Seiko vs Orient: Which One is Better?

Seiko vs Orient: Which One is Better?

Seiko vs Orient – which one is better? Some of the best Eastern watchmakers which include Seiko and Orient are both known for their meticulous attention to detail when it comes to producing high-quality timepieces. Even though Orient is now under the Seiko logo, the two companies are still considered different firms because they operate separately.

In this article, I would be making a comparison between both brands, while answering crucial questions that are usually asked by the majority of watch enthusiasts.

History of the Seiko Brand

Seiko SRPE74 Seiko 5 Sports Men's Watch Gold-Tone 42.5mm Stainless Steel
Seiko Stainless Steel | Source: Amazon

Seiko Holdings Corporation (Seik Hrudingusu Kabushiki-Kaisha) is a Japanese wristwatch, clock, electronic device, semiconductor, jewelry, and optical product manufacturer. It was founded in 1881 and is credited with developing one of the first quartz wristwatches and also the first quartz wristwatch with a Chrono function.

Kintar Hattori founded Seiko in 1881 when he launched a watch and accessories shop in Tokyo called “K. Hattori.”

Kintar Hattori had been a watchmaker assistant ever since the age of 13, working in places like “Kobayashi Clock Shop,” which was run by a professional technician titled “ Seijiro Sakurai, “Kameda Clock Shop” in Nihonbashi, and “Sakata Clock Shop” in Ueno, where he discovered how to both advertise and fix wristwatches.

A new era of Japanese-made clocks and timepieces began in 1881. Innovators in Nagoya and Tokyo studied and produced Western-style pocket watches.

All imported watches had to be purchased by Japanese wholesalers from international trading companies in Kobe and other cities in Japan.

Mr. Hattori began working directly with these international trading businesses in the Yokohama colony in 1885, focusing on the wholesale and retail distribution of western (imported) clocks and machinery.

Kintar Hattori had a tight relationship with several international trading organizations throughout the years, including F. Perregaux, Favre-Brandt, Zanussi, and Siber, which allowed him to secure special imported watches and machinery that no one else had at the time.

History of the Orient Brand

Orient Men's 2nd Gen. Bambino Ver. 2 Stainless Steel Japanese-Automatic Watch with Leather Strap, Black, 21 (Model: FAC0000AB0)
Orient Stainless Steel | Source: Amazon

Epson owns the Orient Watch brand, which is a Japanese watchmaker. It began as a stand-alone company in 1950, then became a functioning unit of Epson in 2009, before being fully unified in 2017.

Until it was acquired by Epson, the Orient Watch Company mostly sold mechanical watches (self-winding and hand-winding), but it also made quartz, solar-powered timepieces, and radio-controlled watches. Outside of its main business, Seiko Epson developed several moving parts and electrical components, which were then combined into the company’s electronic gadgets.

All Orient movements are currently manufactured in-house by Akita Epson Corporation,  an Epson group subsidiary in Yuzawa, Akita, Japan.

The Orient Watch Firm began in 1901 when Shogoro Yoshida started a wholesale shop in Ueno, Taito, Tokyo, called “Yoshida Watch Shop.” Yoshida Watch Shop, which sold imported pocket watches, was a hit.

Yoshida enlarged his firm and started making gold wristwatch cases in 1912. Toyo Tokei Industries was founded in 1920 and began by creating table clocks and meters.

Toyo Tokei Manufacturing did not begin producing wristwatches until 1934. The Hino plant was established in Hino, Tokyo, Japan, in 1936.

Toyo Tokei Manufacturing thrived at the Hino facility for numerous years. However, the company was forced to close in 1949 due to the bad state of the Japanese economy following WWII.

Yoshida’s wristwatch production company, Tama Keiki Company, was resurrected in 1950 after Toyo Tokei Production was closed down at the Hino facility, Tama Keiki Co. kept making watches. Tama Keiki Co. was renamed Orient Watch Co Limited in 1951, and the very first Orient Star was released the following year.

Following a memorandum business deal with China in 1955, Orient Watch was a waste to increase their international profile. The Royal Orient was first offered for sale in 1960.

The “Dynamic” in 1956, the “Grand Prix” in 1964, the “Fineness” (the world’s narrowest automatic timepiece with day & date calendar capabilities for its era) in 1967, and also the “Tenbeat” in 1970 are all noteworthy watches in the firm’s history.

The OTC (Orient Technical Center) was created in Ugo, Oguchi, Akita, and Japan, during 2003 and the luxury watch assembly commenced. The Royal Orient wristwatch brand introduced the high-powered 88700 motion in 2004.

The Orient Star Retro-Future line was introduced in 2005. Orient Watch Co. honored its 60th anniversary in 2010 by releasing a limited version model.

Is Orient Owned by Seiko?

Orient Watch became a completely owned subsidiary of Seiko Epson in 2009. Orient Watch was then integrated into Seiko in 2017 to achieve even more synergy.

Is Orient Watch a Good Brand?

Orient Men's 2nd Gen. Bambino Ver. 1 Stainless Steel Japanese-Automatic Watch with Leather Strap, Brown, 21 (Model: FAC00003W0)
Orient Bambino Ver. 1 | Source: Amazon

Orient is a solid value-based Japanese brand that is popular among watch forum members and vintage collectors, who have always portrayed the Orient Watch as a good brand. And it isn’t far from the truth.

