Hair Mousse Alternatives – What Can I Use Instead of Hair Mousse

Hair mousse alternatives

Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, short hair, or long, the hairstyling and hair care options available in stores and online can seem never-ending. With so much to choose from, it can be intimidating to even start the shopping process.

One of the most popular ways to style hair is with hair mousse. This product comes in foam form and helps give hairstyle, body, and life. It’s best used on curly hair to add body, texture, and bounce to curls.

However, if you have straighter hair or if you prefer using another product instead of hair mousse, we’ve compiled a list of hair mousse alternatives that will give you the same definition you’re looking for.

Keep reading to learn about ten of the best hair mousse alternatives, and which products may be right for you!

1. Hairspray

SexyHair Big Spray & Play Harder Firm Volumizing Hairspray, 10 Oz | All Day Hold and Shine | Up to 72 Hour Humidity Resistance
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Hairspray has been around for decades and has proven to be one of the most popular ways to hold style and definition in your hair. You can use hairspray after curling your hair, styling your hair in braids or an updo, or on straight hair to help it hold its shape.

Hairspray also helps make hair shiny and gives it a smooth look. As its name suggests, hairspray is applied to hair via a spray can, so it’s easy to use and doesn’t require a ton of effort or skill!

2. Pomade

American Crew Fiber, 3 oz, Strong Pliable Hold with Low Shine
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Pomades have been more popular in the world of male hair care but have recently entered the female hair care arena as well. Pomades are a great way to tame flyaway hairs, frizzy hair, and help hold the style longer, without using products like mousse.

3. Hair Gel

SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel, 16.9 Oz | Extreme Hold | Non-Flaking Formula | All Hair Types
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Hair gel is another common alternative to hair mousse. Hair gels provide serious hold for hairstyles. If you’re doing an updo or need your hair to stay in place for a long time, hair gel is a great tool to have in your hair care cabinet!

4. Leave-in Conditioner

Moroccanoil All In One Leave in Conditioner, 5.4 Fl Oz
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Leave in hair care products have also risen in popularity recently. From dry shampoo, leave-in shampoo, and leave-in conditioner, there are a variety of products that don’t need to be rinsed out right away! Leave in conditioner not only helps your hair feel smooth and makes it easier to untangle, but it can also be an excellent styling tool when used correctly!

The way leave-in conditioner is designed helps it keep hair in place. So, if you’ve styled your hair or want to give it some extra hold, add a leave-in conditioner to it! It’s important to note, you won’t get quite the same hold with leave-in conditioner as you will with hair gel, so if you need extra stability and strength, hair gel may be your best bet!

5. Hair Wax

Paul Mitchell Firm Style Dry Wax, 1.8 oz
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For a stronger hold, than leave in condition but not quite as intense as hair gel, you may want to consider using hair wax. Hair wax is more flexible than hair gel, allowing you to redo your hair during the day if needed without having to reapply hair wax.

If you want a product that can keep your hair in place during the day and night, even if you change your mind about what hairstyle you want, consider using hair wax. Most formulas contain wax, water, oils, and products that help hair stay in place while remaining soft. This product is also buildable, so if you don’t get the hold you want, you can simply add more.

6. Gelatin

NuNaturals Premium Unflavored Beef Gelatin Powder, 1 Pound, Unflavored
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When you think of gelatin, you probably think of Jello, gummy bears, or peach rings. However, gelatin can actually be used as a hair product as well. It’s safe, easy to make yourself, and an all-natural way to give your hair extra hold and style.

Here’s how to make your own gelatin hair gel at home!

Buy unflavored gelatin and add one teaspoon to warm water. After it dissolves, stir it and allow it to sit until thick. Take the product and rub it in your hands, and then apply it to your hair just like you’d use hair gel.

7. Flaxseed Oil

Nature Made Organic Flaxseed Oil, Omega-3-6-9 for Heart Health, 1400 mg, Liquid Softgels - 300 Count
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Another all-natural product you can use as an alternative to hair mousse is flaxseed oil. There’s no need to head to your local beauty store for this. Instead, head to your local market, grocery store, or superstore and go to the oil aisle. Flaxseed oil is affordable and natural, so it can provide extra body to your hair without harmful chemicals and fragrances. Plus, it makes excellent cooking oil.

