Can You Perm Bleached Hair?

Can you perm bleached hair

Many people who lighten their hair at home do not know if they can perm bleached hair. Perming bleached hair is a very delicate process and I guess you are trying to find a good answer to this question – can you perm bleached hair? Yes, but you get better results if it is done by professional stylists. Bleaching can cause breakage, which will lead to more problems down the line of your hair care regimen. You don’t want to have damaged hair, do you?

The best way to keep your new bleached blonde color looking fresh is to use color-safe products such as a shampoo and conditioner for this type of coloring. You may also want to try out an anti-fade toning shampoo or mask treatment to help preserve your new color while keeping it healthy after you wash it!

What Does Bleached Hair Mean?

Bleached hair is the result of the chemical process of hair dye treatment where the dye strips the color of your hair. This could potentially be painful. Hair bleaching works through the process of oxidation where the dye penetrates the cortex of the hair and dissolves natural melanin in the hair that is responsible for the black hair color.

The dissolved (or removed melanin) is then usually replaced with another color pigment in the dye if you want to color your hair.   It usually takes numerous bleaching sessions to achieve the most vibrant hair colors.

Can You Perm Bleached Blonde Hair?

Yes, you can perm bleached blonde hair with the help of a professional stylist. However, they will highly not recommend doing it on the same day.

Some people have shared unpleasant stories regarding bleaching and perming the hair. It takes a lot of time and massive tender loving care to survive such a disaster. Also, it could be expensive too since you will need different kinds of products and treatments for your hair.

However, don’t try doing it yourself (DIY) at home, it is a delicate process and what you see or read online may not be very helpful in getting the result you want. Except if you’re ready to take the risk and don’t mind the damage it will cause on your hair if the process goes wrong.

Can You Perm Highlighted Hair?

Yes, you can perm highlighted hair. However, there could be serious consequences if the process goes wrong. The decision is still up to you if you are both financially and emotionally ready for what it can do to your hair.

The process of perming and bleaching of hair may an adverse effect on the structure and quality of your hair which can result in hair damage if it is not managed well. Since highlighting is not a one-time thing, you always need to touch it up, and that will cause more damage to it.

How Long Should You Wait to Perm Your Hair After Bleaching It?

Perming the hair right after bleaching cannot be the best idea. Perming should be done fourteen days (two weeks) after bleaching so that you can give your hair enough time to rest before undergoing another such process again.

Since both perming and bleaching require you to undergo a strong yet delicate process, there is no need for you to rush into it immediately. If you have just bleached your hair, make sure to follow your stylist’s orders before you do anything to avoid regrets.

What is the Difference Between Regular and Spiral Perm?

There are two different kinds of perms. Spiral perm and regular perm. So what’s the difference?

Spiral Perm

For the spiral perm, you can choose how big or what shape you want it to be. It can be larger or smaller. In addition to that, spiral perm also requires your hair to be at least eight inches long.

And a spiral perm uses a different and special curling instrument. They are longer and thinner than results in a spiral effect for you.

Regular Perm

On the other hand, you can do a regular perm to shorter hair compared to the length requirement for a spiral perm. Regular perm is made with rods of different sizes. It is usually positioned flat against your head.

Perming is a great way that can add that bouncy effect to your hair. People who have very straight hair always consider perming their hair because it does change “the look”. And, it can make your hair have more volume, too.

Curling your hair with the curling iron is good, but perming saves more time for you since it lasts way longer than using a curling iron. If you do not always need to curl your hair using a curling iron, then you might think of something else. However, if you think perming is something that could help you save time, then it may be very beneficial to do it.

Can You Get a Spiral Perm on Bleached Hair?

You can still get a spiral perm for your bleached hair as long as you adhere to the advice of your hairstylist. Give your hair enough time to regain its health before getting that perm.

The spiral perm involves a perm roll that rolls the hair vertically, and it results in a tight-corkscrew type of curling.

Can You Straight Perm Bleached Hair?

If you have recently bleached your hair, it is better not to go through your straight perming plan. Since your hair has become weaker because of bleaching, it cannot handle the tedious process of perming it. Otherwise, this can lead to hair loss and breakage.

But, if you need to do straight perm your hair, make sure to ask first your trusted hairstylist and see if there is any way you can handle it better.

What is Digital Perm?

Another type of perming is digital perm. It uses a digital machine and hot rods for the curling process.

The kind of hair you have will determine the cost of a digital perm. If you have longer and fuller hair, it will be more expensive and it will take a longer time.

If you are fully committed to it, make sure that you invest a lot in your hair care. Do intensive research on what products suit your hair type and their different uses and benefits for you.

Having a digital perm is not about doing it only for one day. A long process of tender loving care for your hair follows afterward.

Can You Get a Digital Perm on Bleached Hair?

Similar to other kinds of perms, it will be very risky to get a digital perm on your bleached hair. Yes, you can get it, but remember again the consequences that may result such as breakage and hair loss.


So can you perm bleached hair? Absolutely! However, you must keep in mind, though, that this isn’t a good idea if your goal is to groom healthy-looking hair because it will be damaged by the process. The best way to go about perming dyed or bleached locks is to visit a salon with professionals who know how to handle such delicate tresses. They’ll have everything set up for success including the right tools and products.

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