Maui Jim vs Ray Ban

Maui Jim vs Ray Ban

Maui Jim vs Ray Ban – which one is better? Maui Jim and Ray Ban are both extremely popular sunglasses brands. Both are sold at many retailers and are advertised widely. Despite their similar popularity status, the brands had very different origins which in turn has led them to different customer bases.

Maui Jim was founded in Hawaii when a fisherman regarded as the original Maui Jim was selling sunglasses on the beach. He wanted to help people enjoy the beach while combating the harmful effects of the sun in our eyes.

He wanted people to still experience the bright and vibrant colors of Hawaii beaches, even with sunglasses on. This led the company to prioritize color and vibrance in its designs. They abide by their motto, “We believe color and light are the keys to human experience.”

Ray Ban, the highest-selling eyewear brand in the world, was invented when Air Force pilots in the 30s were discussing the intense sun glare they were experiencing while flying.

An anti-glare sunglass with green lenses was invented to help combat the headaches and altitude sickness they were experiencing. From this design came the Ray Ban brand. The first public pair of aviator-style Ray Ban sunglasses went on sale in 1937. 

The favored brand depends on the design, price, and UV protection. Overall, this decision comes down to preference.

Maui Jim or Ray Ban

Maui Jim The Bird w/Patented PolarizedPlus2 Lenses Rectangular Sunglasses, Chrome W/Black & Blue Temples/Blue Hawaii Polarized, Large
Mau Jim | Source: Amazon

If you’re deciding between Maui Jim or Ray Ban sunglasses, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider. This includes UV protection, design, and price. Some may even want to consider the popularity of the brand. 

By far, Ray Ban is the more popular brand. This is more solely due to marketing and familiarity than with the quality of the glasses. Maui Jim is a fairly never brand compared to Ray Ban, which has been around for decades. Furthermore, Ray Bans’ styles such as their classic aviator seem to look good on all face shapes, which drives sales even further. 

Maui Jim frames are polarized, which is a preference for some but not for others. Maui Jim specializes in polarized lenses because their Hawaiian origin is closer to the equator, where polarized lenses are more beneficial. Ray Bans do not traditionally come with polarized lenses, but that does not make them less protective from UV rays. 

Both brands are fairly protective against UV rays, which is why they’re both so popular, and more expensive than regular drugstore or beach shop sunglasses. Cheaper sunglasses may block the sun, but they do not always protect your eyes from harmful rays. Both Ray Bans and Maui Jim sunglasses will do that for you. 

If you’re accident-prone or need the glasses for athletic wear, Maui Jim may be a better choice since the frames are made out of stronger titanium than Ray Bans. Ray Bans are infamous for breaking, but oftentimes they are only intended for fashion wear.

Because of the stronger frames, Maui Jim’s pricepoint can often be more than Ray Bans, depending on the style. Therefore, wearability, purpose, and price are all important to consider when buying new sunglasses

Is Maui Jim Better than Ray Bans?

Ray-Ban Mens Square Sunglasses Black Frame Grey Lens Small
Ray Bans | Source: Amazon

While the brands cannot really be compared as better than one another, it is easier to make a decision when considering what you need them for. If you are looking for fashion sunglasses or glasses for everyday activities like driving or laying on the beach, Ray Bans will fit your preference. 

If you need glasses for more athletic activity, Maui Jim may be a better option since their frames are stronger due to the type of titanium used. They are less likely to break because of this. However, these better frames will also cost you more money upfront. 

Which is Better: Ray Ban or Maui Jim?

Both Ray Ban and Maui Jim are quality sunglass brands. Neither is better than the other in general, but the perks associated with both may sway your personal opinion one way or the other. 

Ray Ban is a great brand for fashion and protection. However, they are infamous for breaking easily if used improperly. Maui Jim is great for water sports or athletic activities as they are made with stronger materials. However, these stronger materials lead to a higher price tag for the brand

Does Maui Jim Make Non-Polarized Sunglasses?

Maui Jim Kawika w/ Patented PolarizedPlus2 Lenses Polarized Fashion Sunglasses, Crystal/Blue Hawaii Polarized, Medium
Mau Jim | Source: Amazon

Maui Jim sunglasses all come with polarized frames. The polarization is beneficial when you are in the sun especially in hot sunny locations as the polarization blocks out 100% of the sun’s UV rays. They also block B and C rays. 

What Sunglasses are Better than Maui Jim?

Ray Ban and Oakley are likely the two sunglass brands comparable to Maui Jim. However, any frames with polarized lenses and a design and durability that fit your preference can be comparable to the Maui Jim brand

Will Maui Jim Replace Lost Sunglasses?

Maui Jim sunglasses come with a two year warranty on them. However, this warranty applies only to broken sunglasses. The two year warranty program will not cover lost or stolen sunglasses due to the high volume of requests for this service. They also are not able to provide discounts for future sunglasses if yours were lost or stolen. So keep your sunglasses in a safe place after purchasing!

Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses vs. Maui Jim

Ray Ban does have a line of polarized sunglasses as well. These sunglasses will block out 100% of UV rays as well as other harmful effects of direct sunlight from your eyes. They are comparable to Maui Jim in this regard.

The better pair of polarized lenses will again depend on preference. Maui Jim’s price tag is a bit higher in the $250 range while Ray Ban polarized lenses run for about $150.

Which Maui Jim Lens is Best for Fishing?

Maui Jim Men's's Onshore w/ Patented PolarizedPlus2 Lenses Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses, Olive Stripe Fade/Green Mirror Polarized, Large
Maui Jim | Source: Amazon

The Maui Jim brand designs a line of sunglasses specifically for fishing. This is likely because the brand was founded by a Hawaiian fisherman!

These sunglasses are sportier in style and often have plastic or rubberized frames. This is to prevent water damage, rusting, or other water-related incidents. The frames also have a more secure fit so there is little risk of them going overboard when you’re reeling in a catch.

Why are Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses so Expensive?

Maui Jim also has a line of prescription sunglasses for those who want to hide from the rays without losing their clear vision. These sunglasses typically run for more money because they are personalized to your eye prescription. 

Additionally, the prescription sunglasses cannot be bought directly from their website, and instead, need to be bought from an eyeglass retailer that is approved to sell Maui Jim. Therefore, the retailer also gets a cut. Lastly, prescription lenses are not made directly in a retail store and need to be sent out to get the prescription lenses made and fitted to the lenses. All this shipping and outsourcing adds up to the overall cost of the sunglasses. 


Maui Jim and Ray Ban are both great sunglass brands. Ray Ban is a little bit more well-known, but Maui Jim is becoming more popular as well. The better brand ultimately depends on what you wear the sunglasses for and what your personal preference and style are. The most important thing when picking out any brand of sunglasses is to remember to keep your eyes protected!

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