Seiko vs Orient Automatic Watch

It’s no doubt that both brands create outstanding automatic watches, but since every individual possesses their specific tastes, there are some factors to consider when trying to make comparisons between both watches:

1. Complications/Complexities

Seiko isn’t known for complexities at reduced rate considerations, but we could see how they’re used wisely. The Seiko brand is well-known for its reserve indicators.

Orient is infamous for its complexities, even in the lower price bracket. You can get Orient timepieces with a power spare indicator for under $200, which is usually only found in more expensive watches.

In the case of Orient Star, hundreds of complexities are still being implemented. A battery reserve display and a GMT indication are also included in the Orient celebrity GMT.

Various trends, such as the Orient Celebrity Retro and the Orient World Time, are complex without being cluttered or noisy. They carry out this bevy of functions better than most Seiko watches, in my viewpoint.

2. Water Resistance

Taking certain automated watches from both brands into consideration, only 200 meters of water resistance is listed on the Ray II Orient watch. Despite its high rating, it is no longer an ISO 6425-compliant diver wristwatch.

On the other hand, the SKX007 Seiko watch stands out as a diver’s 200 meters. And as a result, it’s a water-resistant watch that meets ISO 6425 standards. This means it’s suitable for all-day experienced scuba diving.

3. Design

Taking certain automated watches from both brands into consideration, Seiko’s Cocktail Time design is gorgeous, yet it’s very conservative. It adheres to minimal dress watch traditions, with a dial that is incredibly plain, straightforward, and elegant. Cocktail hour is reserved for really formal gatherings.

On the other hand, Orient’s Solar and Moon are both traditional. With a potpourri of sub-dials brimming with intricacies, it stretches the boundaries of what constitutes a dress watch. The Solar and Moon is done with finesse, and the whole format has the potential to be incredibly modern and eye-catching.

The Orient, on the other hand, is far more adaptable and may be matched with almost any outfit.

Seiko vs Orient Movement

Orient Men's Mako II Stainless Steel Japanese-Automatic Watch with Stainless-Steel Strap, Silver, 22 (Model: FAA02009D9)
Orient Mako II | Source: Amazon

The Orient caliber F6922 has a 22-jewel self-winding automatic movement. Orient movements are created in-house in Japan.

Other websites may list this movement as  F69-22 6922, however, the caliber number is officially written as F6922 by Orient.

On the other hand, just like a conventional mechanical watch, the movement of Seiko watches is powered by a mainspring and transmitted by a gear train. Although, instead of an escapement and equilibrium wheel, Seiko employs a newly designed “Tri-synchro regulator,” which functions similarly to a quartz movement.

Seiko vs Orient Diver

SEIKO Prospex Diver's 200m Special Edition Chronograph Solar Sports SSC741P1
Seiko Prospex Diver | Source: Amazon

Seiko dive watches are recognized for being precise and strong as claws, but there are so many types that choosing the right one for your demands can be tricky.

On the other hand, the Orient watch collection and specifically their diver lineup were created with scuba divers and diving watch enthusiasts in mind. They can withstand water pressures of up to 20 ATM/BAR, which equates to a depth of 200 meters.

The analog displays and automatic mechanisms of the Orient dive timepieces are superb.

Grand Seiko vs Orient Star

Grand Seiko Heritage High-Intensity Titanium Hi Beat GMT SBGJ213
Grand Seiko | Source: Amazon

In the industry of watchmaking, Grand Seiko is known as a company that gives you a lot more bang for your buck. The quality is exceptional; most other manufacturers would charge twice as much for the same level of craftsmanship.

To be honest, the value is restricted to watchmaking and specialized sectors of watchmaking.

On the other hand, the quality of the Orient Star is high, with sturdy end links, albeit there is some wobbling. The Classic is a great everyday watch; 38.5mm is a great size for a little dressier watch, and it’s also extremely comfortable.

Orient Kamasu vs Seiko 5

Orient Men's Kamasu Stainless Steel Japanese Automatic Diving Watch with Silicone Strap, Silver, 22 (Model: RA-AA0005B19A)
Orient Kamasu | Source: Amazon

The Orient Kamasu is an elegant watch by the Orient brand, which portrays exceptionally high quality on so many different levels.

On the other hand, Seiko 5 is a quality watch by the Seiko brand, which has been on the scenes for a while now with its numerous quality features.

Orient vs Seiko Dive Watches

Orient Dive watches are considered to be above Seiko Dive watches when it comes to affordability and movements, but on the other hand, Seiko Dive watches are considered to be above Orient dive watches in terms of being more water-resistant.

Seiko 5 Sports vs Orient Mako

Seiko Men's 5 Sports Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Nylon Strap, Black, 22 (Model: SRPE69)
Seiko 5 Sports | Source: Amazon

The Seiko 5 sports is a fantastic watch by the Seiko brand, which with every movement, its traditional mechanical mechanism automatically winds.

On the other hand, the Orient mako possesses more exceptional features than the Seiko 5 sports from my viewpoint.


In conclusion, it comes down to personal preference at the close of the day. Both brands have a great deal to deliver, specifically now that they’re related to one other.

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