What is an Average Bra Size?

What is an Average Bra Size

What is an average bra size? Breasts vary in size depending on the bodyweight of the woman, whether large, medium, or small, and they are often measured in size, mostly due to the bra size the person wears. An average bra size is 34DD for the US size chart and 36DD for the UK size chart.

Other countries in the world have their bra size charts, but the UK and US charts are common measurements used. Different bra brands also make use of various size charts, like a woman wearing 34D for one brand may have to wear maybe 36DD in another store or bra brand.

It is not advisable to continue wearing just one particular bra size, as this can change due to the bra brand or changes in the breasts as well. There is no known correct standard used for measuring bra sizes worldwide because everyone has a different perspective on what bra size they want.

This has caused many people to wear the wrong bra size without knowing it. The breasts may change over time, and when you intend to get new bras, it is best to get them resized. Also, various bra brands make use of different patterns of measurement, and this can also lead to the wearing of the wrong bra size.

Wrong bra size can lead to a medical condition that includes chronic back and chest pain because the comfort and support that the bra is supposed to provide are not available. Your bra should be firm and also supportive of your breasts without causing compression.

What Bra Size is Considered Big?

In the US, the largest bra sizes are considered to be N and O. Although they are less common, that does not mean they cannot be found in some selected stores. The average bra size for most women in the United States is larger than the bra sizes of women in other countries according to data collected from most bra size assessments or surveys.

The data showed that women with the largest breasts (and hence, bra sizes) can be found in Norway, Iceland, the United Kingdom, and the USA, the smallest in Central Africa and Southeast Asia.

How Many Sizes of Bras are There?

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Common bra sizes are measured from size A to F, but other sizes go further than the size F even down to the bra size O, which is perceived to be the largest size. There are currently about 250 bra sizes available in the world to choose from depending on your bust size.

Although, some of these sizes may be needed to request specifically for them as they are not usually available in common bra stores. The measurements of the large or small bust size depend on what part of the world you are in and what bra size charts are currently being used.

1. A Cup Size

The A bra size is available in three types: A, AA, and AAA. The AAA bra size is not so common and is not often seen in stores. That is why the AA bra size is considered the smallest bra size available.

2. B Bra Size

The B cup has just one variant, which is the B bra size, and it is worn by those considered to have a medium-sized breast or those whose bra size falls short of the A bra size.

3. C Bra Size

For a C-cup, you can make use of it when the difference between your band and bust size is about 3 inches. also worn by most medium-sized breasted women.

4. D Bra Size

This is one of the most common types of bra cups available in many parts of the world. The D cup has three variants: the D, DD, and the DDD for bigger breasts.

5. E Bra Size

This bra size is often equivalent to the DD bra size by most manufacturers and store owners. The inch difference between the band and bust measurement here is about 5 inches.

6. F Bra Size

The F and FF cup sizes are mostly available in specialized bra stores and are handled by professionals who help in the fitting and sizing of the F cup for the right bust.

What is the Smallest Bra Cup Size?

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The AA bra cup size is considered to be the smallest readily available bra size for women. The band and bust difference between the two is about 1 inch, making it a supportive bra size for women with smaller busts. Although there is the AAA bra size, which is smaller compared to the AA size, since it is not readily available in most stores, the AA bra size is ranked the smallest.

How Do I Know What My Bra Size is?

To know your bra size, you need to measure yourself or make use of the measuring charts. There are two steps to measuring your bra size: using the band and cup size. The cup size is measured by making use of alphabets, which are from A to F, while the band size is measured by making use of numbers like 30, 32, 34, etc.

To measure yourself at home, make use of a measuring tape and measure around your rib cage to get the band size and around your breasts when wearing a non-padded bra to get the right measurements. When you measure your bust size (cup) and the band size, make a subtraction between the two, and that difference between them shows your actual cup size.

It’s not always easy to get the right measurements for your bra size, but regardless of your measurements, you can still make your bra selection by trying out different ones at the store until you get one that sits perfectly on your bust.

What is the Band Size of a Bra?

The band size on a bra is the round measurement of your rib cage just beneath your bust. The band size is very important in determining your bra size because it is used in the subtraction of the bust-band size to get the cup size, which may be from A to F and beyond.

What is the Best Sports Bra for Large Breasts?

Women with large breasts often find it very difficult to get sports bras in their sizes, which can also give them the comfort required during workouts and sports. A supportive sports bra is essential if you want to take part in high-impact sports and home workouts. See below for some of the best sports bras for large breasts.

1. Ultimate Run Bra

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This sports bra gives good support for running and other types of workouts. According to tests carried out, this bra has the best impact for large breasts and comes with adjustable straps that do not compress the breasts, giving it the maximum comfort needed. The Ultimate run bra is available in sizes 30A to 38G.

2. Dynamic Sports Bra 

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This bra provides support and comfort for heavy lifting and running. It comes with padded straps to give support and comfort to the breasts. The Dynamic sports bra is available in the sizes of 28D-40H, making it a comfortable sports bra for women with large breasts.

3. Shock Absorber

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Hick absorber sports bras provide comfort for at-home workouts while also allowing you to feel light and participate in high-impact sports without feeling the weight of your breasts. The sports bra is available from size A to size F. It has cushioned straps on the shoulders to give comfort when in motion.

4. Free Core

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This sports bra is available in sizes from 28D – 38JJ with supportive straps and cool material which helps to keep the breasts cool while sweating during workouts or yoga. The Free core is built with underwires in the cups to firm the firm support on the bust.


As simple as the bra may look, it is often difficult for most women to get their correct bra size, especially women with large or very small breasts. Because bra size charting is not consistent, there is no perfect size other than what fits you well and provides adequate comfort for your breast.

Wearing the wrong type of bra won’t give your breasts the needed support and may lead to chronic back pain. When you next go shopping for a new bra, get resized or make use of the bra size chart for the bra brand and country.

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