Is Turquoise Expensive?

Is Turquoise Expensive

Is turquoise expensive? Turquoise is a beautiful gem stone that is opaque and is composed of phosphate, copper, and aluminum. This gem comes in a blue-green color, which makes it stand out beautifully among other types of stones.

Turquoise has been in existence for many decades and many cultures prize the stone very highly due to its unique features. People who know little about this gem often ask, Is turquoise expensive?

The simple answer is yes, but not only is it expensive, but it is also very rare and highly valued. Turquoise is mostly found or mined in areas with dry or arid climates where it can form in very good conditions.

You can find turquoise in places such as the United States, China, Egypt, etc. There are different types of turquoise, such as lander blue, lone mountain, bisbee, and number eight, with lander blue being the most popular of them all.

Is Turquoise Expensive?

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The simple answer is yes. Turquoise is a gemstone that has a very high value and it is also rare, making it very expensive to purchase.

The famous type of turquoise, which is the lander blue, is characterized by its blueish color, which makes it distinct and appears very beautiful. This stone can be purchased by anyone who values history and wants a piece of culture.

The turquoise stone has been known to be in existence for a very long time, which measures several decades. The stone has a beautiful appearance, and it is also known to have some spiritual meanings attached to its use.

It is important to check for genuine turquoise before buying so that you don’t get scammed or given a fake stone.

Is Turquoise an Expensive Stone?

The turquoise gemstone is extremely valuable and has been in existence for several decades. The stone is quite expensive to purchase because of its rarity and other unique features.

The stone contains a well-detailed cultural heritage from the past. With a very attractive blue color, turquoise can be used in different types of jewelry making.

This valuable stone can also be found in different parts of the world, such as the United States, China, Egypt, and many more. It is mined in arid climates where it can thrive easily.

Why is Turquoise so Expensive?

Just like many other precious stones, turquoise is also expensive and highly valued. The price of turquoise is determined by its demand, quality, and also supply.

The stone is rare and can not be found easily. When the demand is high but the supply rate is very low, it makes the stone very expensive, ranging over hundreds of dollars per carat.

Depending on the different parts of the world where the stones are mined, it would also affect the price and supply to the market. As a cultural gemstone, turquoise has lots of unique benefits aside from the fact that it gives elegance and style to the wearer.

It can be worn as a necklace, as earrings, rings, pendants, and so on. The stone can also be paired with other types of stones like emerald as you desire.

How Expensive is Turquoise?

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It is not always easy to get a fixed price for the turquoise stone as each piece is genuine and unique. However, a piece of turquoise can be worth between $450 and 750 per ounce, depending on the quality available.

To fully appraise the value of the turquoise stone, some factors must be checked. Some of which are the color, texture, hardness, cut, and weight of the stone.

It is also important to check the type of turquoise stone you are buying to ascertain that it is genuine and of high quality. Low quality or fake turquoise would cost much less than real turquoise.

Where to Buy Turquoise?

When you want to purchase a piece of turquoise jewelry, you can contact a real jeweler or make your purchase online from trusted jewelry stores.

Some of the stores where you can purchase your turquoise jewelry include:

1. Tiffany & Co. 

This is a popular jewelry store where you can make your purchases from its online stores. They also have physical stores where you can pick out just the right type of jewelry you need.

Tiffany & Co. is a jewelry company that has been in business for so many years, so you can trust them to get the best.


This is another store where you can buy genuine turquoise jewelry of your choice. They also have other precious stones in stock, such as emeralds and opals.

3. SilverTribe 

For a native style of turquoise jewelry, visit SliverTribe. It is where you can get amazing turquoise stones and jewelry with a fine blend of native styles.

What is the Most Valuable Turquoise?

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Blue turquoise, or Robin’s egg blue, is the most valuable type of turquoise stone. It comes in a lovely blue color, hence the name of the stone.

This particular type of turquoise is considered the purest of all and it contains both copper and aluminum in very minute quantities. To determine the value of a turquoise stone, it is important to check factors such as its rarity, beauty, and hardness.

The blue turquoise stone has all of these factors in place, which is the reason why it is the most valuable of all.

Rarity: a rare turquoise with high demand would usually be much more expensive, making it more valuable when bought. Depending on the current supply and where it was mined, blue turquoise can fetch up to $500 per carat.

This invariably makes the stone more valuable, even in price.

Beauty: When determining the value of a gemstone, its beauty, which includes its appeal, texture, and color, is taken into account. The blue turquoise scores a perfect mark right here as it has a very great appeal and its texture is also very good.

Hardness: Untreated turquoise, which is mined, is said to have its natural hardness. This makes the stone more valuable and gives it the advantage of being priced more than other types of gemstones, which lack natural hardness.

What is the Most Expensive Turquoise?

Blue turquoise is the most expensive type of turquoise stone. Its unique color of sky blue makes it stand out among many jewelry lovers who are in serious need of owning a piece of stone. Not only is this stone the most expensive, but it also has a very high value and it is quite rare.

A piece of the stone can cost about $80 per carat, depending on the quality. The place where the stone was mined, the color intensity, demand, and quality play a huge part in determining the price of the turquoise stone.

That is why you can get it for an affordable price sometimes, and in another place, it is quite the opposite, as the prices vary a lot.

Why is Turquoise so Popular?

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Who doesn’t like to own a piece of fine jewelry, either as an investment or to add to your jewelry collection?

Turquoise has become quite popular today because of its unique appearance and color, and it is also a very valuable stone. Having a piece of turquoise jewelry is like dwelling in the past and experiencing a bit of culture with style.

With turquoise jewelry, you would stand out in any gathering thanks to its bright sky blue color. The blue turquoise, or Robin’s egg blue as it is fondly called, is the most valuable turquoise stone and it is also very rare, making its demand very high.

The ancient history behind the turquoise stone is also another reason why the stone is quite popular, as everyone wants to get a feel of the past. Turquoise is also associated with some spiritual meanings, such as bringing prosperity, good health, and a stable mental and physical state, among others.

For those December-born babies, turquoise is the unique birthstone of the month.

Is Turquoise Jewelry Expensive?

Yes, turquoise jewelry is expensive, and it is one of the most valuable and highly-priced stones available.

Turquoise is a very unique stone with its sky blue color, which makes it appear unique and beautiful. Having a piece of this stone is considered a very good investment, and it is a perfect fit to be added to your jewelry collection.

The value of the turquoise stone does not depreciate but gains more value as the years go by. The value of each turquoise piece varies, and this can be checked in its color intensity, quality, and also cut.

With this, the prices also vary, but you can budget about $80 or more per carat to get a very nice piece of the stone.


Having been in existence for over several decades, Ethan that which is known to humanity, the turquoise stone is of high value and, of course, one of the rarest stones available. The stone is often used in jewelry making, like in earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, etc.

If you want to purchase this beautiful stone, it is best to contact a genuine jeweler or buy from trusted online stores. Get a piece of this stone and you will have a fine blend of ancient culture and elegance.

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