Is Pomade Bad for Your Hair?

Is Pomade Bad for Your Hair?

Is pomade bad for your hair? Pomade in itself is not bad for your hair. It’s rather a great hairstyling substance that gives your hair a shiny appearance and refreshed for a long time.

This great hairstyling product that comes originally in lard beeswax and petroleum jelly can be used to come out with several hairstyles, and it’s particularly a great and awesome experience for its users because of its long-lasting moisturizing contents. But compared to other hair care products, pomade has long durability and so often requires washes to remove from hair.

Is pomade bad for your hair? No, pomade in itself is not bad for your hair. This question is rather fueled by a myth flying around which claims that pomade is bad for hair and causes hair loss, a myth lacking a shred of conclusive evidence to support its conclusion.

Probably, this myth took off blindly from the reaction of the body trying to adapt to chemicals of the applied pomade for the first time – the scalp becoming greasier than before and the hair becoming oily for everyone with normal/ dry skin.

But this reaction is not peculiar to pomade alone, it’s normal when a new product is used on any part of the body for the first time. This does not make pomade in itself bad for your hair.

Why is Pomade Bad for Your Hair?

Again, I re-emphasize the earlier point here: Pomade is not bad for your hair strictly speaking. What may make it bad is our use of it and sometimes our poor choices on pomades? When you go for poorly-formulated pomades, the outcome is the same for all poorly-formulated products out there – a not-too-good result.

In the case of poorly-formulated pomades which don’t protect against dehydration and oil-based pomades that clog hair follicles when not regularly washed out, they can be bad for your hair, bad enough to bring about hair and skin problems to you.

Also, some poorly-formulated pomades and wrong use of them are claimed to dry out the scalp causing dandruff, itching, and hair fall. Note, this is just a claim that is yet to be proved true by any conclusive evidence.

Also, the bad habit of using pomade every day or too much use of pomades can block the pores on your forehead and scalp leading to your forehead and scalp breaking out in a condition called pomade acne. Style your hair with pomades moderately, use them sparingly, and with focus on your hair, avoid the scalp where it can cause build-up and grease.

Why is pomade bad for your hair? Once again, pomades are not bad for your hair, but poorly-formulated pomades and your wrong use of them.

Is it Bad for Your Hair?

No, Sauvecito pomade is not bad for your hair. Like every other good and well-formulated pomade out there, there are no harsh chemicals that can be harmful or bad to your hair in this water-based pomade.

This property of Suavecito Pomade; therefore, cannot cause acne on your scalp or forehead, or even make it difficult to wash off. Its high-quality finish does not leave room for your hair to feel hard or flaky or greasy and sticky.

Being a water-based pomade, it can be easily washed off your hair with water and allow you to easily fix your hair throughout the day by simply applying a small amount of water to rehydrate the product. However, to keep your hair even more healthy, apply Suavecito to clean and slightly damp hair.

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Is Sportin Waves Bad for Your Hair?

Yes and no. sporting waves can be bad for your hair depending on how you use them. Using them on a one-off basis may not do any harm to your hair, but consistent daily use may be harmful to you due to their compositions. They are petroleum-based. And petrolatum being a UV absorber, each time you use sporting waves under the sun, the petrolatum makeup of these waves aids the sun to cook your hair.

Thus, as a result of your daily use of these waves which have a lot of mineral oils and petrolatum presence in them, your hair is likely to be more prone to scalp-suffocating buildup and to dry out underneath all these leading to fallout, thanks to clogged follicles plus dry hair. To simply put it, excessive use of these waves can clog pores and slow down hair growth.

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Is it Bad to Leave Pomade in Your Hair Overnight?

Yes. Not only is that a bad practice, but it can also get you into some skin problems. Ideally, we should always wash it off before going to bed. The consequences of carrying it in your hair to bed can be a little bit serious.

On the health ground, since most pomade products are oil-based, they can cause some problems for both the quality of your hair and skin. You can get acne from the heavy build-up of these oils on your pillow and bed.

These accumulated oils can clog up your pores, and trap dirt and grease in them thereby causing acne on your skin. Also, going to bed with pomade in your hair can cause a messy sight which is not pleasant to the eyes.

Of course, it can’t lead to hair damage or hair loss or any adverse effects on your hair but think of its likely consequence to your skin, your hygiene, and so on anytime you want to go to bed with pomade in your hair and ask yourself if the act is worth it.

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What Type of Hair is Pomade Good for?

Pomades are suitable for every hair type or style for both men and women. As a man, if you prefer classy hairstyles, pomades can satisfy your taste. They will keep you in line while giving your hair that finishing glow and shine.

If you prefer a casual, rough, or messier look, pomades can equally help you get the satisfaction you want out of your looks. While pomades are used for all hair types or styles, they are particularly suitable or let me say beneficial, to those with thick or curly hair where they work beautifully to hold their styles in place while keeping their hair looking healthy.

Is Water-based Pomade Bad for Your Hair?

No, water-based pomades are not bad for your hair. They are good for both genders, females, and males, and pretty great and suitable for both in styling their hair. They are not made of any harmful chemicals that might have adverse effects on your hair.

Not only that, their applications are pretty easy. When applying them to the hair to style your hair to your taste, they distribute themselves easily, making your hairstyling experience easy. It’s slick and shiny, leaving your hair refreshed as it can be easily washed off without them building on your hair.

So, no, water-based pomades are not bad for your hair; they are rather great hairstylist agents leaving your hair fresh, clean, and breathing.

Is it Bad to Use Pomade Every Day?

Using your pomade every day can be bad as your scalp may react to it if it is not used to it by producing oils to counter this greasy hair product. However, use your pomade every day by taking precautions to keep your hair healthy.

Some of the precautions you can take while using your pomades to style your hair every day are: using them sparingly, ensuring you keep them away from the scalp and roots of your hair, endeavoring to be using always an appropriate amount for how long you want the product in your hair and making sure you wash them off thoroughly before going to bed to stop them from building up on your pillow and bed and their resultant irritation to the skin.

Is Oil-based Pomade Bad for Your Hair?

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No, oil-based pomades are not bad for your hair. Both the water-based pomades and oil-based pomades are good and great for your hair.

They do not have harmful chemicals in their make-up. Pomades are only bad for your hair, though without any serious adverse effects when they are poorly formulated and can’t protect against dehydration, and oil-based pomades, in particular, can clog hair follicles when not washed out regularly. But generally, whether oil-based or water-based, pomades are not bad for your hair.

When Should You Put Pomade in Your Hair?

Great. One thing is to have your pomade readily available, another thing is to know when to put your pomade in your hair to derive the needed results. To say it differently, knowing how to use your pomade is necessary to see the right results.

If you have thick, coarse or curly hair, it’s advisable to put your pomade in your hair when it’s still slightly damp. Damp hair absorbs more pomade than a dry one. For fine or thin hair, you can put your pomade in your hair when it’s dry, however sparingly not to make it too greasy and look weighed down. Finally, you are meant to put your pomade to your hair from behind to your front.

In conclusion, pomades are great hairstyling products. They leave our hair styled and shiny, giving us confidence in our looks. They have become a staple in our hair care regime. But, is pomade bad for our hair? No, it’s not bad. Pomades have no dangerous chemical make-ups and thus are harmless.


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