Can You Perm Dyed Hair – What You Should Know

Can you perm dyed hair

Perming your hair can give you luscious, tight curls or sexy, beachy hair, but can you perm dyed hair?

Yes, you can perm dyed hair, but there are important factors you need to consider before doing that. You need to consider the type of dye you are using and you should also think about the duration of time since you dyed your hair before perming it.

From straight perms to curly perms, henna dye to permanent dye, there are unique aspects to all. We will go into more detail below about perming dyed hair.

Can You Dye Your Hair and Perm it the Same Day?

It is highly unfavorable for you to dye your hair and perm it on the same day. It will stress out your hair. You are adding strong chemicals to your hair when undergoing both processes. You may end up with frizzy, damaged, and strangely colored hair.

You would essentially be giving your hair a chemical burn which will have a bad odor and even worse repercussions for the health of your hair.

How Long Should I Wait to Perm My Hair After Dying It?

When wondering, can you dye colored hair, you should understand that you need to wait at least fifteen (15) days before you dye your permed hair. There are potent chemicals at play when you both dye and perm your hair.

To ensure the integrity of your hair, you should wait the allotted time, but it is even better if you can wait longer after dying it. You can wait for twenty-one (21) days or more for the best results so that you don’t want to end up with dry, brittle, frizzy, and thinning hair. You also risk negative results when it comes to the color you end up with.

What Kind of Dye is Best for Permed Hair?

Using semi-permanent hair dyes to dye your hair will give you the best results with perming dyed hair. These types of dyes are not as intense on your hair. Henna makes a great semi-permanent dye that won’t wreak havoc on your hair. However, you may be lucky to get some good results with using permanent hair dye.

Can You Perm Henna Dyed Hair?

Yes, you sure can! Henna is one of the best types of hair dye as it is made from a plant and does not contain the same hair damaging chemicals found in traditional dye. You will want to avoid dying your hair with Henna just before you perm your hair. Just like conventional dyes, you want to wait at least two weeks.

Can You Perm Dyed Blonde Hair?

Of course, however, you want to consider that dyed blonde hair is one of the most difficult shades to get in the hair dye world. Blonde hair dye usually contains bleach, so you are integrating an even more powerful chemical into your hair routine. If you perm dyed blonde hair, just make sure that you are taking excellent care of it.

Can You Perm Box Dyed Hair?

Yes, you can perm box-dyed hair, but you should follow the same protocol we have been discussing. Box dye is often the semi-permanent type of dye that we have mentioned above. This is absolutely preferred over permanent dye on permed hair.

Can You Get a Straight Perm with Dyed Hair?

A straight perm is actually the opposite of a perm, and it is called rebonding. When you perm your hair, you are rebonding your hair. Both processes use the chemical ammonium thioglycolate. Do you remember the scene in legally blonde when she uses that term? She was right. And it is a powerful chemical.

You can undoubtedly get a straight perm with dyed hair; you just want to, again, wait the allotted time for the best results and the best chances of minor damage to your hair.

Best Practices for Perming Dyed Hair

Here is a quick breakdown of the steps you should take before you dye your permed hair.

1. Wait After Dyeing: Wait at least two weeks before perming your dyed hair. Twenty-one or more days is best.

2. Do a Strand Test. Test out the dye on just a small selection of hair before adding dye to your whole head.

3. Hair Conditioning: Use a highly moisturizing conditioner after you dye your hair.

4. Use Hair Color: Color permed hair instead of perming dyed hair.

Can You Perm Dyed Hair – Reasons for Dyeing Hair

You may be considering dyeing your hair in the first place. Before we conclude, it is good to note that there are many reasons to dye your hair and many reasons not to.

Pros of Hair Dyeing 

1. Covering up grey hair.

2. Adding a little flair with fun colors like purple, green, or blue.

3. Matching eyebrow color.

4. Matching skin tone.

5. Self-expression.

6. Sometimes, you just need a change to something different

Cons for Dyeing Hair

1. Requires a lot of maintenance to keep the same color going. Plus, you need to condition it more often. Make sure you use a highly nourishing, deeply moisturizing conditioner.

2. Can damage hair by making it thinner, brittle, dry, or discolored when you go back to your natural color.


There are many significant advantages to getting a perm and dyeing your hair. If you are going to do both, you should always wait at least two weeks between the time you get your perm and dye your hair. It is best to dye permed hair and not the other way around.

To prevent dry and brittle hair, always use a deep moisturizing conditioner. You are putting a lot of chemicals in your hair if you are dyeing and perming it. Henna dye is an excellent alternative for a plant-based semi-permanent dye that will not damage your hair as its counterparts will.

If you can manage to follow the suggestions given here, you will have great success when you dye your permed hair.

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