Why is Pompeii Jewelry so Cheap?

Why is Pompeii Jewelry so Cheap?

Why is Pompeii jewelry so cheap? Many people and jewelry lovers may find Pompeii not up to standard because they sell cheap jewelry.

Pompeii jewelry is so cheap because they retail their products online and are also a source for their materials locally thereby manufacturing their jewelry in the United States.

Pompeii is an online jewelry brand that is known to retail fine quality jewelry and engagement rings at very affordable prices as compared to other jewelry brands in its category. The reason why Pompeii’s jewelry is so cheap is that they purchase their diamonds and jewelry in bulk and all sales are carried out online.

Pompeii does not have a physical store, so they can save money and keep their prices low while still providing affordable jewelry to their customers.

Pompeii has jewelry starting from as low as $187 and as high as $22,000, depending on your budget and luxury.

If you are working on a budget, there is a Pompeii jewelry or engagement ring available for you. Also, if you are ready to splurge and get the most luxurious rings and jewelry go on to the Pompeii online store and place your orders.

Why are Pompeii Diamonds so Cheap?

Pompeii3 14k Yellow Gold 1/2 Ct Diamond Round-Cut Solitaire Pendant Women's Necklace
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Pompeii is an online jewelry company that has been in existence for several decades. The company is located in the United States but owns an online store from where its diamonds and other jewelry are sold.

Many people believe that the reason why Pompeii diamonds are so cheap is that they are of low quality but that is not true as you would get to understand in this article. Pompeii offers different types of jewelry and engagement rings at a very affordable cost to its customers.

Although many have argued that the quality of the diamonds offered by Pompeii is quite lower than other top jewelry and diamond retailers. However, Pompeii strives to offer handcrafted jewelry through its online stores.

Pompeii diamonds are cheap because they are mostly man-made diamonds, and this allows for the availability of a variety of options to choose from by the customers. Pompeii makes sure to offer a large selection of affordable engagement rings and jewelry, as well as diamonds.

These jewels are all inspected and appraised by the brand’s certified gemologists. Pompeii also allows customers to customize their jewelry by offering a design consultation from the in-house design experts for free.

Is Pompeii Jewelry Good?

Pompeii is a good jewelry brand that retails fine jewelry, diamonds, and engagement rings. The brand’s jewelry is available based on any budget you might have.

If you are interested in spending on a budget, Pompeii is the right jewelry brand to buy from. They also have pricey jewelry and engagement rings for those who are ready to splurge.

Customers can get affordable diamonds and other jewelry with customized options if they choose to personalize their jewelry. The jewelry brand also offers a warranty that helps to cover the cost of repairs and cleaning of the jewelry without having to spend extra money.

Is Pompeii3 Legit?

1/2 ctw Diamond Solitaire Necklace & Studs Earrings Set 14K White Gold
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Just because Pompeii3 retails affordable jewelry and diamonds does not make the company a fraud as most people think without even buying a piece of the company’s stock.

Pompeii3 is a legit jewelry brand that has been in existence for several decades now and counting and has made a successful spot for itself in the jewelry business. It is also known for its sale of affordable diamond jewelry and other metals and engagement rings.

Pompeii3 is an excellent jewelry option for customers who want to buy an engagement ring on a budget. You will definitely get a variety of options to select from without spending more than you want.

Not only are the engagement rings and diamonds affordable, but they are also made with good quality, perfect for your money’s worth.

Where is Pompeii Jewelry Located?

Pompeii is a US-based online jewelry brand that retails a variety of engagement rings, diamonds, wedding rings, and other fantastic jewelry pieces.

The brand is family owned and has been in existence for several decades. Currently, Pompeii is headquartered in Illinois, the United States, where they also manufacture their jewelry for sale.

The brand boasts of manufacturing and retailing high-quality jewelry and engagement rings at very affordable prices as compared to the market price while making sure to maintain customer satisfaction.

