Is Rothy’s a Good Brand?

Is Rothy's a Good Brand?

Is Rothy’s a good brand? As the kind of person that values style and fashion, I also need to be comfy at the same time, and sometimes packing for trips can be a difficult task. This is true when it comes to picking out good shoes that are cute and versatile enough to be used with many packed outfits.

In case you don’t know, Rothy’s shoes are produced using plastic bottles, they are machine washable, and good for people who love traveling.

The Rothy brand is also ideal for people who value style and fashion. They produce a comfortable and versatile shoe that makes you want to dig deep into your pocket and buy.

This article will share about the Rothy brand and how they have been able to provide quality fashion products for their consumers.

What are Rothy’s Shoes Made of?

What are Rothy's Shoes Made of?

Rothy’s shoes have great advantages that other shoe brands don’t have. They have a seamless construction that brings comfort and suits your fashion lifestyle.

Their shoes are made of 3D process knits that are also less wasteful due to the process that gives the exact size of each pair and doesn’t need any cutting. Their shoes are also very light and flexible.

Rothy’s shoes are moisture-wicking, and help to fight against sweat and rain no matter the season. These shoes are also easy to maintain since they’re machine-washable.

Which Company Makes Rothy’s Shoes?

Rothy is a footwear brand that was established by Stephen Hawthornthwaite and Roth Martin back in 2016. Their goal was just simple: to help reduce plastic waste, while producing an easy-to-wear and washable shoe for women who valued comfort over anything else.

However, Brazilian footwear giant Alpargatas which is known for its Havaianas flip-flop brand bought a 49.9% stake. This deal as of then represents a post-investment valuation of $1 billion for Rothy.

Why is Rothy’s so Popular?

Rothy’s shoe brands aren’t produced from leather, which makes them a lot more breathable. Their shoes are much more comfortable to wear during summer days because they’re lightweight and can make your feet breathe.

For some months now, I’ve been wearing Rothy’s flats shoes and I haven’t required any break-in period.

One of the things that makes them popular is that they produce shoes that are comfortable to wear during summer, and their insoles contain recycled foam, while the rubber soles are carbon-free.

Rothy’s shoes are made of adhesives that are non-toxic and vegan. Their shoe packaging is produced from post-consumer recycled materials and is biodegradable.

Is Rothy’s a Luxury Brand?

Is Rothy's a Luxury Brand?

Yes, they are a luxury brand. They have been able to transform their shoe brand into the epitome of modern luxury.

They are well-known for their sustainable women’s shoe design. They have been able to launch their first luxury handbag collection that’s produced from 100 percent recycled materials.

Why are Rothy’s Shoes Expensive?

One of the biggest hindrances to Rothy’s shoe brands is the expense. These shoes are not designer but are somewhat expensive with a price tag of $125-$165.

However, this might seem to be like a lot of money for a pair of shoes, but you have to look at them with a quick cost-benefit analysis.

Rothy’s is indeed expensive, but it is worth the price. They are in line with their price tag because they are sustainable, comfortable, stylish, and trendy.

Different Types of Rothy’s Shoe Styles

The Rothy’s brand makes five different types of shoes which are:

  • The Flat($125)
  • The Point($145)
  • The Loafer($165)
  • The Mary Jane($155)
  • The Square($125).

These are classic silhouette shoes that have a few modern twists, which resonates with a consumer who is more critical than ever with how the shoe represents her lifestyle and values.

The shoe’s upper knits are produced from 100% post-consumer plastic water bottles. These bottles are hot washed, sterilized, and then fused into a fiber which is then knitted into yarn.

Rothy has repurposed over 12 million water bottles and joined the growing brands that use recycled plastic to make leggings, sneakers, and even watch bands.

Are Rothy’s Shoes Comfortable?

Yes, they’re very comfortable. Not only that, but their shoes are also breathable, and flexible enough to be worn in the summer. However, note that Rothy’s loafers are not quite as supportive or comfortable as other brands. This means that you shouldn’t wear them if you’re going on a long walk, especially for those in the city.

