How Much is a Pink Diamond Worth?

How Much is a Pink Diamond Worth?

How much is a pink diamond worth? Pink diamonds are estimated to be worth at least $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) per karat and they can be as much as $1,000,000 (one million dollars) per karat depending on the density of the pink shade. It is common knowledge that real diamonds are worth quite a lot, more than the average stones produced by nature in fact.

However, some diamonds are even more highly valued than others and pink diamonds are one of them. Due to its extreme rarity, with them making up less than one percent of the Argyle mine’s production, a one-carat pink diamond can cost anything between a hundred thousand dollars and one million dollars.

What are Pink Diamonds?

Pink diamonds, which are also known by their generic name as fancy color diamonds since they belong to the subcategory of diamonds that exhibit any kind of color, are simply diamonds with a pink hue.

Although different reasons have been given for their pink color and how it comes to be, one that they are greatly credited to is the larger and heavier pressure pink diamonds endure when they’re been formed.

With over ninety percent of the world’s supply of natural pink diamonds sourced from a volcanic lamproite pipe at the Argyle Mine in Australia rather than the usual kimberlite pipe where most of the diamonds in the world are found, natural pink diamonds are not only extremely scarce. But they also possess a more complicated structure compared to white diamonds and this takes the even harder to polish.

Other areas that produce pink diamonds are India, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, and Canada.

Types of Pink Diamonds

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Like every other colored diamond be it brown – the most common, or red – the second rarest to pink, the pink diamonds also vary by categories such as carat size, color intensity, color combinations, clarity, cut, shapes, etc., and these are all determinants of its price.

It is important to be well-versed in these differences so as to make a well-informed decision when planning to purchase a pink diamond. The types of pink diamonds in categories are:

1. Color Intensity

As for their color intensity, which is the level at which a color can be detected through a stone and can also be referred to as its shade, pink diamonds are more often than not discovered in the following intensity levels graded by the GIA:

  • Faint
  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, or Fancy Dark

The higher the intensity levels of a pink diamond, among other things, the higher its price level.

2. Color Combinations

Although there is something quite appealing about a pure pink-colored diamond, sometimes the mixture of colors to give one unusual and unique color can even be considered more appealing. Apart from pure pink color, there are other secondary colors in which pink diamonds are formed with overtones of orange, brown, or purple.

Some of the color combinations of pink diamonds are:

  • Brownish-orange pink diamond
  • Brownish-pink diamond
  • Brown pink diamond
  • Purplish pink diamond

Due to the fact that each color intensity level and color combinations vary with each diamond color. Pink diamonds are graded slightly differently and sometimes the metal colors, such as rose gold, of the settings are chosen according to the stone’s color.

3. Carat Size

The weight measurement for diamonds is referred to as Carats which should not be mistaken for Karat; the standard of purity for gold, and one carat is equivalent to about .02 grams which are equal to about an office paperclip.

The ranking of Carats is done on a scale of a hundred points, which means a fifty-point gemstone equals 0.50 carats. And of course, the heavier the carat, the higher the price of the pink diamond.

4. Clarity

This is the transparency and level of inclusions in a pink diamond gemstone and the higher the clarity of a pink diamond, the more expensive it is although it isn’t particularly easy to find a pink diamond completely flawless in clarity.

Estimated Worth of Pink Diamonds

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With pink diamonds being the most expensive natural diamond color in the market today, with the exception of red diamonds, a high- quality pink diamond can cost up to $700,000 per carat.

The estimated worth of pink diamonds which can skyrocket as their size and color intensity grows, causing the prices to vary a lot, is $10,000 for a less intense pink diamond and $700,000 per carat for a deep and intense pink diamond.

The price of a one-carat pink diamond crystal could range anywhere from $30,000 and $100,000 based on the grading criteria mentioned above for colored diamonds. As for high-end markets which consist of diamond investors and collectors who attend auctions, pink diamonds can sell for a million to three million dollars per carat.

