What is Burberry Blue Label?

What is Burberry Blue Label

What is Burberry Blue Label? Burberry Blue Label is a separate version of the Burberry brand. Burberry Blue Label started in 1996. It was originally designed for a Japanese female looking for something unique.

I think every woman wants to have a piece of Burberry in their closet. Burberry was founded in 1856 and has now become one of the top 10 fashion luxury brands in the world. It is well known as a British fashion line and markets clothing and accessories based out of London, England.

Burberry realized they had a very big following in Japan which led them to design a label specifically targeted to Japanese culture. Burberry Blue Label is sold at a more affordable price because it needs to reach consumers that do not have the income to afford them the same price as the original Burberry.

What is the Difference Between Burberry and Burberry Blue Label?

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Besides being marketed towards totally different cultures, there are also a few other differences between Burberry and Burberry Blue Label:

  • Burberry Blue Label is more trendy than Burberry. They want to reach younger consumers who want to follow the latest fashion trends.
  • Burberry Blue Label lacks the high quality that Burberry offers. This is mainly since Blue Label is designed to attract the younger culture and the younger consumers do not have the income to pay for high-end quality.
  • Burberry Blue Label did keep the well-known checkered print but changed the colors and proportions to stick with the trends.

Both Labels offer a variety of styles and accessories to fit anyone’s look. Burberry and Burberry Blue Label would both be great additions to your wardrobe and keep heads turning!

Is Burberry Blue Label Authentic?

Burberry Blue Label may be a sub-company of Burberry but it is very much as authentic. The checkerboard style of Burberry Blue Label is the signature pattern that makes it a Burberry. As with any luxury brand, you will often find fake copies trying to sell as the original.

Burberry has several ways to spot a fake:

  1. Examine the stitching. A real Burberry will never have uneven stitching, Burberry takes great pride in its craftsmanship. The stitching will be so intricately close together and hardly even able to see.
  2. Carefully look at the metal plate. The logo should be centered with clean, sharp lettering. A fake Burberry may have uneven engraving or messy lettering.
  3. Pay attention to the tag. A fake Burberry tag will have mismatched tags. The inside label should match with any other tag on the purse.
  4. Where does the print meet? A fake Burberry will not care where the fabric meets. It could line up lopsided or uneven. Fake bags will have fabric meeting anywhere, even in the front, and will be noticeable right away when looking at them.
  5. Take note of the zipper label. A real Burberry zipper will match the gold or silver color of the hardware on the bag. All of the zippers will match exactly with the same lettering anywhere a zipper is found.

Once you take the time to be aware and become familiar with what to look for in an authentic Burberry or Burberry Blue Label versus a fake, you will be able to spot an imposter easier than you would think!

There are many other ways to spot a fake Burberry, listed above are the most common.

What is Burberry Black Label?

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While Burberry Blue Label is marketed in Japan for women, Burberry Black Label was created specifically in Japan for men. You can find Burberry Black and Blue Label stores in Japan. They both want to appeal to trendy streetwear consumers.

The Black and Blue Labels appeal to a younger generation and because of this, their prices are not as high as the original Burberry Label. The shoppers are still able to purchase a quality luxury brand that feels and looks good without the high price tag.

The Black Label is made of the finest quality for the millennial man. This label is made to look good on the businessman and also the day-to-day casual guy. Burberry Black Label can be found at shopping malls in Japan and offers online shopping as well. Black Label usually shares a store with Burberry Blue Label to allow for easier shopping.

Burberry Black Label does the same for the men’s line as it does for the women. They want to market their line to keep up with the trends and also be affordable at the same time.

Is Burberry Blue Label Cheaper?

Burberry Label on its own is handcrafted out of the finest quality fabric and materials. This is why Burberry can charge luxury prices. When Burberry realized that its brand was so well-loved in Japan by younger females, they knew they had to do something to capitalize on this discovery.

Creating a sub-company and having its headquarters in Japan was a very thought-out process. Burberry knew the younger generation in Japan they were marketing towards would not be able to afford Burberry’s prices. In turn, Burberry Blue Label was born.

Burberry created a line of clothing and accessories that would appeal to Japanese millennials. Trendy styles, bright colors, and affordable prices. Blue Label is still very much a quality product, the brand is made out of just a little lesser high-quality fabrics and materials.

Where Did Burberry’s Signature Check Print Come From?

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Believe it or not, Burberry’s checkerboard print was an accident. A store manager in Paris was displaying a few Burberry trench coats and he thought the display needed a little color. He simply turned some of the hems of the coats to face out showing off the “check print” pattern.

The most popular checkered prints are black and white and the tan and cream color. These patterns can be identified by Burberry customers everywhere. You can find this checkered pattern on a variety of clothing lines today.

Even though they are such a widely used pattern, Burberry does own the trademark of this specific pattern. The pattern is used by brands of lower quality everywhere to appeal to consumers that would normally not be able to afford the luxury brand.

Target was sued by Burberry after selling a variety of sunglasses, luggage, and scarves with their version of the signature Burberry checkered pattern. They sent Target a cease and desist notice which Target ignored. Burberry went ahead with their lawsuit claiming even though Target’s line is nothing compared to Burberry’s quality, they still look too much like their genuine brand.

Burberry Blue Label is Comparable to Burberry

Burberry is a high-end brand everyone can recognize when they see the well-known checkered pattern. The fashion line has both clothing and accessories for men and women. Burberry added a sub-store headquartered in Japan because they were starting to see a huge amount of Japanese consumers.

Burberry Blue Label came to be and has been gaining traction ever since. Burberry Blue Label is more affordable than Burberry but has not lost the quality consumers have come to rely on.

Consumers who at first asked what Burberry Blue Label is, have since realized this company is just as fashionable but marketed towards a whole different group of consumers. Burberry wanted to be inclusive and give its consumers what they wanted. They have succeeded with the Burberry Blue and Black Labels.

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