Is Timex a Good Brand?

Is Timex a Good Brand

Is Timex a good brand? Timex has a long history of creating watches that are loved by people for their expert craftsmanship and quality.

Timex is such a popular brand all over the world that most of us at some point in our life have owned a Timex watch. If you have not, then it’s worth giving it a try!

That’s because Timex watches have simplicity and class which makes them versatile. The best part is unlike all the overpriced luxury brands, Timex watches are affordable and reliable.

If you are on the lookout to buy a new watch that is the perfect blend of style, functionality, and price, then Timex is a timepiece worth considering.

In this article, we will find out all about the Timex brand, what makes it so special, and the top watches you can include in your timepiece collection.

Who Makes Timex Watches?

Timex Women's Standard Chronograph 41mm Quartz Dress Watch with Leather Strap, Brown, 20 (Model: TW2U89300VQ)
Timex Standard Chronograph | Source: Amazon

The company was established in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company in Connecticut where they modified the old methods of watchmaking into a faster and more accurate process.

In 1901, the pocket watch was introduced and it unbelievably cost only one dollar back in the old days. These pocket watches were used to track the train timings.

By 1960, Timex watches were being sold like hot pancakes due to their durability, affordability, and appeal in America.

By the 20th Century, Timex watches were used as a form of expression by women to exhibit confidence and independence. The beautifully designed watches for women were loved and widely accepted.

With the changing times, Timex redesigned its watches by replacing its wound brass springs with a quartz crystal to be accepted by the new generation.

In 1984, Timex went digital with its sports watches; the Timex Ironman was used by athletes for reliability and precision. It also patented a technology called Electroluminescent, with the Indiglo backlight feature which illuminates the entire watch face in the night.

This feature was used not only in watches but also in car dashboards and other appliances.

Timex has been a powerhouse watchmaking company for more than 165 years. Its innovative designs have traveled to space, and have been desired by all from celebrities to professional athletes.

Its legendary reputation and passion for creating nothing but the best have made this brand truly amazing.

Who Owns Timex Watches?

The Waterbury Clock Company was bought by Thomas Olsen in New York, which he renamed Timex. Timex Corporation was acquired by Timex Group B.V in 2008 and is now popularly known as the Timex Group USA.

The Timex Group Luxury Watches B.V. has many subsidiaries – Timex Group India Ltd, Timex Nederland B.V, and Timex Group B.V.

Is Timex a Luxury Brand?

Timex Men's 45mm Quartz Dress Watch with Stainless Steel Strap, Black, 22 (Model: TW2V21000JI)
Timex Quartz Dress Watch | Source: Amazon

Timex is a globally popular company that designs luxury goods at affordable prices. It has several watchmaking businesses all over the world.

It entered the luxury market when Timex Group B.V became responsible for manufacturing Swiss-made watches and jewelry for brands like Versace and Versus. The Timex luxury watch business started designing and distributing Swiss-made watches.

The Timex Luxury Division includes Versace, Versus, Vincent Bérard, Salvatore Ferragamo, and more.

Timex has a collection of watches that are priced slightly higher than the rest of the watches. For instance, the Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic watch that is designed by Milan-based director Giorgio Galli.

It is a remarkable timepiece with automatic movement, stainless steel case, double-domed sapphire crystal, and customizable case design.

The Timex x Judith Leiber is another incredible bracelet watch that is designed with Swarovski® Crystals with an INDIGLO® light-up watch dial in a stainless steel case. It is a high fashion piece that exhibits the timeless loyalty of Judith Leiber and Timex.

Is Timex a Cheap Brand?

Timex watches are affordable despite being a high-end brand because they want to make superior quality timepieces accessible to the common folk. Timex maintains low prices on their low-end collection by using alloy instead of stainless steel watch cases.

They use metals that are much more easily affordable while also ensuring to make their products look polished and attractive. But this doesn’t affect the durability, Timex watches are versatile and have a plethora of options available to choose from.

While it has high-end luxury watches it also has minimally designed affordable watches that are sophisticated and reliable.

Timex’s collection of watches includes terrific features such as water resistance, scratch resistance, lasting durability, Indiglo backlight, unbeatable battery life, and more. Plus, attractive and versatile watch straps make the Timex watches suitable for just about any occasion.

Are Timex Watches Good?

Timex Women's Standard Chronograph 41mm Quartz Dress Watch with Leather Strap, Brown, 20 (Model: TW2U89300VQ)

Timex is all about moving forward with the changing times by incorporating authenticity and elegance in their watchmaking techniques. Their watches are carefully crafted to ensure durability and functionality.

