Is Sandals Only for Couples?

Is Sandals Only for Couples?

Is Sandals only for couples? For a romantic vacation in the Caribbeans, the Sandals Resort is a famous choice for its all-inclusive activities and luxurious settings focused on the pleasure of adult couples only.

Sandals have made their name over time as a luxurious group of resorts that allows couples to visit and enjoy a romantic vacation away from their busy life schedules and kids. The resort is friendly to every individual that visits it but the resort is more centered on couples and even the beds in the rooms are only king-sized beds.

You can visit the resort with your friend but of course, you will have to share a room because the resort rules allow a minimum of two people in a room. Kids are usually not allowed in the Sandals Resorts as it is a romantic setting for couples and adults.

For a breathtaking honeymoon, wedding anniversary, or a wedding proposal, the Sandals Resorts is a perfect pick to enjoy with your significant other. The Sandals Resorts offer lots of romantic activities for couples to enjoy and explore themselves.

There is also an abundance of foods and drinks to ease your stress and relive every moment in luxury. If you are then in need of some quiet time as a couple, take time to visit any of the Sandals resorts for a blissful experience.

Is Sandals Only for Couples?

Is Sandals Only for Couples?

Yes, Sandals Resorts are mainly designed for adult couples to enjoy themselves on a romantic vacation. Sandals offer a luxurious experience for honeymoon couples as well as older couples who need some quiet time alone.

However, if you wish to visit Sandals as a family with kids or friends, the resort offers a separate family-friendly beach that is used to accommodate families. On these Sandals beaches, you and your family and friends would also get to enjoy the exclusive benefits offered by the resort with lots of play space for kids.

There are also water activities and camps at the beaches where you can all spend quality time with your family. If you want to enjoy some alone time with your spouse or partner, planning a vacation to the Sandals Resort is just the perfect choice.

The activities and entertainment differ for each Sandals Resort. While some of them may offer a more intimate and quiet environment for couples to bond, others may give more of a vibrant lifestyle with things like the casino and live performances to entertain guests.

You should do your research and choose the sandal resorts that best suit your needs as a couple before booking anyone.

Is Sandals Only for Adults?

Yes, Sandals are only for adult couples, and the environment and activities are designed specifically for couples who want to enjoy a romantic time with each other. The resort has in place a romantic and exotic setup with various activities for lovers to enjoy time with each other.

There are restaurants, bars and also live performances with famous DJs and musicians to help you enjoy the night. You can also enjoy delicious foods and drinks while at the resort.

There are lots of fun water activities like kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, paddleboards, etc, and also participate in land sports like chess, volleyball, croquet, shuffle ball, table tennis, etc., just for your and your lover’s pleasure.

Some Sandals Resorts offer much more vibrant activities and lifestyles than others. The vibrant resorts offer activities like themed nights where you have to dress up with a particular dress code, nightlife performances, and other couples’ fun games.

These are all put in place to ensure that the couples enjoy their time away from home and also wish to come back often to the resorts.

Does Sandals Allow Singles?

Does Sandals Allow Singles?

Not really. Sandals is a resort specially designed for couples to enjoy a romantic vacation and engage in couple activities.

As a single person who wants to take out time to explore or relax, there are other types of resorts and holiday beaches where you can relax and take your time. However, the Sandals Resorts may not just be a perfect fit for your solo vacation as couples would be everywhere which can leave you looking awkward.

Singles can visit the resort as a group of friends but they, of course, have to share a room as the minimum number of guests per room is two. Sandals Resorts are known for couples hanging out with romance-filled activities.

Therefore a single individual may not be able to stay at the resort since lovers would be everywhere and the rules and activities of the resort do not favor a single holiday maker. The resort staff is well trained to treat everyone properly whether single or as a couple so you don’t have to bother about getting treated differently even if you visit the resort with a friend and not your better half.

Can Non-Couples Stay at Sandals?

Yes, non-couples can stay at Sandals Resorts, however, they would have to share a room as that is the basic rule of the resorts. The accommodations and activities of the resorts are created and designed in a way to accommodate couples on a romantic vacation therefore you may need to couple up even as friends.

The resort does not discriminate between couples and noncouples as they allow anyone to visit their resorts. If you need to enjoy the Sandals Resorts and all the fun activities already designed and out in place, you will need to visit with your lover.

You don’t have to be married to enjoy these resorts. You can visit with your boyfriend, close friend, or partner and get to explore all the romance and exotic lifestyles for your money’s worth.

Dining is also inclusive of your fee so you don’t have to worry about how expensive the resort food or drinks are. You can get to enjoy the taste of the traditional Caribbean foods and other types of foods like the Chinese and American as you desire.

Are Any Sandals Resorts Clothing Optional?

Are Any Sandals Resorts Clothing Optional?


Yes, Sandals do not usually promote or speak against clothing optional or topless sunbathing. However, guests are told to dress properly so as not to inconvenience other people around.

You definitely may not want your spouse or partner to be distracted and attention is taken from you due to someone’s exposure. After all, the purpose of coming to the resort was to keep the fire of your love burning.

Having a fellow guest as a source of distraction can be bothersome even if it is just for a few minutes. That is why such guests may be cautioned if reported.

Guests are allowed to wear whichever clothing is comfortable for them and participate in any activity of their choice provided they do not inconvenience other guests in the area.

In a situation where the clothing of a particular guest gets in the way of other people and a complaint is made to the resort, the management is then able to intervene and caution such guest.

The private Offshore Island at Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort and The Private Offshore Island at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort are the two major places where topless sunbathing and clothing-optional are usually not allowed in Sandals Resorts. Other private islands do not restrict the clothing optional at all.

Are Sandals Resorts Just for Couples?

Are Sandals Resorts Just for Couples?

Yes, Sandals Resorts are meant for couples only. Couples who wish to enjoy a romantic holiday with each other away from the hustles and noisy lifestyle can book a romantic weekend in Sandals.

The Sandals Resorts are all beautifully designed with exotic decors to accommodate and enable a romantic luxury experience for different types of couples. Honeymooners, busy or older couples, and other couples in love are all allowed to visit any of the Sandals Resorts and enjoy a good timeout just mesmerized by each other’s thoughts and company.

The fun activities at the resorts are also put in place to bring couples closer to each other while living out their dream lives even if it is for a short period.

Couples can bond and interact with other couples if they choose to do so. The Sandals Resorts also offer intimate settings where couples can be lost in each other’s world in the quiet of the environment.

The good part of visiting the resorts is that work and kids can be kept out of your lives for a few days to enjoy some space with your lover. Therefore, kids and extended or large families are usually not allowed in the Sandals Resorts because it is couple specific.


With the list of the Sandals Resorts growing, there are different types of this resorts you can choose around the Caribbean for that much-deserved break from work or kids.

In each of the resorts, there are different fun activities as well as entertainment for you and your loved one to enjoy. For honeymooners, this is a perfect vacation spot to keep your love burning and for older couples with kids, the resorts offer you a time out from busy work schedules and kids to just embrace each other and rekindle your love.

You should plan your next romantic vacation for a stay at the Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean.

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