Flaxseed oil is packed with essential fatty acids, hydration, nutrients, and vitamins, so it’s also great for your hair’s health and your scalp! You may notice less scalp flaking, softer hair, and even hair growth after using flaxseed oil in your hair care routine.

8. Coconut Oil

Viva Naturals, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil - Non-Greasy, Moisturizing Fractionated Coconut Oil for Skin, Hair + Nails, Coconut Body Oil, Carrier Oil for Essential Oils, Massage Oil, 16 oz
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Many hair care experts point to evidence that coconut oil has a range of benefits for hair, including hair growth, minimizing hair breakage, and preventing split ends. It can also prevent dandruff and help your hair look smooth and shiny.

If you’re looking for an alternative to hair mousse that will benefit your hair’s health and act as a gently styling product, consider using coconut oil! Take a teaspoon or so of coconut oil, rub it between your hands, and apply it to your hair!

Coconut oil is especially beneficial for those who have curly hair. If you want to support and style your curls, apply to your hair while damp. This will minimize frizzy hair and help you control your curls more effectively.

9. Hair Cream

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream, 10.2 oz
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One of the reasons you want to try a hair mousse alternative maybe because hair mousse offers such a strong, stiff hold. While this is great for those with heavy or curly hair, others may not need such intense hold. If you prefer hair products that offer a lighter hold, consider using a hair cream instead.

Hair creams can be used for styling hair and helping hold the style all day long. You can use creams alone or pair them with other products such as pomades or waxes. They’re gentle on hair and don’t feel stiff when they dry.

10. Hair Serums

VEGAMOUR GRO Hair Serum for Thicker, Visibly Longer Hair - Vegan Hair Growth Serum Designed for Thinning Hair & Hair Loss
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Do you ever feel like your hair is bland? Do you wish you could find a product that could not only hydrate your hair but give it a shampoo commercial-worthy shine? If so, you may want to consider trying a hair serum instead of a hair mousse!

Hair serums are usually made with silicon, and are great products for styling hair, reducing frizziness, and adding a bit of shine to dull hair. Whether you have curly, straight, or in-between hair, serum can take your style from zero to one hundred just like that.

Best Hair Mousse Alternatives

Here are some of our favorite hair mousse alternatives on the market!

1. Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong, Travel Size, 2.3 Fl Oz
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The Morrocanoil Luminous Hairspray is infused with argan oil to help protect your hair from frizz and humidity while giving you the hold you need to rock your hairstyle all day long. It’s long-lasting and looks natural on hair. It also offers mobility if you need to redo your style!

2. Bed Head Manipulator Gel

TIGI Bed Head MANIPULATOR, Texture Paste, 2 oz / 57 g
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For an intense hold, you can’t go wrong with Bed Head Manipulator Gel. It has a paste-like texture and offers a strong, intense hold for hair that lasts all day. Push hair around to style, and rock a no-effort look all day long while enjoying the scent of Pina Coladas.

3. Suavecita Pomade

Suavecita Pomade for Women. Original Hold Hair Styling Pomade for Flyaway Hairs (4 oz)
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This Suavecita Pomade for women will add shine to hair while keeping it under control. It’s easy to rinse out, smells like summertime, and offers enough shine to look glossy but not greasy! Made for all hair types, this is an excellent product for someone who’s new to hair styling.

4. Authentic Beauty Concept Gritty Wax Paste

Authentic Beauty Concept Gritty Wax Paste | All Hair Types | Semi-Matte & Strong Hold | Vegan & Cruelty-free | Silicone-free | 2.9 fl. oz.
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The Authentic Beauty Concept Gritty Wax Paste is made for all hair types and offers the opposite of shine! If your hair becomes greasy easily, this matte wax paste will give you the style and hold you want without the shine. It also adds texture to straight or lifeless hair!

5. BIOLAGE Styling Gel

BIOLAGE Styling Gelee | Firm Hold that Adds Body, Shine & Control | Paraben Free, 16.9 Fl Oz
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Lastly, BIOLAGE styling gel has a firm hold that helps give the body to lifeless hair. You can use this gel for updos, curly hair, short hair, or long hair to make sure it will stay in place. With added body and shine, this is an excellent alternative to hair mousse.


While hair mousse is a popular hair care product, it has some limitations and isn’t right for everyone. These hair mousse alternatives are easy to use and are great for anyone looking to add style and body to hair without making it too stiff. Get shopping today!

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