Though I find their shoe more comfortable than my Tieks shoes, as it has a design that well fits my feet. And because their shoes aren’t made from leather, they are more breathable. You can wear their shoes comfortably during summer days since they’re lightweight, making your feet breathe.

Are Rothy’s Shoes Machine Washable?

Are Rothy's Shoes Machine Washable?

It is very essential to take care of your shoes. Doing this will make them look nicer and last longer.

Note that dirt and whatnot can deteriorate the fabric of your shoe over time. Rothy’s shoes are machine washable. Though you can still wash them if you don’t have a washing machine.

To wash them, fill a tub or sink with cool water (please don’t use warm or hot water). Now dissolve some active detergent and mix very well, you should now have a soapy solution.

Next is to place your shoes in and ensure to submerge them fully, and allow them inside for at least 30 minutes. Doing this will allow the detergent to work on the grime.

After that, remove the shoes and rinse them thoroughly using water afterward.

How to Tell Real Rothy’s?

I want to share with you some tips that you can use to identify Rothy’s product in case you ever come across a pair yourself while sourcing. Check them out:

1. Rothy’s shoes contain a textured label that’s similar to a piece of fabric and are a bit shiny. This label isn’t just a sticker that would easily peel off the shoe.

2. The shoe logo circle requires a clear gap between Rothy’s inner logo and the outer circle.

3. Rothy’s shoes are made in China and not in the USA.

Does Rothy’s Have Stores?

Yes, they do have stores. Rothy’s started as a women’s shoe brand in San Francisco and has since gone into making handbags for ladies and then Men’s category in 2021.

The brand has about twelve stores in the following places and cities:

  • San Francisco
  • Washington
  • Boston
  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • California

How Much Do Rothy’s Shoes Cost?

How Much Do Rothy's Shoes Cost?

When looking at the cost of Rothy’s shoes, you will find them a bit costly. This is because of the quality and comfort it provides to consumers.

But the biggest issue with Rothy’s shoe brand is the cost of buying a pair of shoes. These shoes are not designer but are somewhat expensive with a price tag of $125-$165.

However, this might seem to be like a lot of money for a pair of shoes, but you have to look at the comfort and durability it provides.

No matter the season you want to wear, Rothy’s shoes have a moisture-wicking feature that makes them durable and can fight against rain and sweat. After you have purchased any of their sustainable shoes, you won’t be spending much on maintenance. Another thing is that they’re machine washable.

Does Rothy’s Have Sales and Is Rothy’s Shoes Worth it?

Rothy’s and other brands such as Allbirds produce the most famous women’s flats in the world. However, you’re likely to buy a pair of Rothy’s shoes at a price ranging from $95 to $155. They are one of the best sustainable shoe brands that provide excellent comfort, and you’ll love wearing them.

Rothy makes lots of sales every year and the shoes are worth the price. The brand has an innovative approach to distributing its shoes across different channels.

The five varieties of their shoes and their prices include loafer, flat, point, square, and Mary Jane. The quality of their shoes ensures that you won’t find any excuse to complain about not being comfortable or feeling hard while wearing the shoe.

Rothy’s shoes are flexible, light, and have edges that can stretch to accommodate your feet without having any issues.


It will be to your advantage to spend your hard-earned money to purchase pricey Rothy’s shoes. My reason is that they have tons of features ranging from comfort, breathability, lightweight, and flexibility, among others that you would surely enjoy as you use them in your daily activities.

Indeed, Rothy’s shoes are true to their sizes according to the industry’s sizing chart. This makes it very easy for you to order any of the shoes online, and you will get precisely what you ordered.

No matter the season you want to wear Rothy’s shoes, always remember that they have a moisture-wicking feature that makes them durable and can fight against rain and sweat.

Another good thing about their shoes is that they’re machine washable.

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