The classic watch designs make them versatile so that both men and women can wear them to casual, formal, or semi-formal occasions. Timex watches are great because of their subtlety and class as they can easily complement any of your attires.

So, a quick answer to whether Timex watches are good would be yes. They have remained in business for over 167 years and still continue to impress with their affordable and stylish timepieces.

Now, let us look at the top Timex watches that you can include in your accessory collection.

Which is Better Timex or Fossil?

Timex has been around for much longer than Fossil and has a long history of innovation. Timex watches are known for their rugged, durable design and affordable price point. The company also offers many different styles and designs to suit any taste or budget.

Fossil, on the other hand, is more of a fashion-focused brand with an emphasis on style rather than durability. This means that they offer trendy watches at higher price points but they may not be as durable as Timex watches.

Top 5 Timex Watches

1. The Classic Timex Watch

Timex Men's Waterbury Traditional Automatic 42mm Japanese Dress Watch with Stainless Steel Strap, Silver, 20 (Model: TW2T69700VQ)
Timex Waterbury | Source: Amazon

This sleek and sophisticated watch is one of the most desirable pieces as it depicts the classic look of Timex watches. This watch is from the Waterbury collection and is crafted by paying attention to detail.

The exceptionally stitched leather strap of this watch ensures lasting durability. The stainless steel bracelet and white dial with an analog design make this watch a versatile and stylish timepiece that you can wear with almost every outfit.

The features of this watch include:

  • Designed with scratch-resistant glass.
  • Offers water resistance up to 50 meters (avoid diving/deep swimming)
  • Indiglo backlight

2. Timex Intelligent Quartz Watch

Timex Intelligent Quartz Watch TW2P72800 - Plated Stainless Steel Gents Quartz Chronograph
Timex Intelligent Quartz | Source: Amazon

This gorgeous timepiece exudes a sporty elegance. It is designed with a black plated stainless steel band, black dial, and black case that makes it stunningly attractive.

You can wear it with casual outfits or business attire and totally carry off the look.

  • Luminous silver-toned hands
  • Scratch-resistant mineral
  • Water resistance up to 100 meters

3. Timex Q Dress Reissue Watch

Timex Q Dress Reissue Day Date Croco Strap Gold/Gold/Black One Size
Timex Q Dress Reissue | Source: Amazon

You’ll love this one! The black leather strap and champagne dial blend beautifully making this Timex watch look elegantly fashionable.

You can wear this watch with a white formal shirt and black pants or a smart polo T-shirt and chinos for that dapper look.

  • Analog display with day and date calendar
  • Water resistance up to 50 meters
  • A leather strap and gold-toned finish will lend effortless style.

4. Timex Weekender Chronograph Watch

Timex Weekender Chrono Quartz Analog Watch with Leather Strap, Brown/Silver/Blue, 40 mm (Model: TW2R63200)
Timex Weekender | Source: Amazon

Timex’s Weekender collection is all about flexibility and style. This watch is designed with a genuine leather slip-thru strap that you can conveniently change according to your style preferences. Its quick-release straps make switching to a different type of strap super easy without the need for any tools. Its cool casual appeal makes the watch an excellent pick for those sunny, fun outings with friends.

  • Electroluminescent technology used for Indiglo backlight.
  • Water resistance up to 30 meters
  • Scratch-resistant dial case
  • Offers up to 10 years of battery life

5. Timex Women’s Easy Reader

Timex Women's Easy Reader 25mm Watch Box Set – Gold-Tone Case White Dial with Tapered Expansion Band + Brown Leather Strap
Timex Women’s Easy Reader | Source: Amazon

Beauty is in simplicity and this Timex watch with a gold-toned band will look chic with every outfit. This watch is crafted to perfection with its easy-to-read dial and durable stainless steel expansion band.

Additionally, this watch comes with an extra leather strap so you can easily swap the strap when needed.

  • Indiglo Backlight
  • Water resistance up to 30 meters
  • Scratch-resistant mineral glass
  • Offers up to 10 years of battery life


Accessories are extremely important to complete any attire, especially a watch. A watch is not just a functional accessory that helps you keep track of time, it also makes a stylish statement about your look.

So, are Timex watches good? Yes, if you are on the lookout for that perfect watch that looks smart while also being affordable, then Timex is a brand that you can absolutely trust.

For generations, this brand has remained reliable and accessible so there is no need to second guess. A Timex watch in your wardrobe is a must-have!

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