Longines vs TAG Heuer

Longines vs TAG Heuer. Buying the right watch takes a lot of research. TAG Heuer and Longines are popular and well-known brands that offer a variety of selections.

Both brands have touted their quality for years, and with so many similarities, it’s hard to choose. That’s why we’re comparing the two today to find out which is better, and which could be the right watch for you.

Which is Better: TAG Heuer or Longines?

TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber Heuer 01 Diamonds CAR201P.BA0766
TAG Heuer Carrera | Source: Amazon

Both TAG Heuer and Longines are “Swiss made:” a badge of quality, style, ad efficiency. Swiss watches are considered top of the line because of their patented mechanism that uses metal gears instead of plastic and is made by hand.

Additionally, this system makes the watches easier to service and can in theory, last a lifetime.

TAG Heuer was established in the 1860s and is famous for its creation of chronograph watches. TAG also makes racing and diving watches, known for their large size, clear and easy to read dials, and outsized crown.

There are an array of colors and designs available for you to mix and match. Most of the TAG’stechnical features are renowned but watch collectors and specialists criticize the brand for being overpriced and more focused on the stylistic aspects.

Even designs advertised as “cheaper” still range from $970 to $3,000.

As for Longines, the company was founded in 1832. Longines is famous for their innovation and consistent evolution in features, such as new and improved chronographs and tourbillons.

The company is most well known for its various dress watches, equipped with advanced engineering and effortless elegance. Their new watch lines, specifically their HydroConquest collection have made a huge impact on the market since its release.

Among Longines’ best qualities are its refined design and versatile styles. Watch experts also claim that Longines is incredibly reliable.

When it comes to cons, though, Longines also has a smaller selection of designs compared to TAG, and watch connoisseurs complain that Longines has a date window that is too small to read.

When comparing the two, some might say Longines is better, given that they have a consistent look and focus on efficiency, without sacrificing style. However, TAG Heuer may be the way to go for other customers, especially if they’re looking for a watch with a style that’s unique and special to their taste.

Answering the question of which is better is ultimately up to personal preference, but making the final judgment depends on diving into the specifics.

Longines vs TAG Heuer – Quality


Longines Heritage Diver 43 MM Automatic Chronograph Black and Red - L2.796.4.52.0
Longines Heritage Diver 43 MM | Source: Amazon

Both brands use mostly quartz movements. TAG and Longines have been top-rated by the COSC or the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing, which is the most prestigious certification a watch brand can have.

When it comes to practicality, though, Longines has a slight advantage given their sleek, yet practical build.

TAG Heuer has made a name for itself as a company that balances everyday and sports watches. For instance, TAG’s Formula 1 watch, meant for high-speed driving in either cars or motorcycles, was put through numerous tests to face off against vibrations and bump tests from the road.

The watch also has a great amount of water resistance, being able to withstand 660 ft, and yet, it still remains practical for daily errands.

Longines have historically been the hands-down sports watch option. Longines and TAGs alike are built to fight off the elements and persist through rugged terrain, whether you’re off to work, the sea, racing, or beyond.

Most Longines have more mechanical complications than TAGs. However, the battery life of a TAG is up to 2 years, while the longest a Longines battery can last is up to 18 months. On the other hand, Longines’ Conquest V.H.P line can last up to 5 years before changing out.

Longines vs TAG Heuer – Popularity

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Automatic Black Dial Men's Watch WAY201P.FT6178
Tag Heuer Aquaracer | Source: Amazon

Finding out which brand is more popular depends on the person you’re talking to. TAG Heuer has a wide selection of watches, but they have become known as the quintessential “Dad watch.”

Not to say that TAGs are only meant to be a father’s day gift, but based on popular reviews, its select line of chunky and leather banded watches make them perfect to keep time and keep you stylish during a full day of work. Besides dads, TAGs are also popular with many athletes for their wide selection of sports watches.

Longines are usually popular amongst a younger demographic; think high profile businessmen and suave athletic adventurers. As a whole, both brands practically share a podium when it comes to widespread popularity.

After all, Longines and TAGs are both used for official timekeeping at high profile sporting events.

Longines vs TAG Heuer – Affordability

As previously stated, TAG Heuer has been criticized for being overpriced and with a price tag of $2400 to $26,000. They’re definitely more expensive than Longines, which have entry-level watches starting at $700, which go up to $16,000. Both of them are considered “Affordable” Swiss luxury watches, but Longines win between the two.

