Are Faux Locs Heavy? – What You Should Know

Are faux locs heavy? Yes, faux locs can be heavy depending on the weight of the locs and type of locs and the styles you want to have. Faux Locs are temporary protective hairstyles where there is the use of extensions on your natural hair. It is referred to as a protective hairstyle because your natural hair grows underneath the locs, and it can also be used to create different looks and styles.

Faux Locs are not dreads but are categorized as casual African braids for women. However, faux locs can become worrisome to maintain, even when installing the extensions for the first time. Faux locs can arise from the way the hair was installed or if the person has thin hair. Overall, faux locs are unique and beautiful hairstyles that can be very versatile to suit the needs of every woman.

Let’s look at some of the things to keep in mind when going to have your faux locs installed as a first-timer.

Are Soft Locs Heavy?

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Soft Locs are a type of faux loc that makes use of crocheted hair. Are soft locs heavy? is a question many women ask before going to have their hair done because of the stiffness and pain they experience. Soft locs are not as heavy as faux locs, and the only reason soft locs can be heavy is due to the amount of hair installed.

Unlike the faux locs, the soft locs should be easy and flexible right from the day they were installed if done properly. With the use of soft locs, there should be little or no tension on your natural hair.

Normally, faux locs are dipped into hot water to release the tension and stiffness of the hair, but that is not required in the case of soft locs as you can experience movement of the hair from day one. Crochet locs are softer and not as heavy as the Marley hair used for faux locs.

Do Faux Locs Feel Heavy?

Yes, faux locs can feel heavy depending on the weight of the locs material, how much locs you want to use and the hair style you want to have with locs. Some packs of locs can weigh as much as 80 grams and the weight can be more if you have to use more than one pack for your style.  

Many women are prone to asking this question if faux locs feel heavy, but this is dependent on the type of hair used and how much had to be installed. Some women like to have a fuller hair look, which would involve the use of many extensions, thereby making the locs feel heavy after they have been installed.

On the part of the type of hair used affecting the heaviness of the locs, this can be in the brand of the faux locs used. Because it is artificial hair, there are numerous manufacturers of faux locs. While some make them thick and big, some might be thinner and lighter. An avid example is the use of Marley faux locs and kanekalon hair. The Marley hair is heavier than the Kanekalon brand of faux locs when used separately.

Overall, the brand of faux locs used and the amount installed into your hair can make it heavy or not. Either way, let your hairstylist know how it feels on you and get the necessary adjustments so you can enjoy the locs for as long as possible.

Do Faux Locs Hurt?

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Just as it is with the case of installing heavy faux locs extensions, faux locs may hurt if they are not installed properly or made too tight by your hairstylist. Your natural hair needs to be braided before fixing the faux locs, and when it is braided too tightly as well, it may cause the faux loc installation to hurt and feel uncomfortable.

When the faux locs are heavy on your hair, it can cause pain and put stress on your hair roots, causing the hair follicles to get damaged, thereby destroying your natural hair. Inform your hairstylist if the braids are too tight and if the locs are heavy. The stylist can braid your hair longer and install the locs properly to avoid unnecessary discomfort and loss of your hair.

Are Faux Locs Permanent?

Faux locs are temporary protective hairstyles and are not made to be worn permanently like dreads. Faux locs can be worn for quite a long duration of time, or months depending on the type of hair brand, but they still have to be removed at some point to ensure your natural hair is not damaged, which can occur as a result of excessive wear.

Do Faux Locs Stay Stiff?

Faux locs are extensions made from materials different from your hair and, so, this can cause the faux locs to stay stiff for the first time when you fix your hair. To avoid your locs sticking out and becoming too stiff, ask your hairstylist to put your faux locs in hot water to allow them to loosen up and relax.

Ensure your braids are not too tight and the installation of the faux locs is done properly to avoid damage to your hair follicles. The stiffness of the faux locs may make it tiresome and even difficult to style as you wish, so make sure your hairstylist knows this and can get it rectified so you can enjoy your protective hairstyle.

How to Make Faux Locs Less Stiff

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Tight or stiff faux locs can make the hair unenjoyable, causing headaches and, if too extreme, can lead to damage to the hair follicles. To make your faux locs less stiff, talk to your hair stylist when he or she is installing them, and you can also try out the below tips to lessen the problem.

  • Use water to lessen the pain and stiffness of your faux locs. Your stylist should dip your locs in hot water so that it can relax the tension and make them easy to pack and style.
  • Ask your stylist to make your natural hair braids bigger so as not to make your faux locs heavy, which can result in stiffness. Bigger braids would reduce the tension of the faux locs on your natural hair.
  • The first time installing faux locs can make it uncomfortable with pain and stiffness. Tell your hairstylist to reduce the tension by not installing too many faux locs in your hair to make them relax.
  • Make use of painkillers to reduce the tension in your faux locs and wait patiently for some days if this is your first time installing faux locs.
  • Wrap your faux locs with a warm towel to reduce the stiffness of the locs until they are relaxed.
  • Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner to your scalp to loosen tight faux locs and also prevent itching. Do not wash your hair as it can damage your newly created faux locs. The conditioner would ease the tension in your hair.
  • Do not consider styling your faux locs on the first day, as this can cause pain for you. Let the locs down for a few days after applying the above tips. It should become easy to style as you wish over time.

Are Crochet Faux Locs Heavy?

Crochet Faux locs are not heavy and are available in various twists and braids. Crochet faux locs are usually recommended for making soft locs because they are not as heavy as the Marley faux locs. Although, if you get to install so many crochets faux locs into your hair, it might become heavy to carry or style, so make sure you communicate with your stylist on how you want it to look and how many packs of the faux locs will be used to prevent heaviness in your hair.

How Long Does Crochet Faux Locs Last?

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There are basically different types of faux loc extensions and how they are used, and the duration for each varies because of the type of material used. Synthetic faux locs crochet lasts anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks on your first installation.

While human hair blends faux locs, crochet can last for up to three months. There is also the yarn faux locs, which can last just as long as the synthetic faux locs depending on the texture.

For a longer installation of faux locs, there would be a need to care for your natural hair by washing it with shampoo to keep your scalp clean and free from itching. The hair care can be done every few weeks or after a month.

Why Are Faux Locs So Expensive?

The cost of installing faux locs varies depending on where you live, the brand of faux locs, the quality, and the hairstylist. Faux locs are reusable and can be worn for a few months, which makes them a better investment, notwithstanding the price, whether it’s cheap or a bit expensive.

Faux Locs can be expensive, mostly in the installation process and style, whether it’s crochet, braids, or twist. Nevertheless, faux locs are great protective hairstyles that can help serve their purpose if done properly and installed correctly. Make sure you check the type of faux locs you bought, whether they are human hair blended or synthetic, to know how long you can wear them for.

Final thoughts

Faux Locs are beautiful protective hairstyles that can be styled in different ways and are also low-maintenance. The installation of the faux locs may or may not be painful, depending on your hairstylist; in any case, communicate with your stylist so that he or she can know how it feels and adjust accordingly.

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