Pompeii maintains that its diamonds are made with the finest materials, which also include real diamonds. The pieces of jewelry are said to be handcrafted to make them unique and more personal for the user.

How Long Does Pompeii3 Take to Ship? 

5/8 Carat Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring Set White Gold - Size 7
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Pompeii3 offers to ship its jewelry both internationally and domestically. Pompeii3 ships its jewelry within the first 10 days of placing the order.

A replacement package is sent to the customer or a refund is provided if, by 10 days, the package has not been delivered yet. The company does not cover shipping, VAT and other costs involved in shipping your package to you.

There would also be a need to choose a shipping company like FedEx, which would help in getting your package across to you.

It is important to note that the shipping costs and delivery time would vary greatly depending on whether it’s an international or local shipment and also the type of shipping company used.

Is Pompeii3 Jewelry Good?

Yes, Pompeii3 jewelry is good and very affordable as you can get just the right type of jewelry and engagement ring depending on your budget. Pompeii3 jewelry is said to be made with the finest materials to give quality and class to the jewelry.

Each of the fine jewelry and engagement rings sold on Pompeii3 is carefully appraised by the company’s gemologists to ascertain its quality and uniqueness. So you can be sure you are purchasing just the right type of jewelry according to your budget and luxury.

Pompeii3 diamonds are very much considered because they are budget-friendly and you can buy them according to your luxury and pocket size.

Are Pompeii3 Diamonds Real?

18K White Gold 4 Ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet 7"
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Yes. Pompeii3 diamonds are regarded as real diamonds even if most of those sold are lab-grown diamonds.

The company states that their diamonds are real and that can be verified on the FAQ page on the company’s website. All diamond pieces retailed by Pompeii3 are thoroughly inspected and appraised by only certified gemologists and expert in-house appraisers before they are displayed for sale.

The availability and accessibility of the diamonds on Pompeii3 make it very affordable for anyone to own a piece of the gemstone. While strictly working on a budget, you can own a diamond from Pompeii3 without breaking the bank or spending all your life savings.

Does Pomeii3 Have a Warranty?

Yes, Pompeii3 has a five-year extended warranty plan, which is used to cover repairs, jewelry inspections, material defects, and workmanship.

The 5-year warranty also includes the different parts and labor used to fix the problems that have occurred during normal usage of the jewelry, consistent with the conditions for which it was previously designed.

The warranty plan also includes the resizing of engagement rings and the replacement and repair of broken jewelry.

During the time of the warranty, customers can ship their rings and jewels back to the company for the cleaning, inspection, and polishing of the jewelry at least twice. Pompeii3 also offers customers up to a six-month warranty on all its items.

Customers also have the option to select an extended five-year warranty plan by paying an additional fee of $65. This warranty plan can be renewed every five years.

Pompeii3 also boasts a fast and easy online financing application for customers interested in financing purchases made through Pompeii3.

What is Pompeii3 Return Policy? 

3 1/2 TCW 14k Yellow Gold Round Black Diamond Stud Earrings
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Just like with any other jewelry company, Pompeii3 offers a return policy for customers who may not be satisfied with their purchase.

All orders that need to be returned must be initiated within the first 30 days after the package has been delivered. The item to be returned must be in the same condition in which it was delivered and packaged likewise.

Any damage done to the item on account of the customer’s negligence would not be accepted. However, if the damage done is the fault of the company or the delivery route, a refund or product exchange would be offered.

Now, this depends on what you, as the customer, want, and you can file for that which suits your needs. Pompeii3 also offers up to a 180-day complimentary ring resizing plan on all its engagement rings.


Pompeii is an affordable online jewelry retail brand that deals with all types of fine jewelry and engagement and wedding rings for both men and women.

Whichever occasion you need jewelry for, Pompeii has got you covered. The best part is that you can either decide to splurge or work around a budget in purchasing your desired jewelry.

To buy a piece of Pompeii, you have to visit their online stores as the jewelry brand currently has no brick-and-mortar store to work in and make your orders.

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