How Many Times Can You Resize a Ring?

How Many Times Can You Resize a Ring?

How many times can you resize a ring? A ring can be resized only twice in its life span, and this can be made attainable because of the quality materials used in its manufacturing process. Ring resizing is a common practice among jewelry owners.

A ring is supposed to sit comfortably on your finger and be easy to remove and slide down your finger with no problems. When the ring becomes difficult to wear or remove, you may need to take it to a jeweler for resizing.

Also, the design of the ring would determine if it could be resized more often than the estimated time to retain its beauty.

If a ring is designed with beautiful gemstones, it may make it impossible to be resized because the gemstones would be destroyed in the process. However, some jewelers can resize these types of rings once in the lifetime of their beauty.

The resizing of a ring should not be too difficult or time-consuming, but for highly designed rings with gemstones, it may take longer and a different technique may be used.

Reasons for Resizing a Ring

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There are different reasons which may influence the need for you to have your ring resized. If you also get a store-bought ring with the wrong size, you may be left with the only option which is to resize your ring. Some of these reasons can be:

1. Weight Loss or Gain

When you have a ring that was purchased when you had some weight on, but after going through a weight loss journey, you find out that the ring doesn’t fit anymore. This would cause a ring to resize unless you do not want to wear it anymore.

The same also happens when you gain weight; the ring may become too narrow for your finger, hence the need for a resize.

2. Inherited rings

If you inherited a ring from your grandmother or it was transferred as a family heirloom, it may not be your size. You can choose to resize the ring to fit your finger or keep it safe until it is passed on to the next person.

3. Proposals

If your partner surprises you with a ring that is not your correct size, you may need to have it resized so that it fits perfectly. Most of the time, people find out that for proposals, they usually get the wrong size of the ring, and this would need resizing for it to be worn.

How Many Sizes Can You Resize a Ring?

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A ring can be resized up or down; that is, it can be made smaller or larger depending on your needs. Also, before a ring is resized, the type of material and design are put into consideration to be careful and not damage it during the resizing process.

When a ring is resized, it may lose its strength and become susceptible to cracks or damage. Therefore, before deciding on whether to have your ring resized, discuss with your jeweler a different option if possible.

Can You Resize a Ring Smaller? 

Rings can be resized either to make them bigger or smaller, but most jewelers have said that resizing a ring to make it smaller is much easier than making it bigger. For a ring to be resized to a smaller size, a portion of the ring is cut out and then it is joined back together to create a new piece.

This procedure is known as “soldering,” and it is faster and usually takes a few days to get done. Resizing a ring to be smaller is very easy for simple rings with fewer designs, but those with more sophisticated designs may be difficult or take up a lot of time before they are carefully resized.

Can You Resize a Ring-Up?

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Rings can be resized in two ways: up or down, depending on whether they need to be made larger or smaller. For a ring to be resized, the jeweler would need to add some extra materials or metal to make it larger.

Resizing a ring is not always easy because some ring designs and materials are not readily available and also stretching of the ring can cause it to get weakened and then get damaged due to too much bending. Jewelers size a ring up by cutting and adding more metals before it is soldered together and polished for a clean look.

How Many Times Can a Ring be Resized?

The decision to have your ring resized would depend solely on your needs. A ring can be resized either up or down as you wish.

If the ring is too narrow or small for your finger, it will be resized, and vice versa for a ring too wide or big for your finger. For resizing a ring, it would have to be cut and expanded, which usually takes lots of work to do.

Only an experienced jeweler can carefully resize a ring without getting it damaged.

On average, a ring can be resized twice in its life span, but sometimes exemptions can be made where a ring is resized more than twice. When resizing a ring more than once, there is a need to take adequate care because it may weaken the ring, causing it to be fragile or damaged.

Some specially made rings cannot be resized at all, and if done, it would damage the ring entirely.

Do You Lose Gold When You Resize a Ring?

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During the process of resizing a ring, there is a loss of metal as some portion of the ring is cut out. When the ring is sized up, that is, when it is made bigger, there is no loss of metal or gold.

To get clarity, you can ask your jeweler about the amount of gold lost during your ring resizing.

Does Getting a Ring Resized Damage it?

Resizing your ring may allow the metal and band to be weakened, causing it to crack or break off. The bottom part of the ring is usually put under lots of pressure and heat when a ring is resized, causing it to get broken if the pressure is too much.

After getting your ring resized, you have to be careful about how it is worn henceforth to limit the pressure it comes into contact with. Also, have the resizing done by a professional so that it is done correctly and does not become damaged after a few uses.

Resizing a ring should never affect the ring’s appearance or design if done properly.

How Much Will it Cost to Resize My Ring?

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When it comes to the cost of resizing a ring, it would depend on whether it is resized up or down. In the case of resizing a ring to make it wider, it would cost so much more because an additional material would be needed and this may not be easily sourced.

While the cost of resizing a ring to a smaller size is always cheaper and more affordable.

A ring can only be resized, on average, up to two times to preserve its durability and design. Some jewelers would refuse to resize your rings because of the vulnerability of the metal and also if it is of a complex design.

If your ring is specially designed, it may cost you more money to get it resized because of the scarcity of the material used in its production.

There is no known exact estimate of how much the resizing of a ring would be as it is also dependent on your jeweler. On average, it can cost between $20 and $100, as the case may be.

Here are some of the factors which could affect the cost of resizing a ring, aside from the time and work put into it.

1. Type of Material

The type of material or metal used in the ring’s creation would go a long way in determining how much it would cost to get it resized. For example, a sterling silver ring would be very easy to resize, while a white gold ring would entail much work and time because of its material and the need to be replaced with rhodium.

2. Ring Size

The ring size, whether up or down, is also put into consideration when deciding on the cost of resizing the ring. A ring that needs to be resized smaller would cost less than a ring that needs to be made bigger.

3. The Thickness of the Ring

The thickness and weight of the ring are also factors that can affect the cost of resizing a ring. Rings made with heavy metals would cost much more to be resized than rings made with thin metals.


Before resizing your ring, you would need to consider a lot of factors that can affect the cost of resizing it. Resizing your ring can be the best option if you want to wear your ring comfortably.

Before you resize your ring, consult with an experienced jeweler who will be able to resize your ring properly without getting it damaged.

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