Longines vs TAGTeuer – Resale Value

Longines Legend Diver Automatic Mens Watch L3.774.4.50.0
Longines Legend Diver | Source: Amazon

Depending on the watch’s quality, remaining battery life, and whether or not the watch’s features remain intact and fully functioning, there’s a good chance you can sell either brand for a good sum of money on eBay or the Real Real. Although jewelry, including watches, often loses value over time, it doesn’t eliminate the demand for second-hand luxury watches.

Used TAG watches typically run between $150 through $3,000, but certain rare models and those with a full set of functioning features, particularly high-end Carrera models, are $10,000. Used Longines can go for similar prices, although the majority of used options online remain in the hundreds, with some starting at $100.

Certain exceptions are used in Conquest Heritage models, which are $1000 to $4000. Again, reselling of watches is entirely dependent on the watch’s quality, but TAG Heuer typically has a higher resale value than Longines.

Is Longines better than TAG Heuer?

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding which brand is better, but in general, Longines has a higher brand value. With affordable prices, for both standard and resale, more features, and timeless style, it seems Longines are worth the hype.

Longines HydroConquest vs TAG Heuer Aquaracer

Longines Hydroconquest Black Dial Automatic Mens Watch L3.744.4.56.6
Longines Hydroconquest | Source: Amazon

Longines’ HydroConquest and TAG Heuer’s Aquaracer are some of the most popular sports watches. Both are designed to take on deep sea levels and withstand increasing amounts of pressure the farther down you go.

Longines is nearly half the price of TAG, a difference of $1000 (Aquaracers are typically $2,500, whereas Longines are $1500). In addition, the Aquaracer is a lot bulkier than the Hydroconquest.

According to reviews, the HydroConquest gives you the most bang for your buck.

It has a better functioning system than the Aquaracer altogether and holds vapor pressures up to H20. HydroConquest is made from stainless steel and its diameter measurements are 1.6in.

It has a traditional aluminum and ceramic bezel insert with a sapphire crystal. The Aquaracer is also made of stainless steel with a diameter of 1.7in.

Certain models of Aquaracer, like the Night Diver, have a glow in the dark dial for easy visibility during night dives.

The HydroConquest also has a lume dial, but it does reportedly fade faster. Updated Aquaracers are less heavy than the original models.

However, both watches can withstand at least 1000ft of water. Overall, both watches are great options and quite similar, but ultimately at half the price with a better functioning record, Longines win.

However, sometimes a piece’s true value can depend on the individual, so if you get the chance to try either one out, we recommend it.

Longines Conquest vs TAG Heuer Carrera

Tag Heuer Carrera Skeleton Dial Automatic Mens Chronograph Watch CAR201T.BA0766
Tag Heuer Carrera | Source: Amazon

Conquest’s and Carrera’s are once again very similar. Conquests have a sunray silver dial without numerals, black hands and a steel bezel.

A plexiglass cover that’s anti-glare offers high intensity protection from general wear and radiation. The timekeeping ratings on Conquests are high, but not considered at the same level as advanced quartz-powered pieces.

It doesn’t have much of a water resistance threshold, at 330ft, but light swimming is fine. The Conquest starting price is also below $1000.

Carrera’s have a multilevel dial with different indexes and hands. It does have a ceramic bezel with a high-level chronograph system, and a water resistance threshold of 330ft, the same as Conquest.

Carrera’s also has a timekeeping accuracy that is up to par with Longines. However, Carrera prices range from $2000-to $6000 and even long-time TAG fans have mentioned that their Carrera’s have been damaged multiple times, bringing their reliability into question.

It’s because of this, that we say Longines Conquests are the way to go. Then again, Conquest and Carrera come in a variety of models and one might feel right for you, regardless of reviews.


We’ve gone through a lot of details and whether it’s Longines or TAG Heuer, it’s clear to see Swiss watchmaking doesn’t skimp on quality or style. However, what ultimately works for you won’t necessarily work for everyone else.

If you’re willing to spend extra money, TAG Heuer is certainly a viable option. But if you want something with a classic look that will get the job done, just without the boujee status, then Longines is a great fit.

At the end of the day, what matters is doing the research, asking around, and trusting your gut.

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