Does Mane and Tail Work?

Does Mane and Tail Work

Does Mane and Tail work? Many people with long, thick hair have transitioned into using the brand Mane and Tail in the shower to wash their locks. As the name and logo on the bottle suggest, yes, it is a horse shampoo. However, horses’ manes and tails are similar to human hair, and many people feel like Mane and Tail products do a great job at maintaining their long hair. So how does it work on human hair?

Equestrians initially used Mane and Tail for their horses. Back in the ’90s, many horse riders discovered that the product worked well in their human hair as well. Since then, Mane and Tail have begun making human products under the same label. 

Mane and Tail is most known for their shampoo, which advertises to leave hair soft and shiny without stripping hair of its natural oils. They have expanded to conditioner and styling creams as well to give users a full wash day experience. 

The brand supposedly leaves hair shinier and helps promote hair growth. Many users have backed up this statement with hundreds of 5-star reviews. Some say they use it once in a while rather than every time they wash their hair. Others use it regularly and see great results. The frequency of use may depend on your individual hair needs.

Overall, Mane and Tail seem to work to leave hair shinier and promote hair growth as advertised

Does Mane and Tail Work to Grow Hair?

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Mane and Tail is advertised to help promote new hair growth. The shampoo and conditioner work to lather your scalp deep down where new hair grows to keep the follicles clean and the scalp ready for new hair. 

Reviews on Mane and Tail’s official website display real users’ results. Many of them have experienced hair growth. Others have experienced noticeable thickness in their strands and have claimed they’ve seen viewable hair growth in a matter of weeks. 

Like all hair products, Mane and Tail may work differently for your compared to others, depending on what nutrients your hair needs. However, many are advocates for saying it does grow their hair! If your stunted hair growth is caused by a lack of amino acids at the follicles, then Mane and Tail is likely to help with your hair growth.

Does Mane and Tail Work on Beards?

Mane and Tail have similar benefits for beards as it does for the rest of your hair. Many men swear by the shampoo and conditioner products to keep their beards soft and unknotted as well as for promoting beard growth. 

Some users say they use it only once a week on their beard since beards can be less thick and more sensitive to products compared to your other hair. Others use it daily and have seen beneficial results as well. Overall, the frequency of using Mane and Tail on your beard could depend on many factors such as beard length, texture, and what vitamins and nutrients it may be lacking. 

Does Mane and Tail Work for Black Hair?

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Mane and Tail does work for black and textured hair. Traditionally, horses’ manes and tails are very thick and textured The products work to condition, smooth, and grow the hair to make it overall healthier against the elements. 

While not similar in style, black hair can be similar in its thickness and texture, so Mane and Tail products still work well for it. The products work well to smooth the hair and condition it thoroughly to keep it moisturized. Many users have seen increased hair growth from using Mane and Tail products in their textured hair as well. 

Mane and Tail also works in natural curls. Those with soft and course curl patterns have tried the product and noticed defined and bouncier curls after only a few uses. They also noticed softer hair as well. 

Does Mane and Tail Work on Human Hair?

Mane and Tail, which originated as a hair care brand for horses, is completely safe and effective to use on human hair. Many equestrians began using the products on their own hair in the 90s and were blown away by the results. Their hair was coming in smoother, thicker, and faster than when they used their regular products.

Since then, the Mane and Tail brand has rebranded lines of products under the same label to be used for human hair. Mane and Tail products work so well on human hair because of the deep conditioning and nourishing elements of the formulas. 

Mane and Tail products also work on treated hair. Therefore, if you’ve had a perm, coloring, or a relaxer done, you can still use Mane and Tail hair products to revive and maintain your hair. 

Does Mane and Tail Work on Thin Hair?

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Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner users have seen noticeable results and improvements in the thickness of their hair from using the products over time. With these results, it can be assumed that Mane and Tail will work on thin hair to thicken it and help it grow faster.

Mane and Tail is gentle enough to use on animals but effective enough to cause these quick results. This means it is reliable to use on thin hair. Many users also says it creates the effect of more volume in their thin hair as well. This is from the inclusion of keratin and other proteins in the formula that work to nourish and add a protective layer around your hair strands. This layer is what adds volume and thickens hair. 

Everyone’s hair needs are different so start by using the product once or twice a week to see how your hair reacts. If the results are positive, you can increase use. 

Is Mane and Tail Good for Curly Hair?

While horses don’t usually have curly manes or tails, the Mane and Tail hair products are great for curly hair. Many curly hair users have gotten bouncier and smoother curls from using Mane and Tail products over time when they previously had frizzy or damaged curls before. 

There are many times of curls in the world, so the product will work differently for everyone. There have been many reviews from users who have 2a to 3c curls who have experienced positive results from continued use of the product. Those with kinkier curls say the products helped with dryness and smoothness when used alongside other curl creams. Mane and Tail also has products designated for curly hair such as their Olive Oil Creme.

Does Mane and Tail Make Hair Thicker?

Mane and Tail product formulas include many proteins, one being keratin. Keratin is important in hair because it adds a protective layer on the strands to protect against the elements. This layer also makes your hair thicker and adds volume to your hair. 

Mane and Tail products can make your hair thicker because of the keratin in the formula. Keratin is a commonly used protein in hair salons and hair products. Many users have seen a noticeable difference in their hair thickness and volume after using Mane and Tail products. 


Mane and Tail products are safe to use on both horses and humans! The unique formula in the products has sparked changes in many users’ hair including improvements in length, smoothness, thickness, and volume! If you’re searching for a new shampoo and conditioner, it may be time to give horse products a try!

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