Is Veja a Good Brand?

Is Veja a Good Brand?

Is Veja a good brand? Veja shoes are a brand that has been popping up all over the fashion scene lately. With their signature V on the side, fashion influencers and celebrities alike have all been caught in their Veja shoes. 

With publicity like that, this must be a good brand, right? The shoes seem to be sleek, stylish, and comfortable enough to wear out in the city.

However, the shoes are morally good too. The company’s Veja Project includes social projects, economical justice, and sustainable materials to create their products. They are also managed by a social inclusion company. 

Is Veja a Luxury Brand?

Veja Women's Rio Branco Sneakers, Pearl/Dried-Petal/Oxford-Grey, 6 Medium US
Veja Rio Branco Sneaker | Source: Amazon

Veja is a great, and dependable brand for shoes and sneakers. However, they don’t quite hit the mark for luxury.

Luxury brands are determined to be exclusive and insanely high quality, not being achievable for the average Joe to own. However, Vejas seem to be fairly affordable!

The shoes cost between $100 and $150 for a typical sneaker. They seem to be priced about the same as New Balance, Nike, or other high-quality sneaker lines.

To be clear, the shoes are extremely high quality and are great to own, they technically just aren’t luxury. 

Who Owns Veja

Veja shoes are owned by Sebastien Kopp and Francois-Ghislain Morillion. The pair were childhood friends who developed the brand in 2004.  Friends since they were 14, the men both graduated with degrees in economics and eventually decided to pursue development projects that reduced pollution, which is where Veja came in.

The brand is unique because it is privately owned and not available to investors. The shoes are manufactured in an ethical factory in Brazil.

Where is Veja Made?

Vejas are made exclusively in a factory in Brazil. Located in the Rio Grande do Sul in the southern part of the country, the shoes have never been made anywhere else.

The assembly plant and the brand have a good partnership and the production is said to be sustainable and ethical. Organic cotton from Peru and Brazil and rubber from the Amazon are also used for the shoes. Materials conceived from recycled materials are also used.

Is Veja Sustainable?

Veja Women's V-10 Sneakers, White/Nautico/Pekin, 4 Medium US
Veja V-10 Sneakers | Source: Amazon

Veja is a very sustainable brand of footwear. The company was founded because the owners were interested in making a project that was sustainable and reduced pollution.

The shoes are made from organic cotton in South America, rubber from the Amazon, and recycled materials such as bottles and polyester. Good On You rates Veja as a “Good” as far as sustainability goes.

They have a labor rating of “great” meaning they adhere to all labor laws and pay a living wage. This is a fairly good rating compared to other popular companies. You should feel good about purchasing a pair of these shoes!

Why are Veja Shoes Popular?

Veja shoes have been around since the early 2000s but have just recently begun gaining traction over the past couple of years. A lot of their popularity can be owed to influencers looking for the news “plain white sneaker” that can be worn every day. Their sustainability practices have also caused the shoes to gain popularity. 

Different Types of Veja Shoes

Vejas make shoes for men, women, and children. The shoes are typically sneakers in styles of leather, canvas, suede, high top, and low top.

They also have a line of vegan shoes where no materials are derived from animal products. The brand also has a line of running shoes. Some styles of Vejas’ feature bright colors or designs, but they are most popular for their neutral-colored shoes. 

Within each gender section, there are different style lines of the shoes. The most popular styles are the Veja Esplar, the Campo, the V’lock, and the V-10.

Are Veja Shoes Unisex?

Veja Small V-10 Laces (Big Kid) White/Pekin/Emeraude Unisex EU 38 (US 6.5 Big Kid) M
Veja Small V-10 Laces Unisex | Source: Amazon

Veja has different sections on its website for men, women, and children. The shoes are designed with these groups in mind, but nothing is stopping you from shopping for whatever pair catches your eye!

Just be sure to use a size converter chart so you get the correct size for your foot. 

Do Veja Shoes Run True to Size?

Veja shoes do run true to size. Many reviewers have gotten their normal size and have experienced a comfortable fit.

Even if you are typically in between sizes, the brand recommends getting your most-worn size. For example, if you are typically between a 7 and 7.5, get the 7!

Are Veja Shoes Comfortable?

Veja shoes are definitely popular for their comfort. Some wearers describe them as walking on a cloud.

While I wouldn’t advise running or doing intense activity in the shoes, unless you get shoes in the running line, they are definitely good for walking around a crowded city or running errands. All in all, they are a good shoe to walk around in all day.

However, if you are known to have foot problems and need special footwear, consult your doctor before wearing them all day. 

How to Break in Veja Sneakers?

Veja sneakers, like other shoes, do have a break-in period that you need to push through until the shoes fit your foot exactly. It is less than other brands, but some styles do take longer to break in than others.

Some wearers say the tongue of the shoes is a bit stiff at first but softens up after a couple of wears. Other wearers said the shoes were comfortable right away.

It definitely depends on the shape of your foot and your comfort level, but don’t let the fear of breaking in the shoes steer you away from getting a pair! Like any shoe, in order to break in the pair, you need to wear them a few times.

Whether this is around the house or out running errands, make sure you commit to a few low-intensity wears before you tie them up for the whole day without a spare pair of shoes

Do Veja Sneakers Have Arch Support?

Veja Men's Campo Sneakers, Easy Black/White, 9 Medium US
Veja Campo Sneaker | Source: Amazon

Vejas are known for their supportive sole and comfortable style, but it does not have a ton of arch support if that’s a feature you are specifically looking for. Many of the styles are for casual wear, so the arch may be a little flat to go with the shape of the shoe.

If you need a shoe specifically with arch support, consult your doctor to figure out a brand that will work for you

Does Veja Have Sales?

Like many popular brands, Vejas do not often go on sale. They are a popular style, so the company normally does not have a problem selling them at full price.

They are also a sustainable shoe brand, so you are supporting a good cause when you buy them at full price. Their website does have a sale section that is always up, but the styles may not be the popular ones you are used to seeing all over the internet. 

Does Veja Have Stores?

Veja does not yet have its own flagship locations. However, they do supply over 1800 retailers in over 45 countries such as Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and other popular locations.

You can also order from their online store at any time. 


Veja shoes definitely are worth the money. Not only are you walking away with a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes, but you are also supporting a brand committed to lessening pollution and reusing materials to create a newer, more sustainable era of fashion. 

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