Is Dove Good for Your Hair? 

Is Dove Good for Your Hair? 

Is Dove good for your hair? Before we proceed on, a little introduction would suffice to help us better appreciate what we will be saying in this piece.

Dove is the American personal care brand of the British multinational consumer goods company Unilever.

Dove products are made in countries all over the world. Their products are currently available in over 150 markets and cater to women, men, and babies.

The Dove logo is a profile silhouette of the brand’s namesake bird. While working for Lever Brothers in the 1950s, Vincent Lamberti was granted the original patents related to Dove manufacturing.

Ever since then, the brand has continued to grow from strength to strength, expanding and making inroads into markets. The brand has a watchword, which is its dedication to keeping your and our skin and hair soft, smooth, and moisturized.

All their products are founded on this philosophy. So, to the question: Is Dove good for your hair? The answer is yes.

All Dove products are good for your hair. However, this should not be seen as a blank check, as there are some of their products that contain potentially harmful ingredients.

The best approach before buying any of their products for your hair is to check their ingredients list.

Is Dove Shampoo Good for Your Hair?

Dove DermaCare Scalp Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Dry and Itchy Scalp Dryness and Itch Relief Dry Scalp Treatment with Pyrithione Zinc 12 oz
Source: Amazon

The answer is yes and no. Why do we say this will unravel itself appropriately in the course of our discussion?

Dove is a brand that has one watchword, which is its dedication to keeping your and our skin and hair soft, smooth, and moisturized. Thus, to continue to achieve this goal, the brand continues to roll out amazing products with potential good for your hair and hair game.

One such product is their shampoo and conditioner products. These products promise to help revive and revitalize damaged hair.

According to this brand, they are giving a guarantee on their shampoo. That means with just one wash of their Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner, our hair will be smoother by five times.

Generally, their shampoos are good for your hair as they are mild on your hair. This is a welcome development, as most other shampoos are very strong on your hair.

Not only are they mild, but these shampoos are good for cleansing your hair. They maintain the pH level of your hair and keep it soft all day long, all of which are good for the health and life of your hair.

Also, these shampoos contain nourishing ingredients like plant extracts, natural oils, amino acids, and vitamins that help keep hair healthy and clean. And the good thing is that they are all pocket-friendly products, bringing you value at a very affordable price.

However, it must be noted that they contain potentially harmful ingredients. Thus, the best approach is to be careful and identify the right ingredients to soothe your hair concerns, depending mostly on your hair condition or type.

Is Dove Dermacare Scalp Good for Your Hair?

Dove Dermacare Soothing Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner Set, 12 Oz Each
Source: Amazon

Yes, Dove Dermacare Scalp is good for your hair. This has been proven to work magic on your hair. Not only is it good for your hair, but it is also good for the treatment of some hair conditions.

For instance, prolonged contact of one of the ingredients in this product—zinc pyrithione—with your scalp is excellent for treating flakes. If there is just one of their products that enjoys excellent customer reviews online, it’s definitely their Dove Dermacare Scalp product.

Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to reproduce one of the testimonies of their verified users below:

“Like many,  I suffer from eczema, which is an autoimmune disease that manifests in extremely dry, scaly skin patches that bleed and ooze pus. I have eczema on my hands currently, and occasionally on my collarbone area and the back of my thighs.

Eczema on my scalp, however, has persisted for the longest-2-ish years! To alleviate eczema on the rest of my body and prevent flares, I’ve been phasing out and switching from soap, shampoo, lotion, and other skin care products that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

SLS is present in soap as a cleaning agent but is a skin irritant. Switching from a hand soap with SLS to one without has greatly helped my hand eczema. When it comes to my hair, finding the right shampoo has proven to be more difficult.

I’ve used Alba Botanica shampoo, which doesn’t have SLS, but found that it doesn’t calm the eczema patches on my scalp or clean my hair very well-I have to use a handful of shampoo to remove all of the excess oil. After reading that zinc has anti-inflammatory properties, I decided to try this shampoo even though it contains SLS.