With the continuous monthly increase in the price of pink diamonds and their ever-growing rarity, specialists do not foresee an end to this trend as there’s even more possibility that pink diamonds are worth much more in a few years than they are now.

Another factor that has an impact on the pricing of pink diamonds is the presence of secondary colors. For example, a pink diamond with a purplish overtone is possibly less expensive than a purely pink-colored diamond stone.

Why are Pink Diamonds More Expensive?

Diamonds they say are a girl’s best friend, even more so are pink diamonds and this is largely due to the fact that the color pink is regarded by society as romantic, soft, and feminine.

What makes pink diamonds even more appealing and unique from all others is their extreme rarity, with their lone source being the Argyle Mine in Kimberly, Australia. This has caused them to be considered even more precious and highly admired by elites across the world.

Even more, is the fact that pink diamonds have been known to be purchased by highly influential figures in society and famous celebrities. Be it in the form of a beautiful brooch gifted to the Queen of England, stunning engagement rings owned by actresses Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively, or the dazzling bejeweled crown that is a part of the Iranian Crown Jewels in Tehran.

This has caused a deep wave of a sensation amongst the public which gives way to the increased pricing of the gemstone.

How Rare is a Pink Diamond?

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Amongst the fourteen million carats of diamonds that are mined every year, about 0.01% of them are colored diamonds while only 0.0001% of the 0.01% are pink diamonds. Although pink diamonds have been found in areas like India, Brazil Russia, etc., ninety percent of them are presently produced in Australia.

Evidenced by the now smaller-sized crystals that are now being found and the reports surfacing that extraction of pink diamonds would be stopped at the Australian mine by the end of 2020. Pink diamonds are about to be even more rare, bordering on gradual extinction.

As a result of their limited nature, exclusivity, monthly increased demand, and reduction in sizes, it is a wise move and lucrative opportunity to invest in pink diamonds. Which have risen 180% in price in seven years between 2019 and 2016 according to the Fancy Color Research Foundation.

There are even rarer pink diamonds like the Pink Star which get their hue from impurities that occur during their creation, and at a whopping sum of 71.2 million dollars. The CTF Pink Star was the last most expensive pink diamond to go on sale.

Shapes of Pink Diamonds

Variety is the spice of life and people who are interested in making a purchase for the perfect pink diamond stone are also conscious of its shape. Some of the various shapes of pink diamonds are as follows:

1. Round

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2. Cushion – which could be described as Brownish Pink Cushion

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3. Heart

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4. Marquise

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5. Oval

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6. Pear- which could be described as Faint Pink Pear

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These shapes, which come in different colors, can be personalized to your taste especially if it is meant to be designed as an engagement ring. There are three pink diamond engagement ring types which include the three-stone setting, the halo setting, and the double halo setting.

Alternatives to Pink Diamond

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Not everyone can afford the incredibly expensive pink diamonds and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Instead of breaking the bank and going way past your budget, there are other alternatives to pink diamonds that are just as closely similar in terms of color, hardness, and use.

A popular alternative for pink diamonds is pink sapphires with pinkish purplish shades, which are made of an element called corundum that makes up sapphires and rubies. Although not as rare as pink diamonds, the pink sapphires are also quite popular and rare in their group.

Another alternative to pink diamonds which is also considerably less expensive is lab-created diamonds. These are synthetic, man-made, created, and cultured diamonds much more affordable than their natural counterparts.

Lab-created diamonds are grown in a laboratory where the process natural stones endure under the earth is simulated for a short amount of time and under specific controlled conditions. They can also be very similar in every aspect to natural stones and only an expert with tools could detect the difference between these synthetic diamonds and the natural ones.


Pink Diamonds are as rare and exclusive as they come and are only going to become rarer as the years’ pass which is why it is a lucrative investment opportunity to be involved in. However, whether or not you choose to purchase a pink diamond or an alternative, it is best to do extensive research on the factors that might affect the pricing so as to get your money’s worth.

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