Important Factors I Use in Finding Custom Jewelry Near Me and How You Can Use Them

Custom Jewelry

What is Custom Jewelry?

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Custom jewelry is a unique, personal piece of jewelry that is often conceptualized and designed to bring out your unique sense of style, expression and fashion. Custom made jewelry is not commonly found, or generally available on the market.

Most people use customized or personalized jewelry for very special purposes. There are certain factors I consider when searching for custom jewelry near me, and anybody can use this guide or information to get the best options and value for any kind of custom jewelry they want.

The interesting part is that you can use this information to find some of the best jewelry deals available and not just for custom made jewelry. Consider the following things as you search for custom jewelry around your location:

How I Search for Custom Jewelry Near Me?

I usually make up my mind about the kind of custom made jewelry I want to get before I start searching for it. This makes it easy for me to know what I am looking for and where to check for it. It is important to begin your search by first identifying the kind of jewelry you want to customize and to have an idea about what the design should look like. There are different types of custom jewelry and if you don’t know what you want, you may end up with something you don’t like.

Experienced custom jewelers can make bespoke jewelry from any material from the common materials like Gold, diamond, silver, platinum, titanium etc. to the not so common materials like marble, beads, coral shells etc.  All these materials can be used in making special and unique jewelry designs for various purposes.

Another way that experienced jewelers create custom jewelry is by using old jewelry to make new jewelry. This is essentially repurposing or redesigning old jewelry to make it look new with a new design.  This type of custom jewelry is very common with people who have inherited classic or vintage jewelry that has been passed down the family line over several years, which allows them to create highline custom jewelry later on.

Custom Jewelry Shops and Buyers Near Me

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The next thing to do is to identify the businesses or people who deal in custom jewelry in your area. One of the first questions to ask yourself is “who makes custom jewelry around me, or who sells custom jewelry near me?” chances are you may just find a jeweler around your location that makes great custom jewelry that you cannot find anywhere else.

Remember what we said earlier, you need to know the kind of custom jewelry you are looking for or want to make. This will help you know the right jeweler that can make it for you. As you are looking for custom jewelry designers in your area, you need to also assess their skills and ability to create the kind of jewelry you want to have. You can determine their skill level generally by asking to see some samples of jewelry they have designed before (even if it is wax models or samples).

Ask questions about the time they need to complete a custom jewelry order etc. Speak with them generally about what you are looking for and this may help you to know whether (or not) they are the right jeweler for you.  

The Purpose of  Custom Jewelry

Another important factor that you need to consider before getting custom jewelry is what you want to do with it. There are different things that you can use custom jewelry for, and this usually determines several things like the kind of design to use in making it, how much you are willing to spend on it, the kind of materials to use etc.

You can invest in a custom made jewelry for special occasions or events like engagement, wedding, graduation, birthdays, promise rings to show commitment to your loved one etc.

You can decide to create your jewelry with custom features like a pendant, or personalized bracelets and necklaces designed with names, messages or special abbreviations. You can even decide to do something or get a design that is uniquely yours for whatever purpose or occasion. It’s all up to you to decide what you want.

Reviews and Recommendations for Custom Jewelry Near Me

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Getting custom jewelry can be a huge financial investment or cost so it’s important to ensure that you are doing business with the right jeweler. You should avoid any person or business that will not treat you well or do a poor job.

Most people getting custom made jewelry usually have a sense of emotional attachment to that jewelry, so it is important to ensure that any jeweler you choose provides you with a great sense of satisfaction and customer experience.

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can find out about the reputation and performance of most businesses these days. This will help you guess what your experience will likely be when doing business with any jeweler.

Make sure the business is properly registered with relevant local authorities and it belongs to a local umbrella organization of businesses in that area like better business bureau ( or local chapter or chamber of commerce. This will give you the confidence that you are not doing business with an unknown person/business especially when you are spending significant amounts of money.  

You can also read reviews and recommendations that previous customers have left about their experience doing business with these jewelers.  These reviews can be found on sites like, Google local business, and even on facebook.

You can take an extra step and contact some of these people on social media sites like Facebook who have left a review (whether good or bad) to find out more about their experience. Most people will be willing to talk to you about it and they may provide a lot of useful information that will help you get the best experience and value from your investment in custom jewelry.  

Finding Deals from Stores Selling or Making Custom Jewelry

I guess everybody (including you) loves deals, right? Won’t you like to save some money and get some great value on your custom jewelry? Yes! It’s possible. You can get all of these by asking for discounts, special rebates (if you’re a regular customer), or special pricing (maybe a promotional offer).

The thing is, you will never know about some of these deals till you ask specifically for them. So, don’t be too shy to ask, the business or jeweler also want to earn your business so they may be willing to make you a nice offer too.

You can plan your purchase ahead of time to take advantage of promotions during holiday sales periods.

Do not forget to ask for guarantees on the custom jewelry you are paying for. You should have that assurance that the jeweler or business will take back the jewelry or offer you a refund if the jewelry does meet your specifications, or if anything is wrong with it.

Also, find out about the time it will take for your jewelry be made ready. This will help you to make plans if you need to use the custom jewelry product for a specific event. You don’t want to have last minute surprises (your custom jewelry isn’t ready when you need it).

Is there any Custom Jewelry Repair Shop Near Me?

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If you are willing to spend significant money on a custom jewelry piece, it will be wise to make sure that you know or have a reliable repair shop you can go to when you need to fix any part of the jewelry that is broken. Most times, custom Jewelers are also good at fixing broken jewelry. Some may even be very good at redesigning broken jewelry or using it to create a new custom jewelry altogether.

I always consider previous reviews of any custom jewelry repair shop near me before deciding to use them.

The Different Types of Custom Jewelry

There are different types of custom jewelry that you can make or buy for your special occasion or event. Some people who love bespoke jewelry may just want to create their own unique style of fashion that makes them stand out wherever they are.  

One of the things I usually consider when searching for custom jewelry near me is to find jewelry shops that have a variety of these custom jewelry so that I can have multiple options to available to me. Some of these custom jewelry include:

Custom Engagement Rings: Custom engagement jewelry rings are typically used for a very important event in the lives of couples or lovers when they commit to eventually getting married. For many people, it is a very important and emotional event for them and that is why they symbolize it with a custom engagement ring.

There are a few things to consider when getting a custom engagement ring. You need to find out the correct ring size that will fit on your partner’s finger. It will be a huge mistake if you get this wrong. It will cost you more money to fix it and your partner may feel disappointed that you don’t know this important information about them.

You may also have to find out a few things that your partner really cherishes and incorporate it the ring design. For instance, their favorite colors, stones or gems,  favorite ring material (gold, silver, platinum, etc), and may any favorite quote or abbreviation can be good things to incorporate into a design.

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Custom Engraving Engagement Ring | Source: Amazon

Custom Wedding Bands: Weddings are landmark events in the lives of many people, and that is why those who can afford custom wedding bands jewelry usually choose to use it as a symbol of their union. Some people may be fortunate to have vintage wedding bands passed down to them by their parents, why others may have to find it or design and pay for it by themselves at a local custom jewelry store. The most important thing is to cherish this unique symbol of your union and enjoy your wedding day.

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Custom Promise Rings: Promise rings are becoming increasingly popular and you can make custom promise rings for your loved one. These rings are usually a symbol of commitment to someone, a token of the promise(s) you have made to someone you care about. They are commonly used for symbolizing promises made to loved ones about chastity, friendship, long distance relationships, and even promises you may have made to yourself. Custom promise rings are usually very simple jewelry that reminds you about the promise or commitment you have made to somebody.

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Custom Jewelry Pendants: Pendant is a jewelry piece that hangs on a necklace or chain worn around the neck. You can make a customized pendant to wear on a necklace. This is a cost-effective way of getting custom jewelry. You can design the pendant in several ways that will make it unique and beautiful when you wear it.

Pendants can be designed by inscribing words on a piece of jewelry material (gold, silver, etc.) of any shape. You can inscribe your nickname, name initials, or favorite word or quote on a pendant.

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Personalized Bracelets: Bracelets can be customized into unique jewelry just for you. There are beautiful designs of personalized bracelets for both guys and ladies. Some of these designs are usually centered around favorite names, abbreviations or name initials, favorite numbers, or dates that are special to you. Custom jewelry bracelets can be made with any material like gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel etc. The material usually determines the cost of the bracelet.

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Personalized Rings: This is one type of custom jewelry that is relatively easy to personalize in a manner that shows your unique style. Both guys and ladies can easily personalize their rings using a variety of design elements depending of course on how much they are willing to spend. You can decide to add studs (diamond studs or other precious stones) on your ring, and include a name or initials, or anything you want to reflect as your personal style. A good custom jeweler should be able to help you do this easily.

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Custom Necklaces: Necklaces can also be customized relatively easily depending on the kind of material you use and the kind of design elements you want to utilize. Custom necklace jewelry usually features unique chain designs and pendants that are normally personalized by using unique shapes, favorite words, name initials etc. Names, words or name initials can be engraved on a pendant beautifully by using simple techniques at a custom jewelry store near you.

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Custom Jewelry Box: If you want to present your custom jewelry in a unique and memorable way, using a custom jewelry box may just be one of the best ways to do it. Most jewelry is presented or packaged in beautiful cases that are often generic. You can design a customized case in a theme that fits perfectly with your custom jewelry. Common design elements that can be used include special names, name initials, custom quotes, colors, and accessories like stones, studs etc. These boxes can also serve as custom jewelry storage boxes.

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How Much does it Cost to Make a Custom Jewelry?

Custom jewelry is usually more expensive than generic jewelry. The cost varies widely depending on the material and design. Custom jewelry made from materials like gold, silver, diamonds is usually more expensive than the generic custom made jewelry. However, you can find some good custom jewelry with as little as $50 in some cases.

How Much does it Cost to Engrave a Necklace?

The cost of engraving can vary too depending on your location and vendor or jewelry store. However, it is common to find engraving costs that are as low as $10. The cost can be more than that depending on the material and what you want to engrave (words, characters, symbols etc.).

Can You Engrave Silver Plated Jewelery?

Yes, you can do this. Just take the jewelry to a jewelry store near you and they will help you or let you know what to do.


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