aquamarine Rings Expensive?

Aquamarine rings are quite affordable as they are semi-precious stones. Emerald and aquamarine are close relatives as they are both from the Beryl family.

If you are on a budget and would like to buy a natural, beautiful occurring ring that may have a similar appeal to the diamond ring. Buying an aquamarine ring is much more appropriate.

There are different color variants of the aquamarine, and you can get a slightly brighter color of the stone than the deeper ones. This is because the deeper-colored aquamarines are higher in value and much more expensive than the pale-colored ones.

However, they would still give you the satisfaction you want from owning a rare piece of jewelry.

Is Aquamarine More Expensive than Sapphire?

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Similar to the question asked by many jewelry lovers, if aquamarine is expensive, they also ask if the sapphire gemstone is more expensive than the aquamarine. The short answer is no.

Sapphire is a precious stone, whereas aquamarine is a semi-precious stone, so sapphire is the more expensive of the two. Sapphires have a deeper indigo color, which makes them stand out, and they also have inclusions that may not be visible due to their darker color.

Another notable difference between the two gemstones is that the aquamarine easily changes its color or it fades out in sunlight if left for a long time, while the sapphire does not fade or change its color in the sun. Sapphires are harder and stronger than aquamarine stones.

Sapphires can be lab-grown and they would cost less than the natural aquamarine, which is mined naturally.


Aquamarine is a beautiful natural occurring gemstone that has gained huge popularity in the jewelry-making industry. Like a rare gem, aquamarine is associated with March-born babies as their birthstone.

Owning an aquamarine piece is a great investment and, since there are various types of stone, it makes it easier to make your choice of purchase. When you’re ready to buy aquamarine jewelry, consider the differences between blue topaz and aquamarine.

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