I’m glad I did! I use less shampoo (dime sized) to wash my hair and reduce my exposure to SLS. But the zinc has really calmed the eczema patches and reduced or eliminated the areas on my scalp that are angry, red, and bleeding.

If you have eczema, I’d say take a chance on this! It’s relatively inexpensive and the results are worth it.”

In all, these products come with nourishing and soothing ingredients that will leave your hair feeling moisturized, smooth, and healthy.

Is Dove Conditioner Good for Your Hair? 

Dove Nutritive Solutions Strengthening conditioner for Damaged Hair Intensive Repair Deep Conditioner Formula with Keratin Actives 12 oz
Source: Amazon

The good news we have for you is that the Dove conditioner is good for your hair. It’s simply awesome.

A great product with great potential for your hair! When used sparingly on your hair, it derives excellent results. Like their shampoo, their conditioner products have the perfect pH balance for the scalp and don’t leave any residue.

To derive the maximum result, apply immediately after shampooing. It locks in moisture, giving your hair a strong and smooth feel, and a shiny look, and reduces your split ends, leaving your hair frizz-free.

Is Dove Soap Good for Your Hair?

Dove Beauty Bar Gentle Skin Cleanser Moisturizing for Gentle Soft Skin Care Shea Butter More Moisturizing Than Bar Soap 3.75 oz 8 Bars
Source: Amazon

According to Dove, there’s a reason why one product – the Dove Beauty Bar – has been passed down from generation to generation, mother to daughter. It’s kind and gentle and keeps skin nourished as well as clean.

It’s one beauty secret we’re more than happy to share.

Dove soap is more than just a soap, it’s a beauty bar that contains moisturizing cream to keep your skin hydrated and clean. This soap has made leaving the bathroom with that tight post-wash feeling a thing of the past.

It’s made with a pH-neutral formula that has a milder action than regular soap. Thus, skin tightness, dryness, and irritation, which are common with ordinary soaps, are completely avoided with this soap.

Also, the lather of the soap – thick, creamy, and rich – is a great inherent feature that provides you with incredible satisfaction. You can also use this soap regularly to remove debris and buildup from your hair.

All in all, it’s a good family soap that works from head to toe—all parts of your skin—and leaves your skin more firm and elastic.

Is Dove Shampoo Good for Hair Growth?

Generally, from reviews we gathered online, Dove shampoos do not promote hair growth.

Although these products are designed to deeply cleanse your hair and scalp, leaving you with healthy hair and also cleansing your hair by keeping your scalp free from oils, dirt, and debris, they are not so good at promoting hair growth.

However, some of their shampoos take an exception to this general rule. For instance, dove nutritive shampoo Oxygen moisture shampoo is a good shampoo for increasing the volume of hair, and this shampoo gives your hair perfect growth. The same goes for the popular biotin products.

Is Dove Bar Soap Good for Your Hair? 

Dove Beauty Bar for Softer Skin Gentle Exfoliating More Moisturizing Than Bar Soap
Source: Amazon

Well, the answer is that it’s not good for your hair in the long run. This beauty soup, sometimes fondly dubbed “family soap,” is cheap, long-lasting, and also comes in handy when you don’t have shampoo.

You can also use it once in a while to get rid of debris, oils, and dirt from your hair. However, despite all this, the truth remains that this product is not formulated or designed to do any of this.

Thus, while it may be able to get the job done at the start, in the long run, it may not be able to adequately remove accumulations on the hair and scalp.

It is therefore recommended that you wash your hair with a product specifically designed for this purpose. Most hair care enthusiasts will agree that using hair care products for your hair is better than using common household items such as Dove soap, Dawn dish soap, and other common bathroom or kitchen soaps.


Dove is one of the most illustrious and iconic personal care brands in existence in modern times. This brand has a reputation for producing high-quality hair care products, lotions, and soaps that work like magic on your hair, skin, and body.

Thus, to the question: Is dove good for your hair? We will be bold to answer again in the affirmative.

Yes, it’s good for your hair as well as their other products, which are good for your skin and body.

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