Can I Book a Hotel for Someone?

Can I Book a Hotel for Someone

Can I book a hotel for someone? Sometimes we find ourselves confused or even totally ignorant about certain things.

One thing we know for sure, with mathematical certainty, is that you can book a room for yourself so long as you have the economic wherewithal to afford this lifestyle. But a problem arises when it involves booking a hotel room for others.

This problem finds expression in the nagging question, “Can I book a hotel room for someone else?”

This question is answered emphatically in the affirmative. Yes, you can book a hotel room for another person. I must, however, say that everything depends on the policies of individual banks.

But generally, hotels allow you to pay for someone else’s room or book a room for someone else. Almost all hotels do. However, to pay for someone else’s room, you will be required to do certain things.

First in the string of these requirements, which can’t be dispensed with, is that you are typically required to fill out a credit card authorization form. If you want to book a room for someone else, simply put their name on the reservation.

The person whose hotel room you book with your credit card will need to provide a means of identification, mostly a photo identification card, when checking in, along with a credit card that has their name on it for incidentals. Biting problems or issues may, however, arise from this kind of booking arrangement.

You may be held responsible for any damage done to the hotel’s property since the room is in your name. While booking a hotel room for somebody is an easy process, the possible issues that might arise from it are never easy.

So, you must be careful of the kind of people you book a hotel room for.

How to Make a Hotel Reservation for Someone Else

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As we stated earlier, hotels allow people to book a hotel room for others, but the policies of some hotels may not allow it.

Thus, booking a hotel room for somebody else is practically possible, in fact, it is very common. Also, booking a room for someone is very easy, as it involves not-too-hard processes.

The normal practice or step is to book a hotel room for someone else using your credit card. Then, you list the person you are booking the room for as the guest.

The person you have booked a room for with your credit card will then while checking in, provide a means of identification—a photo ID—alongside a credit card that has his or her name on it for incidentals. However, to provide yourself some sort of immunity or protection, you may go all anonymous.

The steps involved are: choose a fictional name that is anonymous and will not easily be noticed. This is the name you will be registered with.

To make a payment, instead of a credit card, use cash. If you are worried that your identity may be known or someone might check your credit card or bank account statement, to tie up any possible loose ends in your anonymous style, use cash.

Put it forward to the hotel to keep your identity private. Regardless of how you pay your bill or what name appears on your credit card or documents you provided before it, the name you use to register with them will be the name they use to address you.

Can You Book a Marriott Hotel for Someone Else?

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The question, “Can I book for someone else?” is answered in the affirmative.

Yes, you can book a room for someone online or via your Marriott Bonvoy Mobile App via your Marriott Bonvoy Account. You can book both paid and award reservations for anyone you like.

You will have no difficulty making reservations or booking a room for anyone. However, you should not expect the other person to be available with all your elite benefits.

This person may not likely enjoy all your elite benefits as he or she is excluded. How do I book a reservation for someone else online?

To book for someone, follow these steps:

1. Ensure you are signed in to your Marriott Bonvoy Account, if you have one, then proceed with the reservation as normal through and enter the name of the guest staying in the room.

2. Once completed, please contact the hotel directly to arrange for a credit card authorization form, or another method, to cover the charges. The same steps apply if you are booking via the app.

Using Marriott Points for Someone Else

You can make an award redemption reservation as a gift for another guest using your Marriott Bonvoy Points. However, it should be noted that, for the time being, this feature is not supported by their website or app, which means you cannot access it online.

To use your points to make an award redemption reservation, it must be made offline through a call put across to them. Also, it seems like there is a limit to the number of gifted reservations you can make for somebody using your Marriott Points in one full calendar year.

You can only make up to five (5) gift award reservations running from January to December. But one peculiar feature of making an Award Redemption Reservation is that once made, it cannot be modified again.

If you need to make a change to an Award Redemption Stay Reservation, the reservation will need to be canceled and a new reservation booked (if available) through Member Support. You are responsible for the changes to the points or cash, as applicable, required to book a new reservation.

Also, neither you nor the person you are looking for will earn any Marriott Bonvoy Points or Miles, Elite Night Credit, Qualifying Nights, or Qualifying Stays in connection with such a Gifted Award Redemption Stay.

In addition, the other person will not receive the transfer of any Elite benefits associated with your account. To book for somebody else with your points, you must provide to Member Support your membership number and name, as well as the name of the person who will be staying at the booked property.

Can I Book a Hotel for Someone Else with Points?

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The answer is a big yes. You can book for others using hotel loyalty programs.

Most hotel loyalty programs generally allow you to use your points to book a hotel room for someone else. Often, they can even allow you to book for a friend or a family member using a free night certificate, such as the ones earned on an annual basis with a co-branded credit card.

A co-branded credit card is issued strictly based on a record of years of loyalty to a particular hotel. Unlike airline credit cards that don’t always offer strong enough perks or advantages to justify paying an annual fee, most hotel cards are famous for their offer of extremely valuable benefits packages.

Also, some hotel credit cards are currently offering increased welcome bonuses. This provides you with tremendous opportunities to rack up points and perks for future getaways.

Can I Reserve a Hotel Room for Someone Else at Hilton?

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Yes, you can. You can book for others at Hilton via two routes: online and by phone.

For online booking, you have to add the information of the person you are looking for and leave a comment that he or she will be the person staying. In the alternative, you can call Hilton HHonors at 800-466-6677.

HHonors include DoubleTree, Conrad, Embassy Suites, Hampton Inn, Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, Home2suites, Homewood Suites, and Waldorf Astoria brand hotels. Once booked, the reward may be issued to you or any other person, depending on your directive.

Once issued, the Reward is not transferable and can be used only by the person named on it.

Can I Book a Hotel for Someone Else on Expedia?

Yes, you can. Your Expedia account is a sure ticket for booking or any other activity.

From what we have observed from those who have booked a hotel for someone else on Expedia, the experience is awesome, easy, and friendly. You may simply use your credit card to make hotel reservations for other people if you list the guest as the guest when ordering a hotel room.

Can I Book a Hotel with Someone’s Credit Card?

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Well, there are two or three possible sides to this question. With your patience, we can approach these sides together.

To start with, yes, you can book a hotel with someone else’s credit card. However, there are conditions precedent to your use of another person’s card to book a hotel.

You must satisfy the hotel beyond every reasonable doubt with sufficient evidence that the rightful owner of the credit card has authorized you to use it for that specific purpose.

Take note of the “specific purpose” we just mentioned. In some other hotels, they do not get themselves involved in the “nuts and bolts” of who pays and with whose card. So long as they are guaranteed their rightful money, every other consideration takes a back seat.

However, in some other hotels, the only way you will be able to check into a hotel with someone else’s credit card is if the owner of the card contacts the hotel and fills out a credit card authorization form. With this signed form, these hotels have obtained all the necessary permission to accept the card from you.

Several reasons motivate these higher precautions on the part of these hotels. Apart from the moral (and possibly legal) blame that they might incur and also the need to prevent criminality, the major motivation is purely personal.

Let’s say you did use someone else’s card. Upon checking out, they discover you have damaged their property and even stole some of the room’s items.

It’s not your card that was used, which means your friend would be contacted, and your friend could say he wasn’t there. He could even report the card as stolen and the hotel would be in for it.

The question, “Can I book a hotel for someone else?” is answered in the affirmative. You can book a hotel for someone else in almost all hotels. It’s a common practice that their policies allow.


From all we have said so far, yes, you can book a room for someone. However, ensure you know the